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Some merchants do all their selling through eBay. They may maintain a web site, but they use the eBay e-commerce tools to manage actual transactions. eBay provides a tool called the eBay Merchant Kit to help you place information about your current auctions inside your web site (see Figure 29-3). Of course, there are certain rules. For instance, if you want to use the Merchant Kit, you can't display other, non-eBay products on the same page.

It's very simple to use; eBay provides a web-based "wizard" to configure the products you'll show on your site. The wizard then provides a little piece of HTML that you drop into a web page on your site, something like this:

<script src=" &uid=poiupp&fontsize=2&numofitems=5 0&billpoint=1&highlight=1&fontface= verdana&sortby=endtime&sortdir=asc&siteid=0&catid=0"></script>

You can literally create this code snippet and get it into a page on your site in a minute or two.


This site has used the eBay Merchant Kit to drop a list of their current auctions into the site; it probably took a couple of minutes' work.


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How To Cash in on eBay

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