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Are you saying I dont have to learn search engine optimization techniques to be a success on the internet

That's right - I don't know the first thing about website optimization for search engines, but I have a website that is ranked in the top 1 of all websites in the world. Overture, affiliate programs (customers that refer others), and good products information account for nearly all of my success. Remember I promised you that you wouldn't have to be listed at the top of search engines in order to make my ideas work I'm sticking to that statement. My site gets thousands of hits weekly from non-search engine traffic. The traffic comes from the affiliates I've built up over time and from the key words I've purchased on If you want more traffic than you can get from just eBay hits, you need to go to This is the best pay-per-click search engine on the web. While I'm writing this book someone on is willing to pay 3.28 per click for the search term Credit Card in an attempt to get people to their web site. That is more than...

Understanding Search Engines

Let's begin by learning exactly what search engines are and what they do. First, it's important to understand the difference between a search engine and a directory. Search Engine A system that indexes web pages it looks at millions of pages (Google currently indexes over eight billion pages ) and stores information about those pages, in some cases even keeping a copy of many of the pages. The three big search engines are Yahoo ( see Figure 26-1), Google (, and MSN ( Remember, search engines index the content of individual web pages search directories categorize web sites. We're primarily interested in the search engines the web-page indexes for a couple of reasons This is an introduction to search-engine optimization. This is a big, complicated subject to do really well, you may need to understand more. Sometimes ranking well is very easy. Follow these basic rules and you may find your site on the first page of the search results at major...

Registering with the Search Engines

One of the great myths of the search-engine business is that in order to get into the search engines, you need to register with them. You can do so if you wish you can go to the search engine's web site, find the add url page, and register your URL. It won't do any harm, but it may not do any good, either. The search engine may come to your site or it may not. And it may take a long time to make up its mind. Dnote If you want to register directly with the major search engines, just in case, try these links and submit Actually, if you stop at Step 1, you've still probably done enough the search engine will find your site eventually. But creating multiple links from multiple sites helps in a few ways The more links to your site, the sooner the search engines are likely to find it and arrive at your site. The more links to your site the more important the search engines will think your site is you may get a boost in the ranks because of it.

Making Sure Search Engines Can Index Your Pages

The first thing to consider is that if search engines can't read your pages, they can't index them. They won't be included in the search engine index, and so have no chance of appearing if someone searches for a term related to your products and services. When are search engines unable to index your site When you have very complicated URLs. For instance, a page may not be indexed if its URL looks like this Here's a rule of thumb. If you have one or two database parameters in a URL one or two signs or characters the page is probably okay the search engines will quite likely index it. If there are three or more, though, you may have a problem. However, there are a number of technical reasons why search engines won't index pages with very complicated URLs, which we don't have space to cover here. Search engines may not index the pages. Dnote Pages created using the Yahoo Merchant Solutions e-commerce system do not have these problems. They can be read and are indexed in the major search...

Customize Your Search Results

If you'd like HotBot to display more or fewer results per page, or to list more or less information for each result, you have to customize the site's results preferences. Getting there is a bit tricky you have to click the Preferences link on the home page and then click the Result Prefs link on the next page that appears. The HotBot Result Preferences page then appears with a variety of options for you to configure. What's nice about HotBot is that you can choose whether or not to display the Related Searches and Related Categories links that are typically hard-wired into the results pages of other search engines. Make your choices and then click the Save button.

Getting your URL into a search engine

For people to find your site (and what you're selling), they must be able to locate you. A popular way that people do this is by searching with a search engine. So you should submit your site to search engines. Go to the search engines that interest you and look for a link or a help area that will enable you to submit your site. Be sure to follow any specific instructions on the site some may limit the amount of keywords and the characters allowed in your description. To submit your URL to search engines, you need to do a little work. (Nothing's easy, is it ) Write down twenty-five to fifty words or phrases that describe your Web site these are your keywords. Now, using as many of the words you came up with, write a description of your site. With the remaining words, create a list of keywords, separating each word or short phrase by a comma. You can use these keywords to add metatags to the header in your HTML document for your home page. Metatags are identifiers used by search engine...

Use search engine keywords

EBay automatically takes keywords from your store's front page and your 20 chosen categories and uses them to create page titles and meta tags, technical terms for things that help search engines better understand and present your eBay store pages. In this way, you increase your chances of potential buyers finding your store pages when they use big search engines like MSN, Google, and Yahoo . Click on the Search Engine Keywords button on your Manage My Store page and make sure that the ones that eBay has chosen for you are correct. As an example, when I checked the primary and secondary keywords on my store front, they weren't the best choices. My primary keywords were The Queen of Auctions All Aboard Inc., and my secondary were dinnerware, collectibles, flatware, antiques, new gift items, and ' jewelry. I changed my primary keywords to The Queen of Auctions How to Sell on eBay Tips Tools Tricks, and I changed my secondary to dinnerware, flatware, antiques, collectibles, royal...

Why You Must Understand the Search Engines

Most small businesses that employ web-designer firms to build their sites, or that have designers on-staff, rely on the designers for search-engine optimization. The fact is, though, that very few web-design firms or web designers understand search-engine optimization, even if they say they do. (For competitive reasons, most design firms claim to understand this subject they don't.) It's essential that someone on your team does. Dnote The term search-engine optimization means the process of helping a web site rank well in the search-engine search results. The term optimize originally meant to create a web page in such a manner that a search engine is likely to think it is very relevant for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. This chapter is not a comprehensive description of search-engine optimization there are entire books written on the subject. But it will give you a good start, outlining the basic rules. Sometimes getting free traffic by placing your pages into what are known...

Narrow Your Search Results with Alta Vista Prisma

AltaVista employs a technology it calls Prisma to display a list of topics closely related to your original query on your search results page. These topics are actually the most common terms contained on the Web pages that match your query. You can click these links to further refine your search. When you click on a Prisma word, AltaVista automatically adds that word to your original query and then displays a new set of results. For example, if you search for dinosaur, one of the Prisma topics listed is Fossils. Click the Fossils link and AltaVista displays a new page of results (about dinosaur fossils) that are more targeted than your original results. Like Google, AltaVista uses the Open Directory to supplement its regular search index. AltaVista's version of the Open Directory is called the AltaVista Global Directory, and assembles hand-picked entries into a browseable-by-category list. You access the directory by clicking the Directory tab on the AltaVista home page. When you're...

MSN Search Returns Four Types of Results

When you conduct a search with MSN Search, the search results page (like the one shown in Figure 2-5) includes four different types of results. At the very top of the page is a listing of Popular Topics that you can use to help refine your search. Next up is a short list of Featured Sites, followed by a longer list of Web Directory Sites, and then the much longer list of Web Pages. The sum total of all these results provides a best of all worlds search, unique among the major search sites you get a blend of high-quality human-edited directory listings and high-volume automated search index listings.

Build a Google Search Feature

In this example, you build a Google search feature into your own Web application. 3. Using the Properties Window, change the name of ID property of the text box to txtSearch and the ID property of the button to btnSearch. Change the name of the Text property of the label to Search Google and that of the button to Search Now. The Form should now look similar to the one shown in Figure 2-10. 'Create a Google Search object 'set the values to pass to the Google web service strLicense YOUR KEY GOES HERE 'execute the doGoogleSearch method (i.e. run the Google Search) Dim SearchResult As Google.GoogleSearchResult _ Search Web J Search Google

Secrets of the Internet Search Engines

Chapter 6 Google Secrets Chapter 7 AllTheWeb Secrets Chapter 8 Ask Jeeves Secrets Chapter 9 AltaVista Secrets Chapter 10 HotBot Secrets Than Other Search 145 Get More from Your Search 147 Personalize Your Search 165 Search Google from a Cell Phone or PDA 156 166 Search Google from Other Web Sites 157 167 Put Google Search on Your Own Web Site 157 Google calls itself the World's Best Search Engine, and by most accounts that statement is a true one. Google is not only the world's largest and most trafficked search site, it's also one of the 10 most popular sites on the entire Internet. Just look at these statistics Google's search engine indexes more than 3 billion Web pages, more than 425 million images, and more than 700 million Usenet messages Unlike a portal like Yahoo , Google is all about searching no e-mail, no personalized start page, no streaming audio or video. But that doesn't mean Google is just a simple query box. Google offers basic and advanced Web searching, an...

Search Engines

For which search engines do you need to optimize your website Google has over a 50-percent share of the search-engine market. Yahoo, second-place runner up, has about a 20-percent share of the search-engine market. That means between the two of them they generate 70 percent of searches on the Web. This shows that when you optimize your website for the search engines, the only important search engines are the top half-dozen. Beyond that your time, effort, and money will earn quickly diminishing returns. Regretably, maximizing for Google is different than maximizing for Yahoo. One of the things a good optimization consultant can do for you is to help you create webpages that will optimize your website with both search engines and perhaps three or four more at the same time. Then too, there may be specialty search engines that are particularly important to your business. For instance, if you sell gourmet food, there may be a search engine that specializes in helping people find gourmet...

Alta Vista Secrets

208 Speed Up AltaVista with a Text-Only Search 182 222 Speed Up Your Search with AltaVista Shortcuts 187 224 Fine-Tune Your Search with AltaVista's Advanced Web Search Page . . . 189 225 Filter AltaVista's Search Results for Family Consumption 189 226 Personalize Your AltaVista Search Results 189 227 Narrow Your Search Results with AltaVista Prisma 190 234 Add an AltaVista Toolbar to Your Web Browser 235 Access Other Services from the AltaVista Home Page 236 Find Out if Your Personal Web Pages Are in the AltaVista Index 237 See What Other People Are Searching For It all started back in 1995, when AltaVista debuted as the first full-text Internet search engine. The AltaVista search engine was created as a research product within the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) research lab, and AltaVista remained a DEC subsidiary until 1999, when it was spun off into a private company controlled by Internet venture firm CMGI. AltaVista barely weathered the dot-com implosion, and in early 2003...

Hot Bot at a Glance

As you can see in Figure 10-1, the HotBot home page ( is relatively simple. There's the expected search box and button, of course, but there's something extra a list of four different search engines. That's because HotBot lets you search not only its own search engine but also three other search engines as you'll learn in our very first HotBot secret, coming up next. Figure 10-1 Search four different search engines from the HotBot home page. Figure 10-1 Search four different search engines from the HotBot home page.

Promote your listing on eBay

I recommend using these promotional options (Featured Plus , Gallery Featured, Home Page Featured) only if you have a really expensive item and or want to drive traffic to your other auctions. A man in one of my classes uses the Featured Plus at Christmastime, because he owns a Christmas ornament business. If he uses Featured Plus for one of his many auctions, he finds that it drives a lot of traffic to his other auctions and to his eBay store. I encourage you to try these only for very special circumstances, however.

Customizing your store

EBay recommends choosing categories that reflect the variety of merchandise you plan on carrying, so you're allowed to name up to 20 different categories. It also recommends having a category called On Sale or 50 off' to drive traffic to sale items. To give you an idea of category options, here are the ones I use

Include the right keywords

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your eBay auctions is to make sure you have the correct keywords in your titles. I specialize in antiques and collectibles, so I make sure that my listings use antique, collectible, old, vintage, and rare in the title. If you specialize in books, make sure you use book, books, fiction, nonfiction, antique, rare, first edition, and so on in the majority of your listing titles.

Help customers hunt down special items

Let us know if you would like us to continue our hunt or if you have already found this. At the end of the e-mail, of course, list your eBay store's Web address, note your eBay user ID, and include a request to sign up for your e-mail list. By showing that you care about your customers' special requests, you can help drive traffic to your auctions and your store.

Cost Effectiveness Review

Are eBay Stores cost-effective A second, You bet An eBay Store is inexpensive, similar to eBay auctions, handled by the same auction management service you use for eBay auctions, and provides a presence not only on eBay but on the Web too. As I hope I made clear in this chapter, however, you must use eBay auctions to drive traffic to your eBay Store to make it as successful as it can be.

These are the search results that came back

This is the best way to check the popularity of the item or information product you are considering selling. For example, you can see from the illustration above that over 1.5 million people searched for the term eBay that month on overture affiliated search engines. There are many search engines that aren't on the network, so you can safely add 20-30 to that number and estimate that nearly 2 million searches were done for the term eBay that month on the Internet. Overture is much more than just a tool that's lets you see what's popular on the internet though - I use them to drive traffic to my websites on a pay-per-click basis. They are a great service. For very little money per visitor you could be listed on the top of major search engines for your search words Let's assume there are two other people willing to pay money for visitors on the search term 'raising sheep'. One of your competitors is willing to pay .07 per visitor and the other competitor is willing to pay .06 per...

Promote Your Business

By opening up other options, eBay no longer has the same grip over your business as the sole money-making source. This independence allows you to use eBay, rather than the reverse -- where eBay uses you. Take advantage of their well-oiled gigantic network to drive traffic to your auction listings and to supplement your own traffic efforts to your Web site. The single best way to generate traffic is to build your own Theme-Based Content Site where its high value Keyword-Focused Pages rank well with the Search Engines AND provide the type of information your visitors are seeking.

Special Bonus Report

Use a low-minimum bid rather than a reserve auction format. If the very lowest price you will accept on your item is 50 (and, at that price you have a profit margin built in), list it with NO RESERVE for 50. If it doesn't sell, at least you know it won't sell at that price and when you go to buy a similar item you won't be tempted to pay as much. I have good results when I do this. It shows potential bidders I'm a serious about selling the item because one, single bid could take it. I use a reserve only when I'm testing the market- to see if there is interest and if it actually makes my reserve. About once a week I use a 99 cent NO RESERVE auction to generate traffic to my other auctions. Usually it's a very popular, but low-priced item that I can afford to loose a few dollars on if it sells below what I expected. On the plus side it builds traffic for my other auction items, it generates a good amount of

Search Submittal Services

The easiest way to market your site is to make sure that you're included in the search results at all the major Web search sites. While you could hope that the search engines' spiders would find your site automatically, chances are they won't or if they do, it might take them months to get to you. A far better approach is to manually submit your site to all the search engines which, unfortunately, is very time-consuming. For that reason, a number of search-site submittal services have sprung up, that for a fee will submit your site to literally hundreds of major and minor search engines and directories.

Invisible Navigation Systems

Some navigation systems cannot be read by the search engines. Search engines do not read JavaScript and DHTML, for instance, two coding systems often used to build drop-down menus (see Figure 26-5). Thus, if your site's entire navigation structure is built using this sort of programming, the only pages the search engines will ever reach are the ones linked to from outside your site the search engines will generally not be able to enter the site and move through it, indexing all the pages. Dnote The button navbar used by stores created with Yahoo Merchant Solutions do not have this problem search engines can read this bar. This drop-down navigation system was built using JavaScript, so search engines will never see it. flp Consider creating a sitemap page and ensuring it can be reached easily from your home page, then link to every page in your site from that sitemap. This is a great way to provide easy access for the search engines.

File and Directory Names

When you are creating your site, consider using keywords in your file and directory names. The search engines index the names, so you can sometimes get a little boost from that. You can also include keywords in a domain name, of course. Note also that we've separated the words in the folder and filenames with hyphens, not underscores. This is the preferred way to do this, because the search engines will recognize the two words in each item (pet and cosmetic, and rodent and eyeliner) as separate words. If you use an underscore the search engines see them as one word, with the underscore as just another character in the word.

Images and an Absence of Text

If you don't give them text, there's nothing much for them to index. And text means actual typed words on a web page, not words appearing in images. Many designers create much of the site in an image-editing program, then drop the images into pages. Some sites even contain all or most of the text in the images. Apart from the fact that in most cases this is a very inefficient way to build a web site and that doing so creates very large, slow-loading pages, it also creates pages with nothing for the search engines to index . . . pages that won't rank well in the search results. Let's say you have a stock-photo business you don't need many words, you just need to present the pictures on your web site and let visitors pick the ones they want. However, the fact is that without text, search engines don't have anything to index, so if you provide hundreds of pages with nothing but pictures, you're not giving the search engines enough to work with.

Insider Excite searches even more sites for its news and photo searches as disinsight cussed in Secrets and

Excite combines results from all these search engines into a single search results list. You'll know which engine returned which result by looking for the acknowledgment after the listing's URL. For example, the listing in Figure 4-2 was returned by Google, Inktomi, and LookSmart. (It's not uncommon for the same listing to be returned from multiple engines that's not necessarily a bad thing.)

Meta Search for Photos

Because of its meta-search capabilities, Excite ends up being a good site to use when you're searching for pictures on the Web. When you select the Photos option next to the Excite search box, Excite returns results from several different image search engines, including Fast Image and Ditto. Results are grouped by search engine, as shown in Figure 4-4. Click the link below an image to view the originating page. Search engine Fast Image found 241 results. The query sent was Drum Sets.

Optimizing Pages for Particular Keywords

As we mentioned before, this is a text game you need plenty of content (that is, words) typed into your pages. Why exactly is that Well, search engines try to match keywords typed into the search engine with words from the web pages, in order to index. If they can't find the keywords, they have nothing to match. As you can see, you need text. You can use the text in your pages to give the search engine clues as to what the page is all about, by where and how often you place the keywords in the page. 3. The page description is indexed by the search engines, and sometimes even displayed on the search-results page. Create a DESCRIPTION metatag using the term, starting with the term. Again, use it a couple of times, mixed in with other keywords, to a maximum of around 250 characters, like this You can forget about other metatags, such as the REVISIT-AFTER tag, although many web designers will tell you they are important. As far as the search engines go, they have little or no effect. 6....

Search for the Latest News

AllTheWeb is one of the best search engines on the Web if you're looking for either current or archived news items. Just select the News tab on the home page and AllTheWeb directs your search to an index of thousands of news sources. AllTheWeb constantly refreshes its news index, at a rate of up to 800 articles per minute, so the results are always up-to-date.

Setting Up a Google PPC Campaign

In this chapter, we'll examine how to set up your first Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, using Google's popular AdWords program. Google is selling billions of dollars worth of clicks each year through this system . . . in fact, it's the only advertising system Google has at present. Google has never been enthusiastic about banner ads, though for a while it did sell fixed-position text ads at the top of search results pages. But in 1994, it dumped those and went to a pure PPC model. Currently the only way to advertise on Google is through its PPC program (unlike some other search engines, it doesn't sell paid inclusion or trusted feed services, which the founders of Google believe to be unethical).

Bonus Articles Bonus Article A Secret of top affiliates

A question that I frequently hear is 'Do I really need to have my own domain name to get my affiliate link listed in the Search Engines ' The one word answer is 'YES.'. First, many search engines are 'truncating' affiliate links (reducing them to the basic link, minus the affiliate code part), or even worse banning affiliate links, and blacklisting subdomains of the parent company that contain certain characters that are obviously not the main site's content.

Using Coupon and Discount Sites

There are thousands of coupon and discount web sites. Just search one of the major search engines for coupons discounts, for instance, and you'll see. Some merchants have used these systems very successfully. The jeweler, for instance, has made a concerted effort to target these systems, and consequently has links to its site on thousands of pages across the Internet.

Promotion Strategies and Tools

We'll be looking at ways to get traffic from the search engines, and various other sources, starting in Chapter 22. Before we get there, though, let's look at a variety of promotional and marketing tools provided by Yahoo Perhaps one of the most important tools Yahoo provides is quick access to the Yahoo Shopping directory you can quickly feed data into Yahoo Shopping, which can then direct people to your store (you'll pay between 10 cents and 80 cents each time someone clicks a link to your site).

Do Your Product Research

At the very least, take a few minutes to look around at search engines and collectors' Web sites, as well as some price guides in the library, to find out exactly what you've got and what you might be able to get for it. You just might discover that you have a real treasure once you do a little research with a respected resource such as the popular Kovels price guide. The Kovels Web site (http www.kovels .com) shown in Figure 3-8 contains more than 340,000 items in its database.

HttpaffiliatesitecomcgibinIMake MoneyOff Youhtm

4) Many search engines give a lot of emphasis to the home page of a particular domain, i.e. other things remaining the same, a home page of a domain will often rank higher for a particular keyword than any other page. When you submit your long, obvious affiliate link, your index.html page is the home page of your site, but not of that domain. Hence in these search engines, your site will find it very difficult to make it to the top 20 or top 30, let alone the top 10 for some of the really competitive keywords. Just think of the amount of traffic that you will lose if this happens. 5) Many major search engines are now refusing to spider the web sites that contain obvious affiliate coding. For instance, a link that includes these characters backslashes, cgi-bin, and affiliate numbers or usernames, would, until recently, have got the infamous error message saying that too many pages have been submitted from your site if you tried to submit your site to AltaVista. While Altavista now says...

Type a short description of your store

The importance of this description is huge. When people search eBay stores and descriptions, the keyword information you put here is referenced. Also, if the store header contains your description (as in the Classic style themes), search engines such as Google and Yahoo will look in this description for the keywords to classify and list your store.

Use as many characters in your title as you can

You have 55 characters and spaces to work with, and it's in your best interest to use them all. Please leave out punctuation in your title. Punctuation wastes valuable space and, according to eBay, messes with the search engines. Start to think in 55-character sentences I can almost do this in my sleep I type in the description, and then find that I only have one character or space left. I get that close. It is scary weird

Efficient Searching to Find the Best Deals

Remember When you're looking to purchase an item, eBay isn't always your only option. (Check out Technique 2 for other worthwhile places to search online.) But eBay's search engine is a technological wonder. It can search for your request in over 14 million auctions in a fraction of a second. Using this technique, you can take advantage of this amazing feature when you're pricing your items. Most search techniques given here also work with other search engines on the Internet. For example, these methods can be extremely useful for getting the most out of your searches through Google or Yahoo .

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary

Remember I promised that my 'Silent Sales Machine' technique doesn't require you to be listed at the top of any search engines My site does not show up on ANY search engines that I am aware of - if it did I'm sure I would make even more money - I'll probably get around to that some day.

The only place where success comes before work is in the

Remember I promised that my 'Silent Sales Machine' technique doesn't require you to be listed at the top of any search engines My site does not show up on ANY search engines that I am aware of (actually after a year or so it did start popping up)- if it ranked better I'm sure I would make even more money - I'll probably get around to that some day.

Two System Marketplace

Everyone knows Google, the most popular search engine. eBay considers Google its hottest competition. Indeed, many people use Google to shop. Name a product you want, plug it into the keyword entry, and Google will give you plenty of places to buy it online at a good price. I've used it that way many times myself. search engine by a substantial margin, a huge number of people find their way to merchandise via Google, and many more via Google than through the other search engines. Indeed, the number one Web marketing technique is to get your website found by Google. Many ecommerce business owners spend a lot of money to do so. As this book goes to press, Froogle is still in beta, and you can try it at http It works amazingly well. What does it do It simply filters out all the non-commercial websites of a Google search. With Froogle, you get only the vendors. It's a powerful purchasing mechanism, a new ecommerce phenomenon. Search Engine Optimization Consultants, The...

Facts about eBay you didnt know

First you need to understand what Auction Optimization or AO is. Auction optimization is the art and science of setting up your auction headline, content and presentation in such a way that it gets maximum traffic and bidding in return for a minimum effort and advertising investment (i.e. eBay fees). It's quite like SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The game of SEO is played by all website operators in an attempt to get placed at the top of search engines like . The game of AO is played by eBay sellers like us trying to get maximum bang for their buck with our auction sales. That means AO (Auction Optimization), just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), will allow us to inject this newfound knowledge into our auction pages and get results that are disproportionately beneficial to the actual effort required. When it comes to maximizing auction profits, the basic principle is very easy to grasp the more visitors who see your item for sale, the higher the final bid will be....

By Inktomi Is Pretty Good

Okay, so HotBot's main gimmick is the ability to search other search sites. But what about HotBot's built-in search engine It does have one, you know. The HotBot search engine the first option in the list of search engines on HotBot's home page is actually fairly decent. That's because it's powered by Inktomi, which also powers MSN Search (as you learned in Chapter 2). The Inktomi search index contains about three billion Web pages, which makes it just about as big as Google or AllTheWeb. It's also good at returning highly relevant results, and its advanced search options provide all the power desired by serious searchers. insider A little bit of history about Inktomi. It was the Web's second-oldest crawler-insight based search engine, born at the University of California at Berkeley. The company went public in 1996 and signed up HotBot as its first customer. Today, Inktomi still functions as a behind-the-scenes search provider and still powers HotBot's search results even though, as...

Writing a title that sells

Your title is (next to your Gallery image) the most important way to draw people to your listing. eBay buyers are search-engine-driven they find most of their items by typing selected keywords into the search box and clicking the Search button. Those keywords should be all your title consists of. No fancy prose. No silly words that people won't search for. Here are a few examples of eBay's worst title words Okay, we're gonna say it up front If you've finished writing your item title and you have spaces left over, please fight the urge to dress it up with lots of exclamation points and asterisks. No matter how gung-ho you are about your item, the eBay search engine may overlook your item if the title is encrusted with meaningless ****, , and symbols. If bidders do see your title, they may become annoyed by their virtual shrillness and ignore them (See what I mean ) Use the spell checker to verify your titling It bears repeating Check and recheck your spelling. Savvy buyers use the eBay...

Watch Out for the Paid Listings

HotBot's search results pages (not to be confused by the search results generated when you select one of the other search engine options) look like any other search results including the fact that they include a large number of paid listings (what HotBot calls sponsored links ). To its credit, HotBot labels its paid listings as such, but it also puts them at the very top of the search results list. So you'll have to scroll past these sponsored links to get to the Web Results section HotBot's legitimate search results. By the way, some popular searches will generate results from the HotBot Directory (HotBot's version of the human-edited Open Directory), as well as what HotBot calls its Top 10 results. This Top 10 list represents the most popular sites in a given category, as determined by a number of arcane technical factors. If your query generates a Top 10 list, you'll need to go to the second search results page to see the standard results from Inktomi's search index.

Using Affiliate Programs and Other Marketing Techniques

As we've discussed in the first chapter, successful businesses try different strategies to reach customers. So far you've learned, in Chapter 21, about using the Yahoo Shopping directory, and you've also learned about search-engine Pay Per Click campaigns. And in Chapter 26, you learned about using natural search-engine results. But is that enough You may not be able to make money using PPC, and search-engine optimization can be incredibly difficult in some cases, so you can't stop there. In any case, if you don't understand your other options you may be missing a huge opportunity. There are many ways to reach customers online as with offline businesses, one size does not fit all. It's important to keep learning and exploring, and to experiment with different ways to market your store. You don't know what will work until you try it, so you have to try many things. Who knows, you may hit a gold mine and take a small hobby business and turn it into something really big.

Understanding Keywords

A keyword or keyword phrase is a word or series of words typed into a search engine by someone seeking something. Keywords are used to trigger the display of your PPC ads. You'll bid on keywords for instance, you might bid, say, 55 cents for the term camping equipment. When someone types camping equipment into their browser, the PPC system looks at all the bids for that keyword phrase, and places the ads on the results page accordingly most systems place the highest bid at the top of the list, as in Figure 22-2, although Google uses other characteristics. More importantly, ads that people click more frequently get a rank boost in the system.

Potentially infringing items

Keyword spamming manipulates the eBay search engine by including an unrelated item in the listing for a copyrighted or trademarked item, and then diverting bidders to an auction of other merchandise. This is frustrating to the person trying to use the search engine to find a particular item and unfair to members who have properly listed their items.

Taking Advantage of eBays Search Functions

The key is learning how to search the site for the hidden deals. Just as understanding the categories is important, knowing how to work the search engine will help you find your item for the lowest price. When you perform a search at eBay, the search engine looks through every one of the 10 million or so items up for sale on the site to find the exact keywords you're looking for.

Buying the Sounds

Use a search engine like Google, or something similar, and simply enter the name of the musical instrument you are looking for with the word review in the search criteria. As shown in Figure 7.2, lists and lists of reviews will appear giving you a good idea of the quality of the item you are thinking of bidding on. Another good site for pricing and reviews is This site includes opinions and ratings on everything from electronics to music to movies and cars. Search Google for reviews as well Search Google for reviews as well

Use Yahoo to Advance Your Career

It should come as no surprise that Yahoo includes a job posting and search engine as part of its network of sites. This particular service is actually HotJobs, a separate company that Yahoo acquired early in 2002. The Yahoo HotJobs site ( offers a variety of career-building tools, chief of which are job postings, resume postings, and the ability to search the HotJobs


The SBI process makes success so simple, so attainable you build your site, we host it, traffic grows. No HTML, fTp, CGI, graphic or programming skills are needed. No Search Engine expertise is required. You get all the tools you need to build, market, and manage your site effectively, all in one place. SBI is also compatible with the leading HTML Editors, if you prefer to build Web pages using your familiar and favorite editor.

Paid search advertsing

Paid search advertising helps you get visitors to your site. When you go to a search engine, you'll see several searches on the right side of the page (Google) or on the top of the search results (Yahoo ) these are the paid listings that match your search. Each time you click one of these links, the site owners pay a fee for directing a new visitor to their site.

Google leads you to Web sites

The next place I check for any information is on Google (, a search tool for finding resources on the Web. It was started at Stanford University and it is currently the number one search engine on the Internet. Figure 11.4. Google search for Malcolm Moran sculpture that brought up his official Web site about halfway down the page. There is valuable information on this site.

Choosing Where to Position Your Stuff

Consider the example of a Harry Potter toy. Harry Potter toys are becoming increasingly popular with the continuing saga in both the books and the films. The easy choice is to list the item under Toys & Hobbies TV, Film Character Toys Harry Potter. But what about the category Collectibles Fantasy, Mythical & Magic Harry Potter This is the point where you must decide whether you want to list in two categories and pay more (see the review of extra charges in Chapter 10) or count on the fact that your beautifully written Auction Title will drive those using the search engine directly to your item. The popularity of categories varies from time to time. News stories, the time of year, hot trends, or whether Jamie Oliver makes a comment about something all can change a particular category's popularity. How can you possibly know the best category for your item Research your items regularly using our favourite tool the marvellous eBay search engine. (Visit Chapter 7 for more about...

Searching the stores

EBay stores cannot be searched through the same search engine you use to search for eBay auction items, but that doesn't mean your search options are limited. In fact, you can find your items in eBay stores through several methods. One way is by clicking the Sales icon next to a seller's User ID. The following sections offer you a couple more search options. il Click in the Search Buy It Now Items box The search engine goes through all the items listed in all the eBay stores to find your selected keywords in the item title. (Searching eBay stores from the eBay search page allows you to search both item titles and item descriptions in stores.) store search engine will search only the store names, and the brief store description posted by the seller.

Searching for scripts online

To find these freebies, point your Web browser to your favorite search engine, search for free JavaScript, and prepare to be inundated with a multitude of Web sites to choose from. On these sites, you'll find free scripts that perform a wide variety of functions, such as

Third Party Google Extensions

Banana Slug is a search engine that uses the Google API and can be found at http www. . This search engine tool runs a Google search with an additional random word to give you different results than you would otherwise get. If the 1,000 query maximum number of calls to the Google API is hit for the day, the tool just redirects you to and adds the random word in the search box. An example search on the site for google api is shown in Figure 2-25. Notice how the word concert was randomly added to the search and the results and that the results vary from what you would have gotten without the word concert. Googlematic is a tool that uses the Google API to let you search Google from MSN Messenger or AOL Messenger. This tool can be downloaded from http googlematic . These are just some of the many ways that third parties are using the Google API.

Locating Additional Web APIs

As you can see, is a very useful site that you should bookmark for later use, although it does not contain all Web services available. You may still need to use other sources to locate available Web services, such as a search engine like good ol' Google

Knowing Your Merchandise

Make sure you know how to use the search system. Almost every eBay page has a small box for searching. Initially you may find going to the search page easier, but if you know the search engine syntax, or shorthand, you can pinpoint your items with amazing accuracy. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of the eBay search engine The search engine isn't case sensitive, so you don't have to worry about using capitalisation in your search. i Don't use conjunctions (or, and) or articles (a, an, the) in your search the search engine may misconstrue these noise words as part of your search. Some sellers use the ampersand (&) in place of the word and, so if you include and in your search, you don't find auctions that use the ampersand. In addition, some sellers, due to the 55-character limit, may not place the in their title the same goes for a, or, and and. Now that you know how to finesse the search engine, head to the search page and see if you can work some magic. The best...

More Expensive Optional Fees

For example, the largest number of items for eBay categories is always in Collectibles. With that kind of competition, how can you draw attention to your item One of the best ways is to buy a featured spot. This is like being on the first page of a Search Engine's search results page.

Finding Where to Sell Your Stuff

Consider the example of a Harry Potter toy. Harry Potter toys are hugely popular, with the continuing saga in both the books and the movies. (Note You can replace Harry Potter with whatever the big pop-culture trend is when you read this book.) The easy choice is to list the item under Toys & Hobbies TV, Movie, Character Toys Harry Potter. But what about the category Collectibles Fantasy, Mythical & Magic Harry Potter This is the point where you must decide whether you want to list in two categories and pay double (see the review of extra charges in Chapter 10) or count on the fact that your beautifully keyword-infested item title will drive prospective buyers who use the search engine directly to your item. The popularity of categories varies from time to time. News stories, the time of year, hot trends, or whether Paris Hilton makes a comment about something can change a category's popularity in a nanosecond. How can you possibly know the best category for your item Research your...

The road to success is always under construction

Chapter 10 is all about this concept, but you don't have to be a writer to have a newsletter. You can use other people's material (giving appropriate credit of course), or you can find someone who has a passion for writing about your topic and have them do the writing. There are countless newsletters already floating around the web that you can use as well (with the authors permission) to beef up the content of your newsletter. Coming up with good content is not the hard part of having a newsletter. Your subscribers will be a great source of ideas and content. Many of your subscribers might be honored to appear as a guest writer in your newsletter. You can find more material than you can ever use just be doing a simple search on a major search engine.

After this book youll see eBay this way

You'll soon feel sorry for people that don't yet see it our way, and you'll start coming up with even more ways to make money by teaching them to see it our way Everyday over 80,000 people register on eBay for the first time. It is the most trafficked website in the world that isn't a search engine. This is one serious web site

Restrict Your Search to US Sites Only

As the World Wide Web becomes more worldwide, you're more apt to get foreign pages mixed in with your search results. If you find yourself overwhelmed by too many Russian, Japanese, and Brazilian Web pages in your listings, you can have AltaVista restrict its search to U.S. pages only. Just click the U.S. option under the search box on the AltaVista home page. Your search results will now eliminate non-U.S. pages from your search results. Maybe you don't mind foreign pages, as long as you can read them. So you don't want to restrict your results to U.S. pages only, but you do want to filter out non-English pages No problem. Just select the English option under the search box on AltaVista's home page and your search results will list English-language pages only. Babel Fish translation technology is included as part of the AltaVista search site in two different areas. If you find a non-English page in your AltaVista search results, you can use Babel Fish to translate the entire page....

Ask Additional Questions

Ask Jeeves has changed a lot since it incorporated the Teoma search index into its results. Now when you conduct a search, your search results page is full of standard listings generated by Teoma under the heading Web Results. (There's also a Sponsored Web Results section of paid links, but we'll try to ignore them.)

Searches for All Word FormsNo Wildcards Necessary

MSN Search employs a technology called automatic word stemming. This technology searches for all forms of a word when you enter the root word. So, for example, if you enter the word run, MSN Search will return results for the words run, running, and runner without you doing anything more than entering the root word. So you can use wildcards if you want otherwise, let MSN Search's automatic word stemming do the work for you.

Convert Units of Measure

Back in Secret 222 you learned about AltaVista's search shortcuts. Well, here's another one worthy of its own secret the convert shortcut opens AltaVista's built-in conversion calculator, which displays all manner of length, time, speed, temperature, weight, area, volume, and cooking conversions. All you have to do is enter convert measure, and AltaVista will display a page of conversions. For example, if you enter convert 3 liters, AltaVista displays a page listing nearly every liquid volume equivalent metric and imperial. The conversion calculator recognizes almost any unit of measurement you can think of, using all standard abbreviations. The only thing it doesn't recognize is fractions, so you'll have to use either whole numbers or decimals 1M oz. becomes 1.5 oz., for example. insider AltaVista's conversion calculator is the same one used by sister company insight AllTheWeb, as you learned in Chapter 7.

Search for Video Files

If you like AltaVista's audio search, you'll really love its video search. You can use the Video Search to find movie trailers, music videos, video clips, and other movies anywhere on the Internet. When you select the Video tab on the home page, the search page changes to let you search for specific file types (AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real, and other), as well as files of a specific duration or from a specific type of source. The results are returned as a series of thumbnail images click any thumbnail to play back the selected file.

Use Babelfish to Communicate with Foreign eBay Users

Babel Fish, a service of the search site AltaVista, is particularly easy to use. You don't always get a high-quality translation, and if you have to translate anything complex or dealing with financial information, you're better off with a human translator. But the service is free and works for very simple statements. Follow these steps to get your own instant translation 1. Enter the address for the Babel Fish Web site (http babelfish in your browser's Address box and press enter to connect to the site, as shown next.

Using the Amazoncom APIs

You are no doubt familiar with as a shopping resource, and probably have purchased items from yourself. Amazon has made several of these shopping features available in a Web API for use in your own applications. What you may not know is that Amazon has also expanded its horizons by forming new companies, including one called Alexa Internet, Inc. Alexa offers a Web crawler that is currently the largest on the Web. Amazon has released a Web API that you can use to search Alexa. Amazon has also recently released a new Web API that allows you to create distributed queues for your applications. You can obtain a free subscriber ID that can be used with these Amazon APIs. This chapter will cover the following An introduction to, Inc., an Amazon Company that provides a search engine that uses, Alexa technology, and Google technology

What Is a Web Service

A Web service also performs some type of useful work. The useful work might be something as simple as interpreting your request, calculating the answer, and sending the result back. In the case of eBay Web Services, the Web service accepts your request in the form of a search string, bid for a product, upload of a new product or change to an existing product, account or other configuration, or a comment. The Web service interacts with the database through a search engine to obtain the information you requested and sends the information back to you. The search can take various forms. For example, you don't have to search all product categories you can concentrate on just one. You might want to look for product pictures rather than text. For that matter, you might have an interest in payment or shipping options rather than a product description at first. The rest of the book shows how to perform all of these tasks. The main idea is that you can submit a variety of search request types...

Is your eBook ready for Amazoncom

By doing this you can get exposure for you and your website on one of the most popular websites on earth. Amazon will take 55 of the price of the book, but that's okay. Your goal is to make a few extra sales and drive traffic to your website. -When writing your book descriptions think of Amazon as a search engine and use a lot of keywords. What search phrases will customers be searching for on Amazon when looking for a book like yours -You WILL need to create a hard copy version of your book because you will make some sales on Amazon. Once you know what the sales volume will be just print out several copies of your ebook every month and use a binding machine at Office Depot or Kinkos. You might want to put a nicer cover on the front and back, but that's optional because you're not going to be actually selling that many copies. The main benefit is driving traffic to your website.

You can turn eBay hits into

Currently nearly ALL featured auctions on eBay show up in the top handful (5-10) of listings on the worlds largest search engine Under current pricing it costs about 20 to make your auction featured on eBay. That's money well spent if you can get all that traffic from Google _

Understanding How WSDL Fits In

You can find a wealth of resources about WSDL on the Internet. One of the more interesting offerings includes the ZVON reference at .html. The W3C has a tutorial at Originally, Microsoft and IBM promoted WSDL on their Web sites, but you can now find the specification on the W3C site at http TR wsdl. You can find the IBM view of Web services at and http www.alphaworks tech webservicestoolkit. A WSDL search engine (where you can find services that rely on both SOAP and WSDL) appears at http salnet webserviceswsdl.asp.

Next idea Find an eBay powerseller that has the hits but doesnt get it

Turn your document or idea into an 'eBook' (professional cover, edited, etc.), create a web site specifically designed to sell your eBook (accept credit cards etc.), give you the HTML to set up your eBay about me page in a way to drive traffic to our site (Do this in such a way that it is eBay approved), deliver the ordered eBooks (immediate delivery for those wanting your book as a computer file), give you one line of text to add to all of your eBay auctions to direct some of your eBay shoppers and bidders to our website (keep in mind this HELPS your eBay sales - I can show you how), maintain and update our website using the eBook sales knowledge that I have acquired to date, handle all complaints and refunds (we have to offer refunds or we'll lose many sales), notify you automatically via email every time one of your eBooks sells, send you monthly royalty checks. get us set up on search engines etc. to drive non-eBay traffic to

An eBay Store as Your Website

An eBay Store gives you a unique URL (Web address) which, in effect, belongs to you as long as you maintain and pay for your Store on eBay. This is much easier and less expensive than establishing your own independent website. In addition, you have built-in eBay traffic which would take a huge amount of marketing (e.g., getting found by the search engines) on the Web to duplicate. In my opinion, most eBay retail businesses will not find establishing an independent website to

Using Google to Build Your Business

Originally, this technique was to tell you all about Google AdWords, a fantastic Web-based promotion product. But as I learned more about the service, I found that Google itself is way more than a mere search engine. Google can help you find data, keep abreast of marketing trends, make you laugh, and give you more information than you ever thought possible. The best part about it is that it's pure. You're not barraged with pop-up ads on every page. Today, the average Google search takes about a half second, driven by 10,000 interconnected computers. It can be searched in 46 different languages and is considered the 1 B2B Web site and 5 in any medium online or off. Although I'll be teaching you a taste of Google in this technique, I highly recommend Google For Dummies by Brad Hill. It'll give you even more insight to this amazing enterprise. If it isn't, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for free promotion. Google runs spiders (just picture the way a spider runs swiftly and all...

EBay Stores

If you have feedback of 20 or higher, you can open an eBay store. If you're a serious seller, and your goal is to make muchos profits on eBay, then a storefront may be the way to go. Like a real store, you're in charge of marketing, driving your brand awareness, and the look and feel of your space. eBay helps you out by providing a free search engine for your store, driving traffic to

Website Optimization

Website optimization is the process of creating webpages that get a high ranking in the search engines. What does this mean This means that you want the home page of your website to not only be found by the search engines but to be listed by the search engines in the first page of returns. Even being listed on the second or third page a lower ranking is probably OK, but certainly not ideal. Beyond the third page, your business might as well be invisible. Thus, a high ranking is essential to online retailing success. And website optimization becomes the name of the game.

Cat and Mouse

The search engines endeavor to help people find exactly what they are looking for without any outside influence. Web retailers seek to influence the search engines to give their webpages priority. The retailers and the search engines have played this cat-and-mouse game since search engines first appeared on the Web in the early 1990s. It is a very complex cat-and-mouse game, and the rules change every day. Website-optimization consultants tend to be smart people who work hard at keeping up with the latest changes, rules, and algorithms used by the leading search engines. That's why optimization is expensive. And that's why those who claim to do it for small fees and without much work on your part are likely to be scammers.

Export listings

EBay makes available a file of all your store inventory listings. Once this has been exported, you can use it to expose all your listings to third-party search engines and product comparison sites. You need to make arrangements with these third-party partners to download the file. It will most likely cost money, and some of the third-party partners would be product search engines like Froogle, Yahoo , and MSN.


Just for the sake of clarity let's explore the differences between Web malls, portals, search engines, and competitive shopping directories. Sometimes the differences are not apparent because many websites tend to be hybrids. Search Engines When search engines are used as shopping devices, they merely search the Web for a specific product entered by a Web shopper. They usually return a list of vendors mixed in with other information sources relevant to the product. Specialized search engines such as Froogle and Yahoo Shopping eliminate all of the non-commercial resources and feature only the product for sale by different vendors. But the search engines are not aggregators of Web retailers as are Web malls. The search engines and the comparative-shopping directories are not the same. There is no sense of place. There isn't even any sense of sameness. You can use a set of keywords today and get one list of links to products in a search-engine return. Tomorrow you can use the same...

Marketing Realities

For instance, the search engines are probably the best marketing device on the Web. The reality is that you will have to hire an expert or a special service to analyze and restructure your webpages to be found by the search engines and put at the top of the lists. This will cost you 3,000 to 10,000 or more and will also require a lot of work on your part or require a lot of work by your website designer, an additional expense. There are other effective Web marketing techniques, too, but I don't know of any that don't require money or huge amounts of time.

Link Trading

It's a great idea to trade links with other websites that are relevant to your own. Why Search engines, particularly Google, base their rankings in the search engine returns on how many websites are linked to your website. It also gives weight to the size and importance of the websites linked to your website. The more links you have and the more important the websites that are linked to you, the higher your ranking will be in the search-engine results. Naturally, your goal is to get to be the number one entry in the search-engine rankings or, at least, be someplace on the first page. The first page usually contains about 10 websites. When you ask another website to include a link to your website on one or more of its webpages, provide it with the link sentence and the link. The link sentence including the linking words should be constructed in such a way as to optimize being found by the search engines and getting a higher ranking in the search-engine returns.

Getting Organized

Don't join a link-trading circle where everyone in the group trades links with every other member of the group. Some of the search engines, particularly Google, can detect such an arrangement. When it does detect such an arrangement, you may go to the bottom of the search-engine rankings or even disappear altogether. So, you need to establish your link trades individually with a one-on-one relationship. The search engine guru that I consult with believes that reciprocal links don't work well for getting found by the search engines. Oneway links work much better according to him. In other words, if you can arrange links from another website to your website without reciprocation, the search engines will give you a boost. How do you accomplish this You work hard at it. It helps to have a great website.

Online Stores Galore

1 Listing feeds eBay automatically distributes your listings to buyers, search engines, and comparison shopping sites via online feeds. 1 Search engine keyword management You may customize search engine keywords in Manage My Store to improve your store's page rankings in the search engines to which eBay feeds.

What Is PPC

Pay Per Click refers to an advertising mechanism in which advertisers pay each time someone clicks their ad. More specifically, though, these days it refers to ads displayed on search-engine results pages. A Google search-results page, showing AdWords PPC ads A Google search-results page, showing AdWords PPC ads It's very quick. You can start getting results from the search engines in a day or two (in theory, a few hours, but in most cases it takes a little longer to get everything sorted out). It's reliable. Using PPC to get traffic to your site is very reliable. You can generate a lot of traffic, and always appear for appropriate searches in the major search engines . . . if you're willing to pay enough.

Your Call to Action

If you've read the entire chapter, you know what a Web service is, how the eBay Web Services fits within the general definition of a Web service, and what you can use the eBay Web Services to do. You can use this knowledge to create opportunities to exercise eBay as a search engine, a place to buy or sell products, or as a means to perform research. Data mining is increasing in importance as companies strive to gain more from the resources of the Internet this technique accesses the needed information and discards unneeded information. At this point, you also have a machine that's set up to create a eBay Web Services application of some sort and you have the eBay Web Services Kit installed.


In this chapter, you looked at the popular Google search engine and how to make use of the Google API in your own programs. You now have enough information to be dangerous in using Google in your own applications. For more information about using the Google API, please consult the later chapters of this book that illustrate using Web APIs from Microsoft Office, from mobile devices, and in the comprehensive case studies.

Writing to Be Found

Writing titles is not for selling and not necessarily for marketing. It's not copy writing. It's for getting found by the eBay search engine. That's its sole function. (Of course the striving to get found is itself a marketing technique.) Consequently, titles are much easier to write than copy for auction ads. Contain appropriate keywords for the eBay search engine

Buying Products

Of course, before you can buy a product, you need to find a product that meets your needs. Locating a product is one area where eBay Web Services has a definite advantage over the manual interface. For example, the online search engine only lets you search for items that you can purchase with PayPal with eBay Web Services, you can search for other forms of payment such as Cash on Delivery (COD) or American Express. The idea is to find an item that meets your expectations and to ensure you can actually get purchasing terms that you like.

Items by the pallet

As in any business, you'll find both good-guy liquidators and bad-guy liquidators. As you know, the world is full of e-mail scammers and multilevel marketers who are in business to take your money. No one trying to sell you merchandise can possibly guarantee that you'll make money, so beware of liquidators who offer this kind of promise. I don't care who they are or what they say. Carefully research whomever you choose to buy from. Use an Internet search engine and search for the words salvage, liquidation, and pallet merchandise.

Keyword spamming

Keyword spamming actually causes your auction to fall under potentially infringing items for sale on eBay. Keyword spamming is a listing violation, and I mention it here because it affects all listings. The wording you choose when you run this kind of auction manipulates the eBay search engine and prospective bidders. For a complete discussion of keyword spamming, see Chapter 4.

EBay as a Mall

You could say that eBay is a huge mall with over 22 million items for sale. The auction portion of eBay, however, is more like a big department store than a mall. The items are arranged in categories, and you can even use a search engine to find what you're looking for. The emphasis is not on grouping the items according to seller. eBay groups items according to categories.


As mentioned in Chapter 5, using the proper keywords is crucial to writing good titles for eBay auction ads. Not all potential eBay buyers, however, use keywords and the eBay search engine. Some work their way down through the category tree to find items. This makes placing your items in the right categories quite important and must be considered a prime marketing tactic. What's the right category That's for you to find out.

Resale Items on eBay

I'll keep this eBay buying technique short and sweet Use the magic search engine But be careful many a get-rich-quick schemer will use boldface keywords in their auctions to attract your attention. Look only for good-quality merchandise to resell. Remember that the only way to make a living on eBay is to sell quality items to happy customers so that they'll come back and buy from you again. Be sure to search eBay auction titles for the following keywords resale, resell, case of (see Figure 6-2), case quantity, lot of, pallet of (see Figure 6-3), closeout, and surplus. Be sure to use the quotes anywhere that I've included them here because this forces the search engine to find the words in the exact order you write them inside the quotes.

Froogle and Yahoo

Google is the leading search engine with a market share that's over 50 percent. Yahoo runs a distant second with a market share that's about 20 percent. Both Google and Yahoo have created strictly retail searches (searchs that return only products for sale). Google calls its special search Froogle. Yahoo calls its special search Yahoo Shopping. From your point of view, you can send a datafeed to each and expand your sales. Froogle is currently free. However, Yahoo Shopping charges for each click-through and can be expensive. For a long time many people have been using Google to shop. Since it's impossible to track sales through Google, no one knows how many sales are made through Google. My best guess is that the sales volume is equal to if not greater than eBay. Unfortunately, to sell effectively on Google, your website has to be found by the Google search engine. Read Chapter 16 to learn about getting found by the search engines. It may not be cost-effective for you.

SEO Tactics

SEO Tactics

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