Other Ways to Use the eBay API

In the previous sections, you looked at five examples to give you an idea of how you can use the eBay API in your applications. Following are some additional examples of ways you might want to use the eBay API. Additional examples of the eBay API are also included in the later chapters and case studies at the end of this book.

Here are examples of other ways to use the eBay Web API:

□ Send an automatic e-mail to the winning bidder after you determine the auction has closed and a winner has been established.

□ Sign up for platform notifications (commercial-tier members only) where an HTTP post is made to a URL you specify when certain events occur, such as a buyer leaving feedback or an auction ending.

□ Retrieve a daily or other periodic status report of your listings on eBay.

□ Create a third-party listing tool that enables your customers to more easily manage their listings from within their existing inventory management applications.

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