Example Calling Amazoncom Web Service from Word Using Visual Basic NET and SOAP

Now, let's walk through a simple example that uses the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office to call the Amazon.com Web service from Word. In this example, you write code to look up all books that are similar to a particular book. Those similar books are then displayed in a Microsoft Word document.

Open Visual Studio .NET. Select File O New O Project, and a screen similar to Figure 9-13 is displayed.

Figure 9-13

Expand the Project Types nodes so you can see all the Microsoft Office System Projects. Select Visual Basic Projects, and then select Word Document for the Template. Click OK, and a screen similar to Figure 9-14 appears.

Microsoft Office Project Wizard - WordExample

Select a Document for Your Application

You can choose to create a new document for your application or use an existing one, Choose one and dick Finish. H^^H

j Word Document

* Create new document r Use existing document

Security Settings1

Name of the document:

j WordExample

Location of the document:

[/iley-WroxV'roDevWithWebAPIs^hapter 9\WordExample

Finish Cancel Help

: : : :

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