Using the eBay API

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have heard about eBay, and you probably have used eBay yourself to purchase or sell items. eBay is known for inventing the online global marketplace that brings millions of people all over the world together to sell new and used items. eBay is making it easier than ever before for you to write your own software applications using the eBay API or the eBay SDK to interact with eBay features. You can obtain a free developer account that can be used for individual purposes in a test and production environment for a limited number of calls. You can also purchase commercial accounts if you want to write applications for others that interact with eBay. This chapter covers the following:

□ Introduction to eBay as an online global marketplace

□ How to set up a developer account and obtain all the necessary identifiers to use the eBay API

□ The syntax of eBay API queries

□ How to call the eBay API using HTTP-POST using Visual Studio .NET

□ How to call the eBay API using SOAP from Visual Studio .NET

□ Five examples of how to use the eBay APIs

□ Additional ideas for how you might use the eBay API

As with the other APIs you have explored in this book so far, the eBay API is very comprehensive and would take numerous chapters or perhaps an entire book to cover in detail. This chapter will help you set up your eBay developer account and will walk you through some simple examples to illustrate the potential ways you can use the API. You can consult the eBay documentation online, as well as the case studies later in this book, for additional information.

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