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eBay provides a useful little tool that allows you to send attractive e-mails to your customers. eBay Stores can send a certain number of e-mails for free each month:

■ Basic Store 400 e-mails/month

■ Featured Store 1,000 e-mails/month

■ Anchor Store 4,000 e-mails/month

If you go over your limit, you'll pay 1 cent per e-mail—so a Basic Store that sends 10,000 e-mails a month would pay $96.

Creating an e-mail is quite straightforward since eBay provides a tool that automates the process. More of the problem derives from getting the various e-mail addresses to send to in the first place.

The big question is then: Who do you send e-mails to? eBay does provide tools to create and manage various mailing lists. In fact, you can create up to five different groups—perhaps one for a Monthly Newsletter, one for New Products, one for people who have subscribed to your Special Offer Bulletin, and so on. But how do you get e-mails into this list?

There's an e-mail list subscription tool built into the Favorites page. Visitors to your store can subscribe to one or more of your lists at the same time they set you as a Favorite store, or they can sign up without adding you to their Favorites just by clearing the Add to my Favorite

Sellers Top Picks check box. Of course you have to let people know this, because it isn't widely known. So here's how to use this feature.

1. In your My eBay page, click the Manage Your Store link in the My Subscriptions box.

2. In the Manage Your Store page, click the Email Marketing link in the Promotions column.

3. Click the Mailing Lists link, and create up to five different lists.

4. Go to the page where you want to tell people about your mailing lists—for instance, you'll probably want to put it into your About Me page. (In the My eBay page, click the Personal Information link, and then on the About Me line, click the Change link.)

5. Enter some text promoting your newsletters, and include a link to the Favorites page. You have to add this link as HTML. The preceding URL would appear something like this:;sellerid= YOURSELLERIDHERE&amp;sspageName=DB:FavList">Click here to sign up for our newsletters!</a>

How do you find the URL of your Favorites page? Log into your account, and then open one of your pages that contains the Add to Favorite Sellers link—for instance, a store page or an auction-listing page. Click the link to go to the Favorites page, and then copy the URL you see in the browser's address page. It should look something like this (your merchant ID should replace YOURSELLERIDHERE, of course):;sellerid= YOURSELLERIDHERE&amp;sspageName=DB:FavList

If you're planning to use e-mail marketing, then promote the e-mail lists wherever you can— on your store page, your About Me page, in all of your product listings, and so on. The clearer the list and the more often you promote it, the more subscribers you'll get.

tip flp You can also sell product warranties to customers. This will make customers feel better about buying from you, and make you a little extra money at the same time! See http://pages for more information.

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