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Here are the insertion fees, also called listing fees (see Table 17.1), for all three eBay stores.

Table 17.1. Listing Fees


Insertion Fee



30 days




60 days




90 days




120 days




Good until Cancelled

$0.02 for every 30 days


$0.02 for every 30 days

So, it basically costs 2^ per month to list any item at any price. The Gallery feature is an additionl and I recommend using this. This is a great deal. I started out doing the 30- or 60-day duration, but then I was having to relist each item every 30 or 60 days when it didn't sell. Now, I list my store items as Good until Cancelled. My listings automatically renew every 30 days, and I'm charged 3^ (2^ listing plus Gallery) every 30 days.

In Table 17.2 I list the store final value fees (also called selling fees).

Table 17.2. Selling Fees

Closing Price

Final Value Fee

Item not sold

No Fee


8% of the closing price


8% of the first $25, plus 5% of the price over $25

Over $1,000.01

8% of the first $25, plus 5% of the price between $25.01 and $1,000.00, plus 3% of the price over $1,000.00

Consider this example. If I sell something in my eBay store for $49.99, it cost me the listing fee shown in Table 17.1 (2^ plus for the gallery per month), plus the selling fee shown in


AH the same features offered with eBay auctions are offered in the eBay store. Extra photos (after the first free one) cost 15t each month, and this can add up. For this reason, I only use one photo in my store. If buyers want to see more photos, they can e-mail me. The gallery is only 1t a month, So I use this in all my store listings. (See Chapter 10 for information on photos and the gallery.)

Table 17.2. Suppose it was in my store for 6 months before selling, which means this item cost me 18^ in listing fees. Compare this to listing the item at auction, which would cost $1.55 ($1.20 listing fee plus 35^ gallery fee), and that's for only one week's worth of exposure!

The final value fee in the store would be $25 X 8 percent ($2.00), plus $24.99 X 5 percent ($1.25), for a total selling fee of $3.25. Including the listing fee, the total fees are $3.43. Not bad. Compare that to the fees if it had sold at auction. The selling fees would be $25 X 5.25 percent (that's $1.31), plus $24.99 X 2.75 percent ($0.68), plus the $1.55 listing fee, which is a total of $3.54. It would cost more to sell at online auction than it would to have six months exposure in the store. Wild!

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