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SaleHoo is a wholesale directory service that helps you source wholesale products with drop shipping capabilities. SaleHoo gives you the tools you need to find products and resell them for a profit. They offer 1.6 million products and feature over 8,000 suppliers in dozens of categories. Depending on your niche, product selection and competition, profits will vary. Having so many wholesale companies all together in one-place is such a time saver. If you are newer to reselling and looking at this as a way to get started, this could be a great tool. Continue reading...

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When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

Special Mail Order Wholesale

There are special wholesalers that sell merchandise to amateur retailers operating in special markets such as mail order. Are such retail sales profitable Probably for some people. Probably not for most people. Don't enter a contract with one of these wholesalers with your eyes closed. Evaluate the opportunity carefully, and do a little test marketing (test auctioning) before you commit yourself fully to this scheme. One advantage that these wholesalers usually offer is drop shipping. One variation on this is the wholesaler that buys a huge closeout and breaks it up into smaller quantities to sell to retailers. Try Luxury Brands (http luxurybrandsllc.com).

Jobbers and wholesalers

There are many companies dealing with the disposition of overstocks. Overstocks occur when a manufacturer gets a cancelled order or just made too many of a certain item, or a retailer buys too many items, or a distributor gets stuck with slow-moving merchandise. These overstocks can be a huge opportunity for you. These jobbers and wholesalers are always looking for new buyers that won't infringe upon their existing sales channels. Overstocks.com is a site that has a special wholesale area. If you go to www.overstockunlimitedcloseouts.com, you can see what's being offered. The way this division of Overstocks.com works is that you can buy by the case at a fixed price, bid to buy by the pallet, or bid to take all of the items. I've shown a screen shot of one of their offerings in Figure 4.3. If you want to buy just 24 of these trucks, you can get them at 20 each. This works out to 480 total. If you want to bid on the 312 units available on one pallet, you would start your bidding at 6.90...

Selling Wholesale Lots

EBay has a special area for wholesale products the Wholesale Lots portal. You can reach this area using the Wholesale link on the eBay Home page (near the bottom of the left-side navbar). This area provides another way to sell your products. For instance, instead of selling directly to individuals one sale at a time, you might experiment with selling larger lots of products at a wholesale price. Getting listed in this area is simple you use the same process as you do when listing in any other category (see Chapter 5). In the first step, when you pick a category, choose the general product category Coins, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobbies, whatever and then when eBay shows you the list of subcategories, select the Wholesale Lots category. (Note, though, that not all primary categories have a Wholesale Lots subcategory.) You'll then find a list of subcategories within the Wholesale Lots category.

Looking for a good source for wholesale or drop ship merchandise to sell

Let's talk about drop shipping for a minute. A drop ship distributor is a wholesale company that will ship one product at a time directly to your customers for you right from their warehouse. You don't pay until you have sold the item Many of them will even put YOUR label on the box for you. As a service to my readers I have struck up a relationship with the author of the BEST drop ship Wholesale GUIDE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE Chris Malta has done his homework and come up with THE BEST drop ship wholesale guide that is full of true drop shipping companies and small quantity wholesale companies. He has a full time operation going with several partners working with him full time. They know their stuff They are offering

True Wholesale Merchandise

Purchasing wholesale merchandise may require that you have your state's resale license, which identifies you as being in the business. Be sure that you have one before you try to purchase merchandise direct from another business. Also, when you have a resale number and purchase merchandise from another business known as a business to business (B2B) transaction you probably won't be charged tax when you purchase your stock because you'll be paying sales tax when you sell the items. Go to Chapter 15 to find out how to get that magic resale number. To find wholesalers on the Internet, try Google.com. Refine your search to your favorite categories golf, jewelry, skateboards get the idea Then run the following searches (inserting your choice of merchandise as indicated) Dealer login jewelry Wholesale login jewelry Member login jewelry Distributor login jewelry Licensed retailers only.

Wholesale options

Chris also manages the BEST small quantity wholesaler's list. These are wholesalers that will sell to you in affordable 'small' bulk quantities for resell on eBay. He calls it the Light Bulk Wholesale Directory . If you click that link, look for the Bulk Wholesalers link. You will need a tax ID number to deal with most wholesale distributors. Many wholesale companies will want to know that you are a reseller and not just a bargain-shopping customer.


Talk a wholesaler into selling you inventory, perhaps even extending you a little credit. Sell the merchandise on eBay for a profit. This is a proven method of retailing that hardly needs much explanation. Some wholesalers will sell to anyone who knocks on the door. Others are superselective. There are a hundred positions in between. As simple as this seems, it's not a no-brainer. Some wholesalers sell at prices as high as, or even higher than, discount stores. You have to know your market very well and make sure you have a healthy spread between your wholesale prices and your eBay auction prices. Needless to say, eBay bidders are not looking to pay full retail prices.

Big Lots Wholesale

If you're familiar with the Big Lots stores scattered around the country, then you have an idea of what you can buy at biglotswholesale.com. A quick click to their Web site showed me they were loaded with great deals on everything from health and beauty items to toys to lawn and garden tools Sites like Big Lots Wholesale change merchandise quickly, so when you find something that piques your interest, research it quickly and buy it. It may not be there when you check back. Purchasing designer goods from the manufacturers is a rarity. Somehow Burberry or Gucci aren't the least bit interested in the piddly 1,000 I might scrape together to invest in their merchandise. But if you're looking for a legitimate wholesaler of authentic designer goods that sells surplus designer goods in small lots for individual resale on eBay, such a creature does exist Luxury Brands, LLC has worked out this unique niche in the market. You can find its Web site at www.luxurybrandsllc.com

Wholesale Central

One of the largest sites of wholesalers on the Internet is Wholesalecentral.com. You'll find everything from women's apparel to flea market items all with their own clickable links and phone numbers. The site is the brainchild of Sumner publications. They have a linked online directory of thousands of wholesale sources selling all types of merchandise. They also publish a monthly magazine called Web Wholesaler. Poke around their pages and check out the ads. Often some good wholesalers offer free shipping on your first order or give you some other introductory discount.

Big Lots

Another super selling chain is the Big Lots company, which encompasses the Pic N Save, Mac Frugal's, Big Lots, and Odd Lots stores. They may have items priced at more than a dollar, but they specialize in closeout merchandise. All their merchandise sells for well under what most discounters charge and at deep discounts to retailers. This is a great place to find toys, household goods almost anything. Troll their aisles at least once a month to find items that you can resell on eBay. The Big Lots company has stores in forty-six states check its Web site at www.biglots.com for store locations near you. When you get your state's seller's permit (see Chapter 15), you can take advantage of the Big Lots Wholesale Web site at www.biglotswholesale. com. If you think that Big Lots regular prices are low, you should see their wholesale prices The minimum order from the Web site is 500, which will get you a lot of merchandise. Before placing an order, be sure to check and see whether the item is...

Unload Lots of Items at Once

Suppose your store is closing or you are discontinuing a line of clothing. You are left with dozens or perhaps even hundreds of items. Or you find yourself with a pallet containing 85 refurbished computers. What can you do Put them up for auction on eBay's Wholesale Lots area. Wholesale Lots is an area especially designated for companies that need to sell a group of items as a single item (in other words, a lot). You can find the Wholesale Lots listings on eBay in one of two ways Go to the Wholesale Lots Web page (http pages.ebay.com catindex catwholesale.html), shown in Figure 13-3. If you're looking for a particular Go to the eBay Stores home page (http www.stores.ebay.com), enter Wholesale Lots in the Search Stores box, and click Search Stores. This presents you with a listing of all current eBay Stores listings that have the words Wholesale Lots in the title. If you're in a hurry, try this first if you don't find what you need, go to the Wholesale Lots page listed above and do a...

Cooping with eBay to Lower Advertising Costs

Many manufacturers have co-op advertising programs available based on the dollar amount that the retailer purchases from them. Even if you buy your merchandise for eBay sales from a wholesaler instead of the manufacturer, you may still be able to share some of the co-op funds available to your wholesaler. Just ask the worst you'll hear is No, and maybe your wholesaler will say Absolutely

Look for Local Buyers

Click here to sell in the current Wholesale Lots category Click here to sell in the current Wholesale Lots category If you have large quantities of identical items to sell, list them in Wholesale Lots. If you have large quantities of identical items to sell, list them in Wholesale Lots.

Holiday Fun and Decor

Finally, Christmas tree farmers have a venue of their own. No longer do they have to hack down their best trees and sell them to wholesalers that truck the trees across the country. Farmers are keeping their Grade 1 trees (according to National Christmas Tree Association standards) and selling them at eBay. Your tree will be hand-picked and babied all year, and cut just for you when you place your order at eBay.

Filing and Registering

As we'll discuss next, you'll also need to collect, report, and pay sales tax on all sales you make to residents of your state. That means obtaining a tax license and number from the state, and possibly a sales permit or reseller license from your local government. Your sales tax number also functions as a resale certificate. You can present this number to any wholesalers you work with, which saves you from paying sales tax on the goods you purchase.

Resell to Sellers on eBay

Be sure to use the words liquidation, wholesale, or resale (or all three) in your title. A world of savvy sellers is out there looking for items to sell. Maybe another seller can move the items later or in a different venue. Note that eBay has Wholesale subcategories for almost every sort of merchandise.

Tips for selling electronics

A tip for this category is that when you buy in wholesale lots on eBay and then resell on eBay, buy with your user ID hidden. Many of the wholesale lot sellers hold what's called a private auction. They do this so that your user ID is not shown as the winning bidder. It will say for the winning buyer User ID kept private. This keeps you anonymous, so that no one can find out how much you make when you break these items out into separate auctions. The Apple iPod auction was a private auction, so I couldn't search by the user's ID to see how much he sold each of those items for and how much he made.

Where to Find Merchandise to Resell

Sourcing your inventory is one of the toughest tasks for high-volume eBay sellers. While the average eBay seller typically finds items in their own home or in garage sales, high-volume sellers have to find a constant supply of new merchandise. In essence, high-volume sellers are resellers, as they purchase merchandise from wholesalers or other sources and then resell that merchandise to their customers via eBay auctions.

Figuring Out Whos Who in the Industry

It would be very simple if you just bought merchandise from a manufacturer. But that's rarely the case. A full team of players participate in the wholesale game, and each player performs a different task. So you'll understand how to follow the plays without a program, here's a brief rundown ' Sn Don't forget to check local wholesalers (as ( MS ) described in Finding merchandise locally, earlier in this Technique) to find some good sources. Don't forget to negotiate. Almost everything in the wholesale merchandise world is negotiable. Although merchandise may have a set price, you may be able to get a discount if you offer to pay on delivery, or within ten days. Ask whether your sources can help you out with shipping costs (and perhaps promotions). You just may get a discount if you promote their products through banner ads. Ask, ask, ask. The worst they can say is no. 1 Wholesalers Here's your first step to finding your middleman. Wholesalers purchase direct from the manufacturer in...

Building Business Buying Plans

The eBay e-tailer buys merchandise to sell on eBay. E-tailers are always looking for new wholesalers, but the e-tailers usually specialize in a particular type of stock item, such as dolls, sports cards, lighting fixtures, or apparel. Their eBay business is organized they sell their merchandise and then buy more to replenish their stock. But is this the best way to handle things It definitely works for most sellers, but those who actually went to school and studied retailing know there's a better way.

Turning into a fulltime seller

Going to garage, yard, and estate sales every Saturday. I even began to hit the local thrift stores as often as possible. (I talk more about where you can find merchandise to support yourself as a full-time seller in Chapter 4.) You don't have to rely on the secondhand market to find goods. There are plenty of new resources to tap into, like manufacturers, drop shippers, wholesalers, and even selling goods for your friends and other people.

Timing This strategy can be used year round but youll probably find the majority of your sales will come September to

Next, remember the chapter I talked about buying close-out merchandise And how you could buy in quantity at prices way below wholesale Now, I bought each one for 1.50. The wholesale price from the dealers when they were sold to retail shops new was 4.50. I have a track record of selling them on eBay for prices from 11.00 to 17.00. below wholesale prices.

Donate a percentage of sale

A private listing allows your bidders' IDs to be hidden. This is a great feature when you're selling a wholesale lot (that will probably be resold on eBay), selling something very expensive, and or are carrying approved pharmaceutical products. This feature does not cost any extra, and you just need to click on the Change to private listing button to use this feature.

Timing The best time to use this is when the CR are below and prices are depressed

I went to one of the finest schools for jewelry making in the country The Munson-Williams-Proctor School of Art, right here in Utica, NY. So I'm familiar with wholesale sources of fine jewelry, diamonds, etc. and the costs of creating a fine piece of jewelry. When I buy diamonds it's at 50 of Rap Sheet prices. So when I see an item like this, that I know I could sell in my local market for DOUBLE what it went for online, I'll bid on it.

Knowing Your Merchandise

Accessories (90304) Women's Clothing (377721 List View Picture Gallery Men's Clothing (36904) Girls' Clothing (6006) mors Baby (4577) Babv Clothing (4216) Maternity Pregnancy (314) Twins & Multiples (27) more Wholesale & Job Lots (495) Clothes. Shoes & Accessories (483) Mixed Lots (5) Baby (3) more See all categories 1 Art Market intelligence www.invaluable.com 1 Wholesale research www.ukonlinewholesalers.com 1 Autographs www.frasersautographs.com

Introduction To The Third Edition

For example, the hottest opportunity (as I write this in April of 2001) on eBay is in hip-hop jewelry. Hip-hop stars are wearing outrageous styles of jewelry and a lot of people want that look. I did a special report about this trend in my Total Internet Profits (TIP) report (http GoBizInfo.com) on April 4th. I also included reliable wholesale manufacturing sources that my TIP Members could buy from.

Packaging the heart of the matter

Depending on the size of the item you sell, you can purchase boxes in bulk at reliable sources. Because you have a resale number (see Chapter 15), look in your local yellow pages for wholesale boxes. (You still have to pay tax, but the resale number identifies you as a business and often can get you a lower price.) Try to purchase from a manufacturer that specializes in B2B (business to business) sales. Some box companies specialize in selling to the occasional box user. Knowing the size that you need enables you to buy by the case lot.

When Do You Need an Advertising Display

Another situation for which you can justify creating an advertising display for an item is when you sell the item over and over again and use the photographs over and over again. This, of course, is a situation where you buy certain items at wholesale and sell them at retail on an ongoing basis. Indeed, creating an advertising display for your photographs is particularly appropriate for new merchandise that you sell continuously. Keep in mind, for new merchandise, you don't have to show any defects in the product. The product is assumed to be in perfect condition. By taking a modestly expensive item and selling it over and over again, you are in effect turning it into a big ticket item that justifies spending more time on its product photography.

To Ship or Not to Ship

No, we're not talking about scamming buyers we're talking about acting as an order taker, not a shipper. This can, in some cases, make perfect sense. You operate the web site, the e-commerce store, the auctions, the shopping-directory listing, and so on. You carry out the marketing campaigns to bring in the sales, and you process the sales. But you don't ship the products rather, you send the order to a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or even retailer, who manages the shipment. (This is known as drop shipping you take the order, your partner drop ships it.) This type of business has some huge advantages Watch out for the scams There are plenty of companies that will be happy to sign you up, to act for you as a drop shipper or wholesaler. Most of these are bad deals, selling junk. Be very careful and only get into business with reputable companies. In fact, you're probably not looking for a company that touts itself as a drop shipper. You're looking for a company that already...


Merchandise USA closeout - liquidation - wholesale Wholesale Buying Information One last tip When buying wholesale, don't overlook the opportunities in your own back yard. When stores go out-of-business they often have sales that are 70 to 90 off or more on brand name items. Wait till the last day or two of the sale to get the best prices. Also, look for manufacturers that are closing.

Understanding The Jargon Of Wholesaling

People use business terms every day, often without truly understanding their meanings. There's no law against that, but when dealing with goods and services worth more than a few dollars, it's vital you know what you're talking about (your supplier, wholesaler, competitor, and customer probably do) Middleman is a euphemism for any person or organization that buys from wholesalers and sells to retailers. Legitimate middlemen, such as distributors or manufacturer's agents, add value to the sales channel through packaging, transportation, or consolidation, but many are an unnecessary layer in the hierarchy and simply increase the cost of goods to the retailer. Before you approach a wholesaler to open an account, ensure you have a state business license and or resale certificate. See Chapter 1 for more information on choosing and establishing a business entity. Acquire Wholesale Sources A classic way to run an eBay business is to buy at wholesale and sell at retail (or at what the highest...

Glossary of eBay Setters Business Terms

Apparel merchandise mart A single building or complex filled with many wholesale sources where vendors lease space to provide buyers one-stop-shopping. Visiting one gives you the opportunity of checking out many wholesale sources in one area. Job lots A varied assortment of merchandise that's left over at the end of a season. Usually sold to a buyer at a discounted price off the normal wholesale cost.

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Rob says they came up against some stiff resistance when starting their business and that distributors were initially sceptical of their credentials as a viable business - despite their combined 20,000 deposit to the contrary Nowadays, being taken seriously is not a problem, especially with their Platinum PowerSeller status, a feedback rating approaching 8,000, and turnover passing 350,000 in 2005.

Know the Lingo of Merchandisers

I Job lots The word job appears randomly throughout the wholesale industry. A manufacturer may want to job out some merchandise that's off-season. In this use, a job lot simply refers to a bunch of merchandise sold at once. The goods may consist of unusual sizes, odd colors, or even some hideous stuff that wouldn't blow out of your eBay store if a hurricane came in. Some of the merchandise (usually no more than 15 percent) may be damaged. A good way to find a jobber (someone who wants to sell you job lots) on the Internet is to run a Google search on wholesale jobber. Another great place to find them is the phone book or industry newsletter classifieds. Save yourself some money. Don't go on eBay and buy some wholesale list for 5. You can get the same names by running a Google search on the term wholesale.


If you can buy new goods at or below wholesale on eBay and resell at retail (e.g., in your physical store), you can make a profit. However, presumably the risk of buying on eBay is higher than buying from a distributor. Thus, the price of new goods on eBay will normally have to be significantly lower than wholesale to justify the risk. Thus, the profit strategy is virtually identical to the money-saving strategy. The exception is for goods in high demand that may be temporarily unavailable from distributors or manufacturers. If you can buy such goods on eBay, even for a premium above wholesale, and resell at retail (or even above retail), you can make a profit that you otherwise wouldn't be able to make. Here the strategy is to get the merchandise but it's not that simple. You still have to get the goods at a low enough price to make a reasonable profit selling at retail. But be cautious. When the temporary shortage of goods passes, retail prices will fall quickly.


15) Seconds and overstocks -- There are many stores that buy entire train or car loads of seconds, overstocks and closeout merchandise, such as Dollar Tree or Big Lots. 17) Wholesale -- There are many companies that specialize in wholesale merchandise. What is wholesale It is supposed to be the price at which the manufacturer sells to the retail stores. Of course, we all know that merchandising games are played every day so buyer beware -- caveat emptor. There are really two distinct categories of wholesalers. The first are companies who wholesale the merchandise they manufacture. The second kind is an independent that buys large amounts of goods from manufacturers, stores them in big ugly warehouses and resells them. Some of them are open to the private individuals, and others sell only large amounts to other companies or to brokers. It's simple to find out their policies. Closeout merchandise is distressed for some reason (i.e., shelf life, trucking accident, end of fad). They are...


PowerSeller Sally says If it were easy to set up a wholesale account, every seller on eBay would have one Wholesale is the business of selling products to retailers, merchants, institutions, and other commercial users. Wholesalers can be companies that manufacture a product, or they can be businesses that purchase from manufacturers. Wholesale organizations don't typically sell in large volumes to consumers (Costco and Sam's Club are two notable exceptions).

Resale Items on eBay

Also be sure you check out the wholesale categories on eBay. After noticing how many sellers were buying from other sellers, eBay set up wholesale sub-categories for almost every type of item. You can find the wholesale items in the category list on the left side of the page after performing a search, or just go to the eBay home page, scroll down the list of categories, and click Wholesale. You'll be brought to the Wholesale Lots hub page, as shown in Figure 6-4. Just click the category of your choice to find some great deals. eBay's Wholesale Lots hub page. eBay's Wholesale Lots hub page.

A price example

I would really like to double my money on the bronze statue. This means that I need to get close to 150 for it. I think this is a reasonable figure, especially based on the data collected from eBay and PriceMiner. Also, this price is in the range for a new piece (which this one is) from the sculptor's Web site. I can't expect to get full retail on eBay (that would be the 342.90 that the store from which I bought the pallet was asking). In fact, many items on eBay are selling close to manufacturer's wholesale, but the wholesale price is right in that same range of 150. I decide to go for the 150, but I'll call it 149.99 instead (because it sounds slightly cheaper).

Favourite Setters

Favourite Sellers is also handy when your competition is selling an item that you plan to sell, but at a deeply discounted price. When that happens, don't offer your item until the competition sells theirs, at which time the price will probably go back up - supply and demand, remember You can put wholesalers and liquidators under your Favourite Sellers, too, and search for job lots that you can resell at a profit.

Special Products

There are some special products around that have a lot of appeal but aren't generally available. You know. You see them advertised for 19.95 on obscure TV channels, like the superpotion that shines your car and makes your coffee taste better too. Find out how you can buy them at wholesale. Auction them on eBay. Find an inventor who has manufactured some clever product, has 500 in his garage, but doesn't know what to do with them. These guys are all over the place. I knew a guy who invented a clever rack that holds a supermarket plastic bag open for the purposes of garbage disposal. The rack goes on the back of the door under the kitchen sink. It's quite handy and eliminates the need for plastic garbage bags that you have to buy. He never was able to market it effectively and probably still has 300 in his garage nicely packaged. Perhaps you can auction a product like that on eBay at wholesale prices to dealers in lots of four dozen. Or perhaps you can auction such products individually...

Determining Value

They offer a wholesale (trade-in) value and a retail value for used cars. Somewhere between these two values is likely to be the purchase price of your next used car. What does the spread between wholesale and retail value mean It's simply the markup a dealer seeks. A dealer acquires a vehicle at its trade-in value when a buyer buys a new vehicle and trades in the old one. Dealers also acquire used vehicles in auctions at wholesale (trade-in) prices. The dealer sells the vehicle traded in (or purchased at auction) for a markup to cover expenses and make a profit. A dealer's expenses include the following A private sale is not exactly the same. Typically, the seller in a private sale has lower expenses than a dealer. That's a primary reason that private sales tend to have a purchase price between wholesale value and retail value, usually closer to wholesale. A lender will usually loan the wholesale value of a vehicle or higher. In fact, some blue books list a loan value. That means...

Sidebar Links

Below the listing of eBay top-level categories are links to some of eBay's special areas. You'll see a quick link to the Charity area (see Chapter 22) where sellers raise money for major charities. You'll also see the link to eBay's Live Auctions, a similar site to Sothebys. com. Unlike Sothebys.com, however, Live Auctions has live auctions from a large variety of bricks-and-mortar auction houses. You'll also see links to professional services so you can find outside contractors for your business and wholesalers (where you can find lots of great goods) if you ever decide to become a seller at eBay (see Chapter 17).

Estate auctions

These auctions are attended mostly by dealers, who know the local going prices for the items they bid on. But because they're buying to sell in a retail environment, their high bids will generally be the wholesale price for your area. If a particular item is flooding your market, the high bid may be low. I've seen some incredible bargains at Bonham's estate auctions here in Los Angeles. When you're in a room full of local dealers, they're buying what's hot to resell in your city not what's going to sell across the country. That entire market will be yours.

Favorite Categories

Let's go through the steps necessary to set up a Favorites category for a lastminute shopper who buys music CD wholesale lots. From the My eBay page, click on the Categories link under All Favorites. Click on the Add a Favorite Category link. As shown in Figure 10.12, several options appear, allowing you to filter through categories for your selection. By clicking on Music Wholesale Lots, CDs 11-100 items, I was able to really define with detail which category I wanted to save. Once I knew I had what I wanted, I clicked on the Submit button at the bottom of that page. term LinG - Live, informative, Non-cost and Genuine


A new breed of retailers has appeared that sells only on eBay. These retailers don't necessarily even have the expense of an ecommerce website and certainly not the expense of a store or warehouse. These people seek inventory at wholesale, distress, closeout, or otherwise low prices and then sell it on eBay at discount prices. In some cases, their overhead is so low that they can afford to sell at deep discounts even while purchasing their inventory through normal wholesale channels. Don't look at these sales efforts as fly-by-night retail operations. Many are serious businesses making big profits in this new marketplace.

Of Your Life

Yo u never know when collectibles will come up at yard sales, church sales, library sales or auctions. There are hundreds of thousands of wholesale directories and liquidators that are eager to talk to you. So finding inventory for selling over the Internet shouldn't be a problem for you.


Can you make a business out of selling on Half.com Sure. In the publishing industry, books that don't sell in the bookstores are said to be remainders. Since books are sold on consignment (a practice started during the Great Depression), the bookstores return unsold books to distributors, which in turn return them to publishers. You may be able to get remainders from bookstores, distributors, or publishers at very low prices. Sell them on Half.com. Likewise, you can find sources of excess inventory for textbooks, music CDs, movie VHS tapes and DVDs, video games, computers, software, and electronics.


Closeouts are excess inventory that someone wants to unload quickly for whatever reason. The seller might be a manufacturer, a wholesaler, a retailer, or even a high-volume user (e.g., the government). The price is often well under wholesale. Ten to twenty cents on the dollar is not uncommon. You must usually buy in large quantities to participate.

Drop shipping

Imagine a product you could sell that you don't have to ever store or ship. You never have to touch the product. YOU set your retail price and then every time you sell a unit you simply pay the distributor the wholesale price and they ship the unit for you. You are making a guaranteed profit every time a customer pays. When you use drop shippers you don't pay up front to stock products. You don't warehouse anything, or ship anything. You simply place products up for auction on eBay and email the resulting orders to your Drop Ship distributor. THEY ship the product to your customer's door. You never have to touch the product. YOU set your retail price and pay the distributor the wholesale price. You are making a guaranteed profit every time a customer pays.


One clever way to do your fulfillment is drop shipping. Drop shipping means having your wholesaler ship the merchandise directly to your customer. Many wholesalers are set up to do this. Today, to be competitive many wholesalers give quick shipping service. Hence, drop shipping can solve your fulfillment problem at the same time that it eliminates your inventory warehousing problem. The only questions are, How much does it cost , and Can you do it more cost-effectively yourself The drop shipper is no different from an independent contractor in regard to quality. The difference is that you can usually check up on a local independent contractor more easily than you can a faraway wholesaler. As a result, you have to use other techniques to check up on the drop shipper.


Buying at low prices on eBay and selling at retail is not the same as arbitrage. If you can buy at wholesale prices or below on eBay, which is quite possible, then you can sell at retail offline without having to sell immediately. There's more profit in a retail sale, so you don't have to make an immediate sale to minimize your holding costs. An example is baseball caps with official major league team insignias, about 8- 16 per cap at retail stores. If you can find a closeout purchase (in the closeout market) for 0.50 per cap and resell the caps easily to end users on eBay for 3 per cap, that's a retail operation. If you can resell the caps easily on eBay to sports distributors for 1.50 each (minimum order seven cartons 1,008 caps), that's more like arbitrage (between the closeout market and the wholesale market). The sale to the sports distributors is certain because they normally pay at least 4 per cap and would rather pay only 1.50, and the caps are always in demand. After all, the...

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