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The key to becoming a PowerSeller is to increase the number of auctions you close—and to increase your final selling prices. To that end, anything you can do to make your auctions more effective will improve your chances of achieving PowerSeller status.

What can you do to improve the success of your eBay auctions? Here are 10 tips that will benefit any eBay seller, PowerSeller or not:

1. Tip #1: Focus your sales activity. Occasional sellers can get by selling onesies and twosies that they pick up here and there. High-volume sellers focus on a specific type of merchandise—and sell lots of it. By focusing your activities, you can be much more efficient in your packing and shipping, as well as have a better feel for the category you're working with.

2. Tip #2: Buy low, sell high. It goes without saying—you want to make as much money as possible on each item you sell. That means obtaining your inventory at the lowest possible prices. Some sellers try to double or triple their cost when they sell an item. You may not be able to achieve this type of profit margin, but you should definitely be aiming to reduce your product costs however possible.

3. Tip #3: List in volume. You won't become a PowerSeller by selling one or two items a week. You need to list in volume to sell in volume. That means running multiple listings simultaneously, having listings close daily, and utilizing the Dutch auction feature when you have multiple quantities to sell.

4. Tip #4: Be organized. When you're closing a large number of auctions every week, you have to get the process down to a science. That means being more efficient every step of the way—from creating your listings to shipping out the merchandise. Wasted time and energy costs you money.

5. Tip #5: Create professional-looking listings. The better-looking your item listings, the more auctions you'll close—at higher prices.

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Ebay Cash Insider

Ebay Cash Insider

I refined my information, added notes as things came up and took out old or outdated information. Each time I discovered a new little tip or trick as I was making money with EBay, I added that information. Today, I bring home anywhere from 500 to 2000 each week with EBay. Thats not too shabby for someone who was just a year ago afraid to even purchase something from the site.

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