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The Manifestation Millionaire

How to achieve success in life and in business is the focal point of everybody since elementary school until reaching the age of 60th. This book the manifestation millionaire present a vast variety of techniques that help the readers to develop their desire to transform into successful business figure and it presents a lot of techniques and methods to support the reader in their journey towards earning a six-figure income. The author of the book Darren Reagan explains how he raised from the bottom of failure to the highest of success using these methods presented in his book. The the manifestation millionaire will teach you the positive thinking and will teach you how the positive thinking is the real working method to use in order to break through your obstacles and be wealthy and successful. Any reader should be well skillful in kicking the negativity from his life just after few chapters and should be able to achieve his goals and become wealthy after applying the techniques and method in the book. I really like the variations in the manifestation techniques because it makes you comfortable choosing the best technique suits you and apply it to become a wealthy person. Read more here...

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Opening an eBay Store

After selling through the auction listings for a while, many eBay merchants take the next step setting up an eBay store. In many respects, it's a natural next step. You wet your feet with auction listings, discover your products are selling, start making money, and now want more. So you bring in more products and more inventory, and set up an eBay store. But are you sure it's the right step What are the advantages and disadvantages How will you get people into your store These are the issues we'll cover in this chapter.

Setting Up a Google PPC Campaign

In this chapter, we'll examine how to set up your first Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, using Google's popular AdWords program. Google is selling billions of dollars worth of clicks each year through this system . . . in fact, it's the only advertising system Google has at present. Google has never been enthusiastic about banner ads, though for a while it did sell fixed-position text ads at the top of search results pages. But in 1994, it dumped those and went to a pure PPC model. Currently the only way to advertise on Google is through its PPC program (unlike some other search engines, it doesn't sell paid inclusion or trusted feed services, which the founders of Google believe to be unethical).

Managing Your PPC Campaigns and Measuring Results

Once you set your PPC campaign running, you'll probably be tempted to look at it every few minutes. In fact, large PPC campaigns have to be monitored almost continually. If you are paying half a million or a million dollars a month on PPC ads, you'll probably want to ensure that things are running smoothly. The average small-business owner doesn't have time to do this, of course. But you can't just walk away either, and then come back a month later. PPC campaigns take work you need to see where your ads are sitting if they drop too low you won't get any clicks. Keep an eye of the click cost, and, most importantly, figure out your Return on Investment.

Using Affiliate Programs and Other Marketing Techniques

But is that enough You may not be able to make money using PPC, and search-engine optimization can be incredibly difficult in some cases, so you can't stop there. In any case, if you don't understand your other options you may be missing a huge opportunity. There are many ways to reach customers online as with offline businesses, one size does not fit all. It's important to keep learning and exploring, and to experiment with different ways to market your store. You don't know what will work until you try it, so you have to try many things. Who knows, you may hit a gold mine and take a small hobby business and turn it into something really big.

Turning into a fulltime seller

I still put 100 new items up for auction each week on eBay, and I know that I can make a good living with that amount of merchandise. I also know that if I want to make more money that week, all it takes is more items. eBay is really a numbers game. The more items you put up for sale translates into more items sold. Price-wise, it's such a funny business. I've been in the antiques and collectibles business my entire life, and I still can't predict what will sell for 10 and what will sell for 200. Somehow, it all averages out, so that I can make about the same amount of money each week. If something is going to sell on eBay, it really depends on a lot of different market factors.

Selling new cars on eBay

If you deal with cars on eBay, you will most likely be selling used vehicles. However, you could enter the new-car market if you own a dealership or have access to cars at a great price from a local dealer. Also, if there's a new hot car that everyone wants and no one can get, you may be able to purchase it at retail and still make money on it. An example would be the Toyota Highlander hybrid SUVs, which were selling like crazy in late 2005. The waiting list was very long at some dealerships, and the people lucky (or forward-thinking) enough to be the first on the list made money by selling those cars on eBay.

Authentication and grading

Generally speaking, people at these companies are highly trained, practiced, and tested in their areas of expertise. Using these services can help you garner more money on eBay. I personally wouldn't sell any expensive item like a gold coin or baseball card without getting it graded.

Donate a percentage of sale

If you use this feature, a banner shows up in your listing that says a percentage will be donated to the charity you've chosen. I don't know whether this helps you get more money for an item I suppose it depends upon who is doing the bidding. However, it is a great way to give back to the community.

Selling Strategies

Note Studies carried out by eBay have shown that low starting prices combined with no reserve generally pay off for merchants that sell a lot of products. For instance, merchants selling diamonds starting at 1 with no reserve generate a lot of bidding excitement, which carries the price up. These merchants may lose on some transactions, but in the end make more money than if they had listed with a reserve price.

Jewelry and watches

The number-one subhead category is charms and charm bracelets. This is due to the overwhelming popularity of those Italian charm bracelets that everyone seems to be wearing. Next is the ring category, at almost 10 . What you see lately is a lot of diamond engagement rings being traded on this site. Typically, when people would get divorced, they would take their rings into the local jeweler and get pennies on the dollar. Now these same people can get a lot more money by selling rings themselves on eBay. Another great thing about this is that if you're in the market for an engagement ring, you can get amazing deals. Diamond rings with from 2 to 4 carats, set in platinum (depending on color and clarity of course), are selling in the 10,000 to 12,000 range. What a bargain


Business cards are a must (see Figure 5.1). I actually have two different business cards One is my eBay business card that I give to everyone except the people I buy from. Why People having garage, estate, and yard sales don't want to know that you're going to make money off of their items on eBay. They don't mind if you're an antiques dealer, but for some reason, taking their items and selling them on eBay tomorrow for ten times what you paid them rubs them the wrong way. Maybe it makes them feel bad that they didn't sell the items on eBay themselves. I bought a set of china from a woman at a garage sale several weeks ago and she asked me, What are you going to do with that, resell it I told her that I was, and she asked, Are you going to make money off of me and I answered honestly, I hope so. She wasn't happy. Whatever the reason these sellers feel uncomfortable, to combat it, print up two different business cards, one to advertise your eBay business and one with the types of items...

Camera requirements

Most digital cameras these days are suitable for taking photos of eBay products. The default picture size on an image hosted by eBay is 400 X 400 pixels larger images (called supersize, which cost more money in your listing) can be up to 800 X 800. Higher resolution cameras are useful for printed photos, but the display on the Internet does not need a super-high-resolution camera.


In this chapter, I talk about the different carriers, focusing on the big ones the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), UPS, FedEx, and DHL. I will discuss how to pack and ship different items, and let you know what types of shipping supplies you need to purchase. I'll even tell you the best way to set up your shipping station. Finally, I show you how to decide what to charge for shipping. Keep in mind that I do try to make money on my shipping. My fee averages from 2 to 7 per package, which is considered very reasonable. The reason I do this is to pay for all the shipping supplies, and to pay part of Maureen's salary.

Newsletter After You Do Your Homework

Financial newsletters are big business. In fact, one of the most surefire ways to make money in financial markets is to write a newsletter offering your investment advice. (It's less risky than actually investing ) MarketWatch offers a variety of newsletters on its Newsletters & Research page, including several newsletters from its own analysts. (And, as you might expect, subscriptions are seldom free.)

Create The Purpose Or Mission Of The Nonprofit

One of the main differences between nonprofit and for-profit organizations has to do with their mission, or purpose for existing. For-profit corporations exist to make money for their owners or investors, while nonprofits raise money for a public purpose. This is a rather significant difference, and some of the potential impacts include the following

Buying the Sounds

Shipping and payment details section of the Item page. Many sellers artificially inflate their shipping charges in hopes of sucking more money out of unassuming, trusting eBay newbies. Don't fall for that one, though. Do your homework. When a shipping charge is listed, contact the seller and ask what shipper he is using. Contact that shipping company and see what the charges really are. In many cases, by simply asking the seller to ship a different way, you can get the price to come down.

Advanced Applications for Your Newfound Skills

In Part IV, you find out which software programs can help you with your listings with a minimal amount of pomp and circumstance. (Remember that making money and saving time are our goals not entering our images in an art contest.) We point you in the direction of easily available software that you can use to generate and edit digital images that grab the viewer (figuratively) and sell the item (literally). Hey, it's an art.

How To Succeed At The Net Auction Game

Wouldn't it be fun if you could make money by pursuing ideas that excite you With a Net auction business, you can At your own speed. From your own home. Even while you sleep. Big-ticket items, low-cost items, high-volume, low-volume, whatever, with no up-front cost. In virtually any subject you want. Now, that sounds like fun

The Entrepreneurs Dream

To call an Internet auction an Entrepreneur's Dream isn't poetic license or part of the get-rich-quick rhetoric. Net auctions are the simplest way on this planet for the little guy to make money 9) You can make money without leaving home -- We never have to leave our homes to make as much money as we want. This has to improve family life in a significant way want to go to the kids' Little League games Have lunch with your spouse several times a week Work at 3 00 A.M. There are a lot of ads in opportunity magazines claiming that you don't even need a computer to make money on the Internet. Well maybe. But if you are serious about making money on the Internet, you truly need your own computer. Going to the library, or paying Kinko's 12 an hour, is a very short-term solution.

Big Picture Focus Questions

1) How much money would you like to make in a month's time Do you want to make an extra few hundred dollars in order to make a car payment or pay the mortgage Or would you like to quit your job and make this a full-time business Are you ambitious enough to want to become one of the Internet millionaires we all read about

Start Generating Profit

At last, we have come to the really fun part -- the money-making part Here is where you get the information and ideas you need to change your life. It is a game in which you can build a successful business with minimal risk. Sorry to be a party pooper but the get-rich-quick folks are deceiving themselves. Only a tiny handful of people in any field hit the top level right out of the gate. It is prudent to assume that you won't be an instant success.

Willingly and happily

He was so shocked that he decided to sell on a permanent basis. He now makes more money selling kites than he makes at his job. His wife Gwen is a graphic designer. She has created a gorgeous brochure that he includes with every kite. It is filled with details the history of kites as well as teaching how to fly one.

More High End Possibilities

Make money from these magazines by turning the situation around. Find objects, rather than sell them. I never did buy any houses this way but I am aware of the gold mine potential. There are students of this business approach who made more money with the contents of the house than on the property itself. One gentleman founded three pawn shops with this method.

Promote Your Business

We all know that to make money on the Internet, you have to sell something. There is no other way. You may be selling a service or a product (this could be an actual physical object, or a digital one that can be downloaded from the Net) or a combination of both. By opening up other options, eBay no longer has the same grip over your business as the sole money-making source. This independence allows you to use eBay, rather than the reverse -- where eBay uses you. Take advantage of their well-oiled gigantic network to drive traffic to your auction listings and to supplement your own traffic efforts to your Web site.

Observe a Money Making Master

Gin Ho is an entrepreneur well worth studying. Gin is my local dry cleaner who came to the United States only 19 years ago, not even speaking English. He started his own cleaning business in a small shopping center. It is definitely a modest little shop and the owner, or his wife, is always there. They keep incredibly long hours. However, Gin is a shrewd business man. He totally understands that to become wealthy you need to have multiple streams of income.

Finding eBays SoontoBe Hot Setters

As I've been known to say elsewhere, I am not a believer in the notion that eBay is a get-rich-quick program. Nobody can give you secret information that magically transforms you from a garage seller to a warehouse tycoon overnight. You get there by studying the market, learning what works and what doesn't. That's the way the top sellers, who continue to sell on the site, learned eBay. There are no shortcuts.

Setting Profitable Price Points

You clean out your garage, sell things you would have thrown away anyway, and make a profit. What a wonderful marketplace You can make money in your spare time, enhance your lifestyle and all with a few clicks on your keyboard and mouse. You get to the challenge or should I say challenges when you've run out of junk to sell and decide to sell on eBay in earnest.

Beware of eBay Scams and Shams

This book doesn't present a glowing picture indicating that selling on eBay always goes smoothly, and that problems never occur. On the contrary, eBay's very popularity attracts an assortment of swindlers, cheats, and outright crooks who seek to victimize buyers and sellers alike. If you're aware of the potential pitfalls and know how to avoid them, chances are you'll run into very few problems during your career as a seller.

Pick the Package Thats Best for

The well-known packages described in this section have plenty of features and add-ons. Programs such as Microsoft Money and Quicken, for example, let you create customizable home pages that you can configure to provide up-to-the minute reports on your stock holdings. They also help you with financial planning.

Introduction To Really Powerful Ways To Start Making A Six Figure Income On eBay And Just About Any Other Internet

You see there are more ways to make money with and through eBay than meets the eye. Of course you can make money just selling stuff in your house on eBay and make a few extra dollars. But we want to build a business, one that will reward us with generous profits year in and year out. So we will have to take a more professional approach. Over the course of my tests, research and just dumb luck I've discovered 7 really exciting ways to make money on eBay. Each one capable of making a lot of money, put two or more together to make really BIG money

Timing This strategy is best used when the percentage of successful closings or closing ratio CR in the category you

This is the most obvious way, and the most often employed way, of making money on eBay by individuals. Timing The best time to use this strategy is when the 'gold rush' is on- CR's are at 80 or better and there has been a lot of media coverage of people making money on the Internet, especially eBay. Let's look a little closer at the way this works and how to really make money doing it

Special Bonus Report

Continually develop new sources for purchasing the collectible items you're selling. Local auctions, estate sales and ads wanted in the local shopper or newspaper work for me. (One caution eBay has become such a popular place to sell collectibles that local auctions are not always good for bargains anymore. EBay sellers are attending them in record numbers. Be very selective when bidding locally. PS - Keep reading for a way to actually make money on this trend )

The Fundamentals of Marketing Part

Of course there are those who just want to 'dabble' at making money online. They will throw up a web page and see what sticks. If they make a 10 sale they're happy. They have a day job to fall back on as their safety-net. My goal, and my only goal, is to make money by helping people. That is a basic and fundamental principle of good marketing- in any business. Is that too simple for you My apologizes again. Does it work Big time. master the fundamentals of the game, if you want to excel. Make Money By Helping People Let's take this one step at a time. Follow along- you'll be better off for it. You're in business to make money- right If you're in business for any other reason- then you're not in business. The goal of operating a business is to make money. Period. You can argue all you want to about 'social responsibility' and 'doing good'- that's wonderful. And you may even be diverting some of your profits into these causes. But you need to make money first not only to BE in business...

After this book youll see eBay this way

I only need a handful of auctions to make as much or more money than people listing several times more of the same items I'm selling. You'll soon feel sorry for people that don't yet see it our way, and you'll start coming up with even more ways to make money by teaching them to see it our way Everyday over 80,000 people register on eBay for the first time. It is the most trafficked website in the world that isn't a search engine. This is one serious web site

Keep in mind that tixcom hardly even shows up on any search engines

Fish tank supplies - how to maintain a fresh water fish tank, how to make money breeding fish I worked fast food in high school. They always made me say, Would you like fries with that every time someone ordered a hamburger. Do you know why It makes you more money You've already got a hungry person right in front of you willing to pay for and consume a greasy fast food hamburger - there's a pretty good chance they will agree to buy some greasy fries too. They didn't make us wander the streets asking random pedestrians if they wanted some fries, they let the customers come to us. It only makes sense.

The only place where success comes before work is in the

Remember I promised that my 'Silent Sales Machine' technique doesn't require you to be listed at the top of any search engines My site does not show up on ANY search engines that I am aware of (actually after a year or so it did start popping up)- if it ranked better I'm sure I would make even more money - I'll probably get around to that some day.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

Another way to generate income if you don't have your own product is to promote affiliate programs. In the last chapter we talked a little about - you can promote any of the eBooks from the entire library of Clickbank books. All of these books are begging for someone to make money on them by selling them in any creative way you can imagine. If your subscribers buy the book, your commission ranges from 5 of the sale to 50 or more. If you have a product that you sell through affiliates, you will definitely want to publish an affiliate ezine. Your ezine will be devoted to helping your affiliates sell more of your product. You can provide marketing strategies, tactics, tips, and success stories from your top producing affiliates etc. An affiliate ezine will help the newbies and yourself make more money selling your product. You will start getting my affiliate marketing ezine for this book very soon. (It will be easy to opt out if you don't want it). We have covered a lot of...

Deciding What to Sell

What should I sell That is the million-dollar question In your quest for merchandise, you're bound to hear about soft goods and hard goods. Soft, or non-durable, goods are generally textile products, such as clothing, fabrics, and bedding. Hard goods are computer equipment, homewares, and anything else that's basically non-disposable. You don't always have to buy your items in bulk to make money on eBay. The first things you sell may be items you find in your garage or loft. To find out about some other fun ways to acquire goods to sell, check out the next section.

Credit card payment services

Person-to-person payment systems, such as's PayPal, allow buyers to authorise payments from their credit card or current accounts directly to the seller. These services make money by charging percentages and fees for each transaction. The transaction occurs electronically through an automated clearinghouse. The payment service releases to the seller only the buyer's shipping information all personal credit card information is kept

An important note from the author

The best way to sum it all up is to say that thanks to eBay and the implementation of the very ideas contained in this book I have been able to quit my full-time corporate job and stay home with my wife and kids. I'll earn far more money and work far fewer hours this year than I ever could have at ANY corporate job. Even better than that is the fact that hundreds if not thousands of others have also benefited from these ideas and are able to achieve financial goals that would not have been obtainable otherwise. That's my proudest career achievement. One auction can bring me potentially hundreds of new buyers before, during and after the auction is over. I only need a handful of auctions to make as much or more money than people listing several times more of the same items I'm selling. If I just lost a little money on an auction that's OK, I got several new paying customers anyway or I grew my customer base for future sales. My success on eBay depends on my ability to attract *hits to...

A key to the Silent Sales system

Or Make more money with 10 auctions than the guy with 100 auctions or eBay on Steroids Fish tank supplies - how to maintain a fresh water fish tank, how to make money breeding fish know why It makes you more money You've already got a hungry person right in front of you willing to pay for and consume a greasy fast food hamburger - there's a pretty good chance they will agree to buy some greasy fries too. They didn't make us wander the streets asking random pedestrians if they wanted some fries, they let the customers come to us. It only makes sense.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary

Remember I promised that my 'Silent Sales Machine' technique doesn't require you to be listed at the top of any search engines My site does not show up on ANY search engines that I am aware of - if it did I'm sure I would make even more money - I'll probably get around to that some day.

Promote Affiliate Programs

Another way to generate income if you don't have your own product is to promote affiliate programs. In the last chapter we talked a little about - you can promote any of the eBooks from the entire library of Clickbank books. All of these books are begging for someone to make money on them by selling them in any creative way you can imagine. If your subscribers buy the book, your commission ranges from 5 of the sale to 50 or more.

Affiliate Marketing Ezine

If you have a product that you sell through affiliates, you will definitely want to publish an affiliate ezine. Your ezine will be devoted to helping your affiliates sell more of your product. You can provide marketing strategies, tactics, tips, and success stories from your top producing affiliates etc. An affiliate ezine will help the newbies and yourself make more money selling your product. You will start getting my affiliate marketing ezine for this book very soon. (It will be easy to opt out if you don't want it).

Submitted ideas from past readers of this book

Here are a few ways I make money off of Ebay. I started out by just clearing out my junk a few years ago. Imagine my surprise to find that a coffee mug I received as a birthday gift sold for nearly 100. Now I don't bother holding yearly yard sales to get rid of my junk because I make more money for it off of Ebay. I sold all the junk I had been saving from my childhood because it might be worth something some day. All of it was worth something When I ran out of things of my own to sell, I started buying collectible items from other people's yard sales to resell. Again, success I was picking up junk for pennies and selling for dollars. My favorite sale was a series of Hallmark ornaments that I bought for .25 each and sold for 10+ each. (Hint Avon decanters do not sell well.) The other way I make money off of Ebay is by selling things for other people who don't own computers editor note this is consignment selling . They tell me what they want to make from the sale of their item, I sell...

Choosing a Digital Camera

Unlike trying to create your own economical photo studio (see Chapter 2), there is no point in scrimping on what you're going to pay for your digital camera. You're going to be using that camera to make money. So consider it an investment, one that will pay for itself over time.

The Occasional Seller

If you accept a credit card, a person dissatisfied with the transaction can do a charge-back on the credit card transaction. That provides a buyer with a potential remedy. That will increase your bids. (PayPal has almost become an acceptable substitute for accepting credit cards.) If you offer to put the transaction in escrow, it makes everyone feel more comfortable because it lowers the risk. You'll get more bids. If you provide a warranty, it doesn't necessarily lower the risk, but it makes everyone feel more comfortable, and you'll get more bids. Even the book will broaden the appeal of the auctioned item. Consequently, with a little customer service, you increase your potential for making more money. The four customer services listed above are a few among many you can offer, and even if you are an occasional seller you can offer them.

Introduction To The Third Edition

The higher the CR the better chances you had of selling just about anything successfully. If you wanted to start a business on eBay, you probably found a great deal of success, without much effort. Unfortunately the market on eBay has changed and the CR has fallen dramatically - down to 54 . I don't want you to get the impression there aren't opportunities on eBay anymore that's not the case. But the opportunities change so frequently now that, for the average person, it's simply harder to make money on eBay than it was a few years ago- even last year.

Carry Out Due Diligence

In other words, every so-called expert isn't really. Some people claim to know more than they do, simply because of ignorance. For others, it's because they wish to make money at any cost. If in doubt, never take the advice of only one person.

Timing The best time to use this strategy is when you have a catalog to follow up with prospects or you have an

How common is that, but.they are doing it and they are making money at it, I guarantee. Create listings once, save them and at the completion of the auction put up another listing with a click of a key-stroke. Computers were built to help organize and automate mundane tasks. Let your computer make money for you.

Acquire Exclusive Rights

There are extremely wealthy people like E. Joseph Cossman who have made millions of dollars by promoting someone else's ideas. Cossman's book, How I Made 1,000,000 in Mail Order (And You Can Too), is a bit dated. The last revision was in 1984. In spite of that, it makes for fascinating reading. Of course, Internet auctions didn't exist when he was creating his fortune. But his marketing principles endure. Even though we use electrons and he used paper, he can still teach us a great deal about successful auction selling. Here are three of his key principles that are totally appropriate for our Net auction business.

Chapter Creating money from thin air on eBay

There are many ways to make money without having to spend money first. I'm not saying that all of these ideas are 100 free to try, but even the most modest of household budgets can swing most of these ideas. For more information on this concept check out what the experts have to say about making money from public domain products

Have a professional looking eBay auction to drive traffic to your about me page

You can have a theme with each account. This concept is discussed at length in the book The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay . To summarize, you can benefit in many ways if you have a general theme going in each of your eBay selling accounts. Your account name, the items you sell, the contents of your about me page, and the 'back-end' offers you provide can all revolve around that same theme. You'll be perceived as an expert. There are ways to make a lot more money if you have a theme.

Next idea Find an eBay powerseller that has the hits but doesnt get it

Kind of item, and has no HTML in his auction (only ugly text). Look for a lame or non-existent about me page. This kind of seller is practically BEGGING for you to jump in and start making money with them Here's another thought that will add to your excitement. If every 100 hits another sold eBook, then you don't have to make money on an eBay auction to make money on your eBay 'shoppers' that visit your auctions. (No eBay fees on eBooks sold either ) I actually lose cash on my auctions on occasion, but I have a big smile on my face because I got enough hits to sell a few eBooks.

Choosing eBaycouk as a parttime money maker

A part-time business can be very profitable. We stress repeatedly in this book that the more time and energy you spend on your eBay business, the more money you can make, but for now we move on to the lowest possible level of time that you should devote to your business.

Budgeting your time eBay as a parttime moneymaker

A part-time eBay business can be very profitable. One thing that I stress in this book is that the more time and energy you spend on your eBay business, the more money you can make. That said, let's examine the lowest possible level of time that you should devote to your business.

Selecting Titles That Sell For Your eBay Auctions

YOU CAN Make Money Day Trading -The EASY WAY- 177 Y -2 Also, I have just given you valuable market data use it to make money Look for old Monopoly games and pieces at yard sales, estate sales, auctions, etc. that are reasonably priced. Also keep an eye out for Bulova Accutrons in good condition. Especially valuable are the Space series with the see-though watch faces.

Always Have A Plan B

Include your unsold item with some other merchandise, as part of a package. Many auctioneers can make more money for three items included as a bundle than they make for the three sold separately. And many buyers will purchase items because there is something in the group that they really want. It is a standard practice in the mail order business to include a lot of items for a higher price because weight sells, believe it or not. Entrepreneurs are taught that there is more money in bundling than in cafeteria selling. Second, calmly examine this merchandise to figure out why it didn't sell. But always keep your goal in mind -- to have fun, make money and create thrilled customers who will come back and buy from you, again and again. In this way, your unsold merchandise helps you to see what modifications you need to make in your methods.

Become an Expert

For example, I am interested in books. I recently spoke with the father of a friend who is an expert in the rare book field. He's actually one of the top experts in the world. This man is in his 70's and has been a book fanatic since early childhood and a book dealer his entire adult life. I will never know as much as he does. I will probably never know a fourth of what he knows. But that doesn't prevent me from making money by selling books or anything else at auctions.


I learned a lot about real estate investment from a very successful guru who teaches a very important principle we make money when we buy, not when we sell. This is absolutely true in the auction business. If you decide to tattoo any advice on your arm, make sure it is this valuable insight.

Passion Rules

There are some very smart auction folks out there. These people have researched their interests, found objects they love and learned how to make money by following their passion. We can study and learn from them 5) Outdoor equipment is popular -- One seller who loves the outdoors began by specializing in all kinds of tents. These sold so well that he expanded his inventory to include all kinds of camping gear, and then added fishing and hunting equipment. When you buy one of his products, you are offered a free subscription to his electronic newsletter. He regales the reader with stories of fishing trips, hunting trips, climbing mountains and other such outdoorsy stuff. This seller is a perfect example of someone who has found a way to make money (lots of money) by following his passion.

Charity Auctions

Go to http charity and you will see the huge number of charity auctions that are on the sites. If you would like to make money this way, you can arrange these auctions -- and handle the details -- for various groups who have never considered this idea and don't have the expertise to handle it. You make your profit by charging a certain percentage of the total revenue.

Successful Sellers

How do you find these folks When you follow a certain category (or two) for a while, you will notice that certain names appear repeatedly. Lots of sellers jump in, try to sell a few items and are unsuccessful. Or they realize they aren't going to become millionaires in a month and move on. The ones who endure, however, are the ones who know what they are doing. These sellers are fantastic role models.


Selling is all about marketing, and marketing is all about promotion. eBay provides you with some awesome tools to promote your items. Face it if you sell more, you make more money and so does eBay. It's to their benefit to help you become a retailing mogul on the site. eBay isn't naive either they know that if they make it easy for you to drive sales to eBay, you'll be less likely to spend tons of time on your own retail Web site. Many successful eBay sellers sell hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in merchandise exclusively from sales on the eBay site. The tools are easy to use, and not all eBay sellers know how to use them or where to find them. When you're finished with this technique, you'll be a savvy seller, upping your sales through eBay cross-promotions.

About This Book

Starting a Business on For Dummies includes tips to give you the opportunity to improve your eBay money-making ability and just might turn you from an eBay novice into a professional running a booming eBay business We also show the experienced user the prudent way to turn haphazard sales into an organised business. This book has all the information you need We combine the fine points of with real business and marketing tools to help you complete the journey from part-time seller to online entrepreneur.

Items by the pallet

As in any business, you'll find both good-guy liquidators and bad-guy liquidators. As you know, the world is full of e-mail scammers and multilevel marketers who are in business to take your money. No one trying to sell you merchandise can possibly guarantee that you'll make money, so beware of liquidators who offer this kind of promise. I don't care who they are or what they say. Carefully research whomever you choose to buy from. Use an Internet search engine and search for the words salvage, liquidation, and pallet merchandise. i Does the source guarantee that you will make money or that you can make money by buying the right merchandise Remember No one can guarantee that you'll make money.

Resale Items on eBay

I'll keep this eBay buying technique short and sweet Use the magic search engine But be careful many a get-rich-quick schemer will use boldface keywords in their auctions to attract your attention. Look only for good-quality merchandise to resell. Remember that the only way to make a living on eBay is to sell quality items to happy customers so that they'll come back and buy from you again. Be sure to search eBay auction titles for the following keywords resale, resell, case of (see Figure 6-2), case quantity, lot of, pallet of (see Figure 6-3), closeout, and surplus. Be sure to use the quotes anywhere that I've included them here because this forces the search engine to find the words in the exact order you write them inside the quotes.

Sell websites

TIP Own a domain name and want to sell it Consider using to sell it. This is a very popular auction style website that is specifically designed to sell domain names and full websites. They even offer a domain name appraisal service and TONS of great info about making money with domain names. got a lot of free publicity when a man named Kerry Edwards sold his long dormant website domain name to the highest bidder during the presidential election campaign of 2004 in the U.S._


But just about any magazine will sell given someone on eBay wants its content. One strategy that is successful for sellers is to group magazines by a certain person or interest, e.g. three magazines with articles on Kim Basinger, etc. One guy is even selling clippings of Katie Holmes. Hmmmm .seems you don't even have to sell whole magazines to make money on eBay .you can just sell the articles

Whats Up

What do you make of all this eBay is a new marketplace like none ever known before. It currently operates without a strong competitor. It features an efficient market for the exchange of used goods, good news for both buyers and sellers. It also brings with it new opportunities for those who want to wheel and deal in goods on a broader scale, especially new goods. In the true capitalistic spirit, it brings with it new opportunities to make money, lots of money.


Some auctioneers, such as estate sale auctioneers, look to eBay to extend their auction activities. Why not For certain types of merchandise, they may get more on eBay than they can in a normal auction offline. They make more money for their clients and more money for themselves in higher auctioneering fees. With a larger pool of buyers, they can sell for higher prices with potentially lower overhead costs.


If you want to use the money-making strategy, you have to know the list prices of the items you bid on. Then you can apply my percentage guidelines to estimate your high bid prices, or you can invent your own percentage guidelines. You can get list prices at manufacturers' websites, in online catalogs, printed catalogs, local stores, and the like.

Where the Gold Is

In every gold strike (California, Colorado, Alaska), it never seems to be the miners who get rich. It's the store owners in the gold-mining towns that spring up who make the money. Similarly, you might consider providing services to eBay retailers. I know of an antique dealer in the Bay Area who provides the following package of services to other antique dealers she knows

Conducting Auctions

Auctioning items one at a time may be fun and profitable, but it's no way to make a living, unless each item has a high price and a large profit. Most people who make a living on eBay make money by running multiple, simultaneous auctions, the more the better. Some retailers are running hundreds of auctions a week. So, for those who want to use eBay more productively, this chapter covers the handling of multiple auctions. For people who will run only one auction at a time, this chapter will also cover general auctioning strategies.

The Web Department

The point here is to work for a share of the profits, not for a salary. Insist on a share of the ownership. That makes you an entrepreneur, not an employee. It may be lean pickings for a while, but if the business is successful, you will make more money over the long haul.

Dave Vallieres

But, for the small business person, the mom or dad who wants to someday quit their job so they can have a life with their kids, or the store that's beginning to feel the pinch of Internet competition and wants to learn how to make a web site make money .all of the things mentioned above take. Real estate fortunes are created using leverage. As little as 5 down allows anyone with decent credit to purchase and control hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of real estate. Let's say you have a service business. This is what I would suggest you do (because it's what I do to make money online) If you're selling a service, use the eBooklet technique to generate leads. Or if you want to actually make money on eBay and generate leads you could spend extra time on your eBook, put together some great original material and sell it for a good fair reasonable price. Hey There are more way to make money on eBay than meets the eye. I've tested hundreds of ways and keep finding more...

Millionaire Mindset Affirmation

Millionaire Mindset Affirmation

You already recognize that rich individuals think differently than middle class or poor individuals in every aspect of life. But particularly when it comes to money. That's why they're rich. Their selections and decisions just by nature bring about riches.

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