Becoming a Power Seller

A PowerSeller is a merchant that consistently sells a lot of product through eBay and maintains a good feedback rating. There are various benefits, from being able to use the PowerSeller logo— a real credibility builder—to health benefits for you and your employees. (If you're a PowerSeller, there's a good chance you're employing someone to help you.)

tip To find all the PowerSeller details and sign up, go here: buyandsell/welcome.html.

To qualify to be a PowerSeller, you must meet certain criteria, both specific and general:

■ You must average at least $1,000 in sales each month, for three consecutive months.

■ You have a feedback rating of at least 100.

■ You have at least a 98-percent positive feedback.

■ You have been an active member for at least 90 days.

■ You have your account in good financial standing.

■ You maintain an average of at least four listings for the past three months.

■ You must also "Uphold the eBay community values, including honesty, timeliness, and mutual respect."

Dnote PowerSeller feedback ratings are actually calculated differently from normal feedback

__ratings. The standard calculation only includes a single rating from each person. If a buyer gives you five good ratings, for instance, only one counts in the feedback calculation. The PowerSeller calculation, however, would include all five good feedbacks.

Once you're in, you don't necessarily stay. Eligibility is reviewed every month. You must maintain your account in good standing, maintain your 98-percent positive feedback, and maintain the average monthly sales amount of at least $1,000.

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Ebay Cash Insider

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