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A Guide To Your Own Ezine

A Guide To Your Own Ezine

With the expansion and diversity of businesses and hobbyists into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increasing need for more information. And newsletters are the high profit way to cash in on that market for specialized information.

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Most people who are getting started in online marketing immediately run into budget problems. However you still need a way to sell your product But how in the world can you get an audience of any type if you have no ad budget? This online subscription is the solution for you. You might be spending as little as $1 per ad Anyone can afford that! You will be able to increase the reach for your product. We give a guarantee that your ad will Always run. No exceptions at all. Even if one ezine fails we will run your ad in another ezine. No matter what, you will always have a working ad that is bringing you revenue. Most companies do not offer a guarantee like that! Learn how to increase your reach, and start running your first ad today!

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Some users might complain that the default interface is more complicated than it needs to be. If you just panicked grab a quick drink and relax because this baby has a full customizable interface.

However, 2bucks Ad Ezine Advertising Program is a fairly good program considering the standard and depth of the material it provides. In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this software makes worth every penny of its price.

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Directory Of Ezines

Ezine advertising is a method of drawing people to your business that few people know how to master. This has two benefits to you: you will be able to learn to do it yourself, and make a killing doing so! Making money from these advertisements does not have to be difficult at all, as long as you know what you are doing. You will also get side benefits from this course: You will get free solo ad writing, a free advertising teleseminar, over 6000 twitter followers, and much more. What do you have to lose? No matter what you business is, you will have a way to make good money off of what you do, plus get a lot of cool side benefits! The main advantage to ezines is that they are never spam; people request them, so you are always selling to people who WANT to buy. This is the ultimate marketing dream Make it yours today! Read more...

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Affiliate Marketing Ezine

If you have a product that you sell through affiliates, you will definitely want to publish an affiliate ezine. Your ezine will be devoted to helping your affiliates sell more of your product. You can provide marketing strategies, tactics, tips, and success stories from your top producing affiliates etc. An affiliate ezine will help the newbies and yourself make more money selling your product. You will start getting my affiliate marketing ezine for this book very soon. (It will be easy to opt out if you don't want it).

Newsletter After You Do Your Homework

Financial newsletters are big business. In fact, one of the most surefire ways to make money in financial markets is to write a newsletter offering your investment advice. (It's less risky than actually investing ) MarketWatch offers a variety of newsletters on its Newsletters & Research page, including several newsletters from its own analysts. (And, as you might expect, subscriptions are seldom free.) If you're not sure which if any newsletter to subscribe to, go to Newsletters & Research O The Guru's Corner. This page offers insights from several major investment newsletters for free. Even better (and this is the part I really like), it lists the top performing newsletters over the past twelve months. Use this list to determine which newsletters offer the best advice, and are (perhaps) worth subscribing to. If you want to see a more complete list of available newsletters, go to Newsletters & Research O Directory. This page lists dozens of different newsletters, along with their...

Promoting Through Newsletters

Whatever you are selling, there's an e-mail newsletter read by your customers. Some newsletters have tens, even hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Promoting through e-mail newsletters can be incredibly effective it's a very cheap way to reach large numbers of people very quickly. First, you need to find e-mail newsletters read by your prospects. Here are a few places to find them Newsletter Access (http ) We recommend that you create a directory of useful newsletters you'll want to reach these people a number of times. You should then contact these people, with a number of suggestions Let them know you exist, using a simple, informal PR piece. Remember that anyone who is publishing a newsletter needs content They need information. If you hit them at the right time with the right story, you may get picked up. Suggest a giveaway, a contest of some kind. You might promote a single drawing for a product to a single newsletter if it's very large, or perhaps...

Creating Your Own Newsletter

Some merchants use a newsletter as a way to promote their products. This can be a very effective marketing tool, but there are a few things to remember It's a lot of work putting together a regular newsletter. You'd better be sure you can put together a newsletter that is truly worth reading the Internet has plenty of web sites and newsletters that are not worth reading it doesn't need more. It's a lot of work promoting the newsletter to new subscribers. The bar has been raised very high in recent years. There is so much online content now, and people are so swamped with e-mail, that it's much harder now to make a newsletter work than it used to be. A newsletter that can act as a successful marketing tool must have these A large subscriber base In general, newsletters with only a few hundred subscribers probably don't do their owners much good. A loyal readership You need people to actually open and read the newsletter. Open rates have declined precipitously recently, so only a small...


Do a newsletter and send it via email. If you want to be fancy, send an HTML email newsletter. Or, if you want to be extra fancy, send a nicely typeset PDF newsletter that readers will be likely to print on their computer printers. Newsletters make a great marketing device. You can make them do almost anything you desire. They can provide information on how to clean or repair products, on new products in the pipeline, on multiple uses for products, on closeouts of products, on accessories, on personnel in your business. etc. The list is endless.

Option Newsletter

Start a free or fee based Newsletter and grow your subscriber list by encouraging your eBay auction visitors to join up via your about me page - keeping in mind all eBay policies while doing so. Sell products on eBay that attract the kind of readers that will want your newsletter. You could have a subscription list a mile long very quickly using this method. Once you have 100 or so subscribers start selling ad space in your newsletter and start promoting quality affiliate products. Don't worry about coming up with enough material for a newsletter- there are many ways to come up with content. I highly recommend that the newsletter be on a topic that is of interest to you. You will have to spend some time researching and learning about your topic, so picking a topic that you are passionate about will be important. You do not currently have resell rights for this book, but I will pay you to refer customers to my free newsletter site Click here to start getting my favorite free eBay...

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

Electronic Magazines (or Ezines) Did you know that with as few as 100 subscribers to a newsletter you could start earning cash by selling advertising space or by doing simple joint ventures that cost you NOTHING Those are only two of the many ways to create income from a newsletter. You don't have to stick stamps on your newsletter and mail it out. You can turn your newsletter into an email and call it an ezine . No need for fancy HTML in your newsletter either - some of my favorite ezines come as plain text. There are many email users out there that HATE HTML email - it takes up too much memory and takes too long to load for some readers. I actually surveyed my email list when it was at around 8,000 members and I found that 85 of my readers preferred to get a plain text newsletter over an HTML newsletter. An email newsletter (or ezine) can be as simple as sending an email to a friend. The only difference is you are sending the email to hundreds or thousands of friends all at once....

The road to success is always under construction

I am constantly learning as much as I can about how to improve my existing 'Silent Sales Machines'. As I come across information that I think would be beneficial, I will communicate it to you via the resource page and newsletter. If you have questions, please email me - You are probably not the only one with that same question, and I can add the answer to the next version of this book, or answer it in the newsletter. Many great books, websites, newsletters and services are already on the Internet and are desperately looking for new buyers, visitors, and subscribers. Your first 'Silent Sales Machine' on eBay could simply be a matter of finding a way to channel your eBay traffic into any of those pre-established affiliate systems. There is more information on affiliate systems in Chapter 10. Suppose you have 300 visitors per week to your eBay auctions and you typically sell NFL memorabilia. Let's also assume that being a big NFL fan, you subscribe to a great NFL email newsletter titled...


Bidder's Edge - Worth a Look Table of Contents http - there's nothing there on the site except a 'promise' of a future newsletter. I signed up but haven't received anything yet. I'm disappointed, I was hoping for more 'secrets'.

Auction Management Services

You can easily send a follow-up email with cross-selling information in it. But with any kind of a volume of eBay retail business, that task would very quickly become burdensome and tedious. Therefore, you need an auction management service that facilitates such emails. In addition, to use the cross-promotion panel effectively, you need an auction management service that enables you to use the panel in a variety of places such as webpages, email, newsletters, and almost anywhere you can place an image.

Determining What to Sell

Some categories are broad others are more specific. Looking at categories is a good way for you to start thinking about where you want to take your eBay business and what items you'll specialize in. It's also a good idea to choose some type of niche and educate yourself as much as possible about the items you sell within that niche. Buy books about your subject, subscribe to publications, and join online newsletters. Remember that the only thing that you can count on in the eBay marketplace is change

Staying Safe when Buying Liquidations

Yahoo before signing up for any mailing lists or newsletters. Some Web sites that offer these publications make most of their money by selling your e-mail address to spammers. If you give them an anonymous e-mail address, the buckets of spam will never end up in your real mailbox. (I learned about that the hard way.)

Powerful eBay Success Strategies

If you would like to begin receiving the most popular eBay success newsletter in the world free please send a blank email to Chapter 10 - The Power of Mailing Lists and Newsletters 61 Summary A collection of unique and creative ideas submitted by the thousands of readers of Jim's free newsletter Creative eBay Selling

When you ship your merchandise offer another product Be

This appreciative message, ask for permission to send them future notices of items as they become available. If they are interested, you will be creating a gold mine for yourself. And, as was discussed before, you can also keep in contact with your customers through developing newsletters.

Keep in mind that tixcom hardly even shows up on any search engines

Log cabin designs Log cabin and outdoor newsletter Photography equipment photography newsletter and how to information You could also ask visitors to your about me page to send you an email if they are interested in your newsletter - I'll talk more about that in the Newsletters chapter (Chapter 10). (A sneak peek You can't specifically SELL a product with your about me page. You can't be that direct because of eBay's policies. You can grow a mailing list though and make a lot of money with a simple list of email addresses of people that all have a common interest.)

Reading and Using the eBay Developer News

Everything in this book was accurate as of the day I wrote it. Yet, a week doesn't go by when a newsletter comes from eBay telling about new features, API fixes, and other useful information. Most developers have a hard time reading every newsletter or magazine that comes their way information overload is a significant problem. However, you should take time to at least scan the eBay Developer News for breaking news that you're required to know to keep your applications current. You can always find the latest eBay Developer News at http developer Word of updates to this site will arrive in your email, but a check before you begin something new is always a good idea.

Summary of the Silent Sales Machine technique

People who buy fill in the blank might also be interested in instant information on fill in the blank (see chapter 4) or they might be interested in a newsletter (see chapter 10) about fill in the blank Optional Step 3- set up a mini-web site with the information product or newsletter from your idea in step 2. Step 4- Use your about me (in a way that does not violate eBay policy) to promote your info product or newsletter and send people to the web site in step 3. -Or Use the guidelines in Chapter 11 of this book and promote our free newsletter from your eBay about me page. Get paid if your referrals buy from us in the future.

Benefits of Selling Off Excess Inventory

EBay provides this newsletter for companies that sell in the Business & Industrial category. eBay provides this newsletter for companies that sell in the Business & Industrial category. You can get selling tips on eBay's Business & Industrial newsletter (http Binewsletter Vol1Issue1.html), shown in Figure 13-2.

Manage your listing header

When you click on the Listing header button, you also have the option of including a store search box in each of your listings. eBay recommends this only if you have a large number of active listings. I do, so I check this box. I also check the boxes that say Include a link to Add to Favorite Stores and Include a link to Sign up for Store Newsletter. This way, buyers can easily put my store in their favorites and easily sign up for my store newsletter.

Uncover Collectors and Specialty Buyers

One seller I interviewed, Don Colclaugh (eBay User ID mrmodern) found an artificial leg at an estate sale. He had no idea whether anyone would want such a thing on eBay, but he put it online anyway. He ended up selling it for more than 100. eBay attracts collectors from all walks of life, many of whom are passionate about what they want and will pay anything to get it, provided you have the right item. eBay's Community Chatter newsletter reports about the 1941 beer can that sold for 19,000 (see Figure 1-1), and the fishing lure (Item number 2708468802 search for it on eBay's Completed Auctions) that sold for an astonishing 31,857.50.

Creating a Feedback or Catalogrequest Form

There's a very simple way to create a feedback form. Yahoo calls this form a catalog-request form, but you really can use it for various purposes feedback, information request, subscribing to a newsletter, and so on. 6. Add check boxes to the form to let people subscribe to your newsletter, to request a paper catalog, to request a call from a sales person, and so on use the Request Items field.

What should I sell on eBay

Section two Summary A collection of unique and creative ideas aimed at helping you find high profit products to sell on eBay. The thousands of readers of Jim's newsletter Creative eBay Selling submitted many of these ideas. I've read more How to books about eBay than probably anyone in the world. I do this so I can offer maximum benefits to the readers of my newsletter. Among nearly all of the How To. eBay ebooks on the Internet as well as traditional books on the shelves of nearly every bookstore and library in the world there is a common theme. They all teach you how to start an auction on eBay. They teach you how to find eBay on the internet

Dont be the first dont be the best just be

Newsletter, what topics they want to read etc.) I give them what they want, and they reward me by loyally reading the newsletter and buying the products I recommend. It's a great arrangement If you are familiar with statistics you know that when surveying a group of people you don't have to ask the entire group their opinion. A small random sample will give you a fairly accurate image of what the group thinks. For example, if I survey 100 of my subscribers I know that the results will be about the same as if I surveyed thousands.

The benefits of NOT having a merchant account

PayPal has gotten some bad publicity at times, but as of today I am still a BIG fan of PayPal even though they were acquired by eBay. I have over 3,000 transactions on PayPal without ANY problems with them. Most of the problems you hear about are a result of people not using PayPal correctly (i.e. trying to set up an illegal 5 pyramid scheme etc.). I'll continue to keep you updated on these issues via the free newsletter I already mentioned above.

But Im not an expert at anything

I regularly use a free web based survey tool to ask my readers how they feel about different topics (i.e. how often they want to get my newsletter, what topics they want to read etc.) I give them what they want, and they reward me by loyally reading the newsletter and buying the products I recommend. It's a great arrangement If you are familiar with statistics you know that when surveying a group of people you don't have to ask the entire group their opinion. A small random sample will give you a fairly accurate image of what the group thinks. For example, if I survey 100 of my subscribers I know that the results will be about the same as if I surveyed thousands.

How the eBay about me page can make you rich

One of the many ways you can start making money after reading this book is to use the following HTML code below in order to refer others to my free newsletter and get paid if they ever buy a book from me. -links to your other auctions selling your 'impulse items' -links to your other eBay accounts selling 'impulse items' -an offer to join a free newsletter

Sports memorabilia and cards have a large following I

12) Outdoor activities need equipment -- Rachel auctions mountain climbing gear and she uses a great marketing tool --herself. Rachel's ads all include really colorful pictures of herself, her friends, campfires, great scenery, the first flower poking its head through the snow and so on. Everyone who buys something from her automatically receives her very colorful newsletter, unless they opt not to. And why should they They're all mountain climbers themselves or at least they fantasize that they are.

How To Use Your Competitors Keywords And Not Break eBay Rules

Joel is a well respected eBay expert that we featured in the December 2003 Creative eBay Selling newsletter. A product of his that I highly recommend (and have secured a discount for you on) is called Profit Calc. Profit Calc helps you scientifically answer several questions about your eBay business including

HttpaffiliatesitecomcgibinIMake MoneyOff Youhtm

3) When you have your domain name, you can have multiple email aliases of the form alias This allows you to assign different email aliases to different functions, all of them pointing to your actual email address. Hence, for example, for questions related to the products and services that you sell, you can have an email address like sales For questions related to the newsletter that you publish, you can have an email address like editor For comments suggestions about your website, you can direct your customers to feedback or webmaster

An important note from the author

I am grateful for the loyalty and support of those that have also joined my newsletter mailing list. That mailing list is now the largest (or nearly the largest) list of eBay marketing enthusiasts in existence. An eBay auction is my chance to turn hundreds of browsing eBay customers into lifetime customers that buy products from me on and off eBay. A shopper looking for Product X on eBay is very likely to also be interested in free or fee based information on Product X, a book about Product X, a newsletter on Product X, and products similar to Product X. We also know that they are likely new to eBay and may

The only place where success comes before work is in the

You get the benefit of the impulse buy phenomenon -customers don't price shop for similar info items on eBay. You are in control of your customers from start to purchase. (They start on your auction page, they go to your about me page, they join your newsletter or go to your website, and then they order).

Using Visual Studio NET

As with any other language, seeing coding examples and trying them out on your machine is a good way to learn. One of the best places to obtain coding examples for Visual Basic .NET or Visual C++ .NET is GotDotNet (http ). Some of the Microsoft developers frequent this site, as well as expert programmers who don't have any Microsoft affiliation. You can also learn a lot from my free .NET Tips, Trends & Technology eXTRA newsletter (sign up at http ). Send me your .NET questions and I'll answer them in the newsletter. I've also written a number of articles for InformIT Finally, Matthew Reynolds' .NET 24 7 site at http is packed with helpful examples and other information.

You can turn eBay hits into

-Sell popular items Even if others are selling the same items you are it's a good product if you are getting a lot of hits My newsletter 'Creative eBay Selling' will have articles and tips on finding 'popular' items to sell. Part two of this book has ideas as well. The resource page has even more of these ideas posted. your phone calls is the equivalent of the 'email greeting' your customers will get when they send an email to your autoresponder account. You can set up a free autoresponder with a new Yahoo account or any number of other free email services. The autoresponder feature is sometimes called an out of office or vacation feature. I'll spend more time on autoresponders in my newsletter and on the resource page. Free report and newsletters teach you about getting the good tickets. Send a blank email to_ We'll discuss more about finding popular keywords in chapter seven and in issues of the free newsletter. One point worth mentioning here is the fact that if a...

Is What You Want to Sell Legal

Newsletters, Promotions, and Event Notifications Send me email about my favorite categories, coupons, and other special offers such as Free Listing Days. If you are a seller, unchecking this box means you will not receive Seller or PowerSeller newsletters and promotions. (HTML format only.)


Visits to the Auctionbytes (http website will keep you up to date on a host of eBay-related topics. Sign up for the two free email newsletters about online auctions. Ira Steiner, the editor and publisher, does a nice job of producing high-quality information.

Information Products

Many professionals provide information (e.g., advice) as a considerable portion of their normal services. Therein lies an eBay opportunity. Create information products and auction them on eBay. This makes a great marketing program and may even generate some significant extra income. Information products might be books, reports, surveys, audio takes (or CDs), or newsletters. Naturally, they will be specialized, reflecting the specialized expertise of the professionals creating them. People who are likely to be potential clients may buy such information products. And such information products help create knowledgeable clients who are more able to use your valuable advice. If you don't like the packaged services idea, try information products.


One of the many ways you can start making money after reading this book is to use the following HTML code below in order to refer others to my free newsletter and get paid if they ever buy a book from me. -links to your other auctions selling your 'impulse items' -links to your other eBay accounts selling 'impulse items' -an offer to join a free newsletter -Sell popular items Even if others are selling the same items you are it's a good product if you are getting a lot of hits My newsletter 'Creative eBay Selling' will have articles and tips on finding 'popular' items to sell. Part two of this book has ideas as well. The resource page has even more of these ideas posted. Set up an autoresponder to answer email inquiries that are generated from your auctions. An autoresponder is simply an email account that automatically replies with a pre-established message whenever it gets a message from someone. Think of it as an answering machine for an email account. The greeting you are...


My newsletter delivered by email by going to the AMACOM website (http, the Bayside Business website, or the BookCenter website (http If you are interested in expanding your sales through selling abroad, you can establish relationships with businesspeople in other countries through TradeAffili-ates (http This is a directory that I have started in order to help people establish contact with each other from various countries in order to seek mutually beneficial trade arrangements.

EBay register now

Here you'll find a large collection of helpful information and supporting links. I plan to continually update that page with new resources for you on a variety of helpful topics. You'll also find past issues of my newsletter there going back to Jan. 2002. It's all about helping you achieve success on the Internet using eBay. Since the Internet changes so quickly I thought it would be better to have a resource page that I can easily update for everyone rather than re-write this book every time something on the Internet changes or a new resource becomes available.

Market through email

The e-mail marketing option button takes you to a page where you can create e-mails and send them to anyone who has signed up to be on your e-mail list (see Figure 18.3). I just today added the button that includes a link from all my auctions to the Sign up for Store Newsletter button. I think this will bulk up the


I will be happy to hear from you at jt if you have a marketing idea that you think I should include in future editions the book. I operate a website for eBay retail sellers, Bayside Business, at http You can visit that website for additional information and for updates on the book. In addition, you can sign up for my eBay newsletter delivered by email by going to the AMACOM website http books index.htm or the Bayside Business website. My former website,, will now get you to

Passion Rules

5) Outdoor equipment is popular -- One seller who loves the outdoors began by specializing in all kinds of tents. These sold so well that he expanded his inventory to include all kinds of camping gear, and then added fishing and hunting equipment. When you buy one of his products, you are offered a free subscription to his electronic newsletter. He regales the reader with stories of fishing trips, hunting trips, climbing mountains and other such outdoorsy stuff. This seller is a perfect example of someone who has found a way to make money (lots of money) by following his passion.

Dave Vallieres

Internet marketing gurus will tell you that you need to start an ezine .or participate in discussion groups .or use bulk opt-in email .or do reciprocal Let's take starting an ezine, for example. Have you ever started a newsletter or magazine or newspaper Starting an ezine is not as hard to put together as these, but you have to deal with a lot of the same issues Will you sell classified ads in the ezine Where will the ezine be hosted All of these questions (and much more .this is only a partial list) must be answered before starting your ezine. AND it's before you have even made 1 profit from your Internet business.

Que from SPam

Everyone is scurrying to get the latest in antispam software, but I've found that antispam software was causing me to lose e-mail that I needed (because it seems that the word eBay is a favorite of spammers). These programs, because of my liberal use of the word eBay, often bounce the newsletter I send out to my readers from my Web site. Sometimes, I do a spot check with a reader, and they say they want the newsletter the problem is that their spam protection refuses it. There's not much I can do When signing up for some sort of newsletter with an organization you're new to or unsure of, be sure to use an anonymous Yahoo or HotMail address. It's easy enough to sign up for one, and if spammers get hold of that address, they will not be privy to your private address.

EBay Business

A key concept of eBay marketing is to help you promote your items across all your eBay content, including listings, Stores, notifications, and even off-eBay locations. The ultimate goal is to drive customers to your eBay presence and keep them in your sphere of auctions, fixed-price listings, and informational pages, such as your About Me page. While all sellers have access to a foundation of promotional tools, it's when you open an eBay Store that eBay really rolls out the red carpet so you can fully take advantage of the concept of cross-promoting your items through sales, flyers, e-mailed newsletters, and more (see Figure 10-1).