Reviewing Your Sales Reports

You should sign up for your free sales reports and consider subscribing to the more advanced, paid reports. (These are free if you have a store, but they cost $4.99 for other merchants; the first month is free, though, so you could try the reports for three months for just ten dollars.) These reports provide a lot of useful information that can help you plan your marketing strategies:

■ Ended listings

■ Successful listings percent

■ Average sale price

■ eBay and PayPal fees paid

■ Metrics by category

■ Metrics by format (fixed price, auction, store)

■ Metrics by category and format

■ Metrics by ending day or time for all formats

■ Detailed eBay fees

■ Unpaid item credits requested note Find more information about sales reports at WJ welcome.html.

Knowing exactly what's going on with your sales is incredibly important; for instance, you can quickly see which types of sales are more profitable for you, which categories are doing best, and even which listing ending times work best.

There are also companies that provide more extensive data, not only about your business— they can analyze your sales data—but about eBay commerce in general. These services can tell you what's hot on eBay, and how to price, promote, and even source your products. Two of the better known are HammerTap ( and Andale (


The Andale Market Research Pack's six services

The Andale Market Research Pack (Figure 11-1), for example, is just $9.95 a month, and provides these tools:

■ What's Hot Reports on the best-selling products in every category (see Figure 11-2)

■ Price Finder Helps you figure out what a product is worth on eBay before you sell it

■ Suppliers Helps you find suppliers of the products you are selling on eBay

■ How to Sell Tells you which categories you should list in, and which listing features to use, to get the best price

■ Counters Detailed traffic statistics showing how many people view your listings

■ Sales Analyzer Detailed sales statistics—number of items listed and sold, percent sold, your best-performing items, recommendations to improve your selling price and number of sales, and so on v^i tiD HammerTap has some other interesting services: BayCheck Pro (find detailed statistics about any eBay merchant), BayMail Pro (e-mail management for mailing to eBay members), Fee Finder (a fee-analysis tool).

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Andale What's Hot

See What's Hot at every category level.

I SignUp I

Browse or click to the best selling products on eBay. All » Electronics & Computers

Browse "Electronics & Computers"

Cameras & Photo (j i,soo

Networking & Telecom


(3,803 hot)

pigjtal Ç^merqi? (1.211

PDAs/H and held PCs (796



Car Audio & Electronics

Portable Electronics {939

(3,659 hot)


Cell Phones & Services

Professional Video

(4,210 h«)

Eguipment (599 hot)

Computers 8¡ Office

Radio Equipment 0,333

Products c^eo&hotj


Gadgets Sc Other

Software (3,208 hot)

Electronics (1,766 hot)

Telephones & Pagers

(1,037 hot)

Hot Products on eBay (la:

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Hot Products on eBay (la:

f ÏÏ Hi y II Dé in « rid w Midi u m Dem and J Mild Demand Nan: To unlock all the cataqoriQS, r-cr. up for Andale whit's



Avg. Sale Price: $183.96 % Successful Auctions: 100% Avg. Bids/Listing: 33.0

W KODAK LS443 DIGITAL CAMERAS CAMERA Avg. Sale Price: £311.9G % Successful Auctions: 100% Avg. Bids/Listing: 31.0

SONY MAVICA DIGITAL CAMERA EXTRAS Avg. Sale Price: £232.16 % Successful Auctions: 100% Avg, Btds/Listing: 26.0

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A small part of the Andale What's Hot report

HammerTap has a Windows-based tool called DeepAnalysis (see Figure 11-3) that focuses on eBay data rather than your sales data, and can provide a wide range of detailed statistics:

■ See what competing merchants are doing: total sales, sell-through rates, average sales price, etc.

■ Get information about particular auctions, showing starting prices, total sales, number of bids, etc.

■ Find out success rates for different sales strategies—Buy It Now, Reserve prices, Dutch Auctions, etc.

If your business is growing and you're serious about growing even more, you really should spend some time understanding the statistics available to you. They are very affordable—Andale is $9.95/mo., HammerTap is $180 for the software and the first year of service.


HammerTap's DeepAnalysis


HammerTap's DeepAnalysis

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