AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress

AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress

Dropshipping promises financial wealth and future success even without putting in much effort. On the other hand, if you’ve been in the dropshipping space in advance, you know how much struggle it requires. Alidropship plugin provides a great opportunity for smaller businesses even without requiring them much-starting money. Since dropshipping is so like normal e-commerce, we like finding tools that help you make easier your business as well as speed up the vendor's process. AliDropship is one of the best tools that comes with plenty of features to help their customer’s businesses. Here in this review guide, we’ll outline the features of Alidropship plugin that they offered and if it’s valuable for you to use.

How Does AliDropship Work?

You may figure out that Shopify comes with a lot of opportunities for dropshipping apps. That’s the unique and one of the great benefit of AliDropship, in that rather than Shopify it integrates with Woocommerce and WordPress. By using AliDropship, you can also get hosting and make your own website completely even without coding the site yourself.

So, basically, you can install the AliDropship plugin and connect with your WordPress store, it enables you to select and browse AliExpress products. Then, the product, as well as their details, included title, photos, and description are sent to your shop automatically.

For paying AliDropship plugin you have two different payment options to select from. The first option is the custom store, which allows you to make your very own site on the platform of AliDropship. For developing a website, the hosting is provided and you enjoy 100% ownership of your shop. Plus, they offer plenty of templates in their library so you can make use of their templates to easily make your online shop.

The other is to consider the WP plugin. The plugin works and looks same as the custom store, but it fits in with an already developed WP website. So, if you are previously using Woocommerce and WordPress, or you are used to with that, the AliDropship plugin makes the most sense.

Features of Alidropship plugin

  • Support Woo Themes

AliDropship plugin supports the themes via WooCommerce themes. The Woocommerce themes are particularly developed and designed just to meet the demands and requirements of eCommerce websites. For that reason, the themes by Woo themes are extremely effective to increase sales from your eCommerce website. Make use of DropShipping plugin really help you to a huge extent to grow your business online.

  • Orders Auto Filling

When you order the product, it directly forwards the cost price as well as order details to the supplier of the product and requests them to deliver the product to customers address. This is an automated Orders Auto Filling procedure so you don’t need to spend much time in completing orders and spend enough time to source products that are additional beneficial and suitable for your business.

  • Import directly from AliExpress

In today’s Dropshipping market, AliExpress is certainly one of the best product delivering platform. So, rather than exporting products in additional formats or linking your account with a third party that will further import your chosen products to your Woo website, the aptitude to import products directly from AliExpress makes the procedure of Dropshipping untangled.

  • Auto Update of the Products

AliDropship plugin provides an auto update of the products to their customers. So while they update or make a change in the source engine of the product they will Auto update you regarding the product you buy or you plan to dropship.

Customer Reviews

Reviews posted by previous users for the services and products help you to make the buying decision. These customer product reviews act as a strong social proof and it helps to grow sales on your eCommerce site. So AliDropship plugin offers to import customer reviews to your eCommerce website to help you sell extra efficiently.

Who Should Consider AliDropship?

Two different companies who should consider AliDropship. The first one is a company that desires to dropship but doesn’t have enough skills or resources to create the online store. So, therefore, it’s best for you to ask AliDropship and contact for a custom solution of dropshipping. Another kind of brand that should consider AliDropship is one that already has a website on WordPress platform or has the knowledge to make Woocommerce and WordPress website to start their own store. In this situation, you need to buy the AliDropship plugin and then install it on your website then, you are able to start adding products to your online store.

The only reason you could avoid AliDropship plugin is if you are not keen on the slow shipping times that plague AliExpress. It almost depends on your customer’s location, other than that, the pricing that they offer are pretty amazing.

AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress
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