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the first link because I may move away from Hypermart as my host some day and then I'd have to change all my links on all my pages that point at each other. In other words, keep your host name out of your links.

-I bought the domain name 321tix.com from Godaddy.com. I like godaddy.com and have used them for numerous domain name purchases.

-Keep a backup of your site on hand. You never know when a web host will go under taking your website with it. If you have a backup you'll be back in business quickly- if you don't you'll be staying up all night for a week trying to get things back up.

-When joining an affiliate program I never settle for a long ugly affiliate link that looks like this:


Instead I use the services of www.MyNameStick.com to create a nice pretty memorable name that points to my affiliate link. MyNameStick.com allows me to change the ugly link into something pretty like:


A full article on this concept is found in bonus article 1 at the end of this book.

You can also use domain forwarding (a free service that godaddy.com provides) and get a nice looking affiliate link to easily replace a long ugly affiliate link. It's a less expensive alternative.

-Need an expert to help you with any step of your internet business plan? Try elance.com. They have experts in nearly every online business niche. You can place your project up for bid and see what offers come back to complete your project. I list more services similar to Elance in Part 2 of this book.

-Want to provide a 'print on demand' service for you readers? Check out Digitz.net. You don't have to print up a bunch of copies of your book and keep them in inventory - let them do it for you one at a time! Also check out www.ifulfill.com and www.ifulfillment.com. You don't have to pay in advance for a large number of information products that you are going to sell!

-I prefer Adobe Acrobat when composing eBooks. Almost everyone has a copy of the free Acrobat Reader software. Also, the security features in Acrobat allow you to make it difficult for someone to "copy/paste" text straight from your book and call it their own work. You also don't lose the business of MAC users when you create Adobe Acrobat eBooks. Acrobat is the best format that is compatible with MAC's and PC's. As I encounter other strong eBook development options for you I'll include those on the resource page. For now though, Adobe Acrobat is my recommendation. There are several good tools that will help you create a PDF for free or very inexpensively. Here are a few ideas:

http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.html http://www.pdf995.com/

http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/pdf-o-matic.php http://www.openoffice.org - GREAT free word processor that can convert documents to PDF files easily

-I use GetResponse as my auto-responder on 321tix.com. Since that time I've started using Aweber more recently as well and love the delivery rate I'm getting.

I am constantly learning as much as I can about how to improve my existing 'Silent Sales Machines'. As I come across information that I think would be beneficial, I will communicate it to you via the resource page and newsletter.

If you have questions, please email me - You are probably not the only one with that same question, and I can add the answer to the next version of this book, or answer it in the newsletter.

Chapter 9 Start a 'Silent Sales Machine' without writing anything

Nature gave man two ends

- one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since, man's success has been dependent on the one he uses most.

- George R. Fitzpatrick

There truly is no need to reinvent the wheel... I'll explain-

Many great books, websites, newsletters and services are already on the Internet and are desperately looking for new buyers, visitors, and subscribers. Your first 'Silent Sales Machine' on eBay could simply be a matter of finding a way to channel your eBay traffic into any of those pre-established affiliate systems. There is more information on affiliate systems in Chapter 10.

I do not claim to be an affiliate guru, but this example should help summarize my line of thinking:

Suppose you have 300 visitors per week to your eBay auctions and you typically sell NFL memorabilia. Let's also assume that being a big NFL fan, you subscribe to a great NFL email newsletter titled "NFL Digest" (an email newsletter is also called an ezine - more on that in chapter 10).

Here's the plan - talk to the owner of the "NFL Digest" and ask him if he is willing to pay you for subscribers to his newsletter. Chances are he will be very interested in talking to you. You then offer your eBay visitors the opportunity to join the NFL Digest newsletter via your eBay "about me" page using the techniques we've already learned. Be sure your subscribers know exactly what they are subscribing to avoid being accused of spam.

As the number of referrals you are sending to the "NFL Digest" steadily grows you can work on ways to automate the process (automatic email opt-in service etc.)

There are several "Internet newsletter directories" on the web. Use one of these to generate ideas.

Here's one of my favorite directories of ezines:


A membership with that directory gets you access to thousands of ezines where you can find partners and place ads. It's one of my favorite resources.

I can hear your next question:

What if there isn't a "NFL Digest" for my product?

Consider starting one!!

Chapter 10 is all about this concept, but you don't have to be a writer to have a newsletter. You can use other people's material (giving appropriate credit of course), or you can find someone who has a passion for writing about your topic and have them do the writing. There are countless newsletters already floating around the web that you can use as well (with the authors permission) to "beef up" the content of your newsletter. Coming up with good content is not the hard part of having a newsletter. Your subscribers will be a great source of ideas and content. Many of your subscribers might be honored to appear as a guest writer in your newsletter. You can find more material than you can ever use just be doing a simple search on a major search engine.

Also, elance.com is a great place to find writers on just about any area of expertise. Pay the writer per newsletter to write relevant current articles in your niche.

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Email Copy Blueprint

Email Copy Blueprint

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