How to Set Up an eBay Store

Opening your own eBay store is as easy as clicking through eBay's setup pages. There's nothing overly complex involved; you'll need to create your store, customize your pages (otherwise known as your virtual storefront), and list the items you want to sell. Just follow the onscreen instructions, and you'll have your own store up and running in just a few minutes.

Here's what you need to do: 1.

1. Go to the eBay Stores main page ( and click the Open Your Store Now link.

2. When the Welcome to eBay Stores page appears, click the Continue button.

3. When the Basic Store Information page appears, enter the following information:

o o Store name o o Seller's payment information (your name and address) o o A text description for your store's home page o o A list of merchandise that your store specializes in o o Item display order (select from the list: Highest Price First, Lowest Price First, Ending Soonest First, Ending Latest First)

o o Custom store categories (how you want to categorize your store's merchandise)

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