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There's another source for advice and help with eBay-related problems: other eBay sellers. Having trouble with a deadbeat bidder? Ask other members for advice. Not sure how to ship an odd-sized package? No need to reinvent the wheel; chances are some other member has shipped something similar, and can tell you what to do. Got a gripe with eBay itself? You're not aloneā€”as you'll soon find out if you voice your complaint on one of the many online forums devoted to online auctions in general and eBay in particular.

Ebay Cash Insider

Ebay Cash Insider

I refined my information, added notes as things came up and took out old or outdated information. Each time I discovered a new little tip or trick as I was making money with EBay, I added that information. Today, I bring home anywhere from 500 to 2000 each week with EBay. Thats not too shabby for someone who was just a year ago afraid to even purchase something from the site.

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