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An eBay Store, like the one shown in Figure 21.1, is a Web page where you can sell fixed-price (Buy It Now) items that are not currently up for auction on eBay, along with your current auction items. The non-auction items in your eBay Store appear only in your eBay Store—not in the eBay auction listings.

Figure 21.1. A typical eBay Store.

Figure 21.1. A typical eBay Store.

On the eBay Stores home page (www.stores.ebay.com), merchants are organized by the same categories as the eBay auction site—Antiques, Art, Books, and so on. Buyers can also search for a specific store or a store selling a certain type of item, or view an alphabetical list of all stores.

The items offered by eBay Stores merchants are a combination of items currently for auction on eBay and additional fixed-price inventory. When buyers access a particular eBay Store retailer, they have access to this entire collection of merchandise; if they tried searching on eBay proper, they wouldn't find the non-auction items the retailer might have for sale.

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