Five Creative Ways to Use the eBay API

Now look at five ways to use the eBay API. You see both SOAP and XML code examples. The complete code listing is provided for the SOAP example, as that is probably what you will use from within Visual Studio .NET.

The account credentials are duplicated in each of these SOAP examples so each can stand alone. You should specify the credentials in a single place to avoid duplication of code in your own eBay solutions.

The XML examples are also provided for your convenience. However, if you want to run the XML examples from Visual Studio .NET, modify the strXML value in Button1_Click event of Form1 to include the XML code shown in the respective example. You also will need to modify the "X-EBAY-API-CALL-NAME" parameter to specify the verb (procedure to call) as shown in the respective example, instead of the "GetSearchResults" procedure.

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