Your eBay Stores Sales Reports

If you have an eBay Store (if you don't now — you will after reading this book!) you get monthly reports from eBay. The previous month's reports arrive by e-mail around the 15th of the following month. You'll find an ever-popular CSV file included as an attachment. This will handily import into a spreadsheet program.

These reports differ from the Selling Manager reports considerably. While the Selling Manager reports give you accounting data, your eBay Stores reports give you an idea of sales trends by showing you sales ratios and data.

Here's the information you get: 1 Total Items Sold

1 Total Sales Amount for the Month: Pretty self-explanatory, huh?

1 Auction Data: Sales broken down by eBay category including the following data:

► # of Successful Listings

► Quantity of Items Listed

► Quantity of Items Sold

► Gross Sales and # of Unique Buyers

1 Auction Ratios: Listings separated into eBay categories, noting each category's ratios:

► % of Successful Listings

► Bids per Listing Ratio

► Average Selling Price per Item

1 Store Inventory: A quick rundown of the items listed for sale, the quantity sold, gross sales, average selling price per item, and number of unique buyers.

Interview With eBay Powerseller

Interview With eBay Powerseller

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