Tracking payments on your My eBay page

Once again, the Items I've Sold area of My eBay comes to the rescue if you're a beginning seller. As if by magic, whenever one of your buyers makes a payment on your item through the PayPal service, your My eBay page indicates that the item has been paid. Take a look at Figure 23-1, and notice that the bottom item shows it's been paid for via PayPal.

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• Figure 23-1: Items I've Sold reflecting a PayPal payment.

To confirm the information about a payment shown in the Items I've Sold area of My eBay:

1. Click the Paid via PayPal link in the item's listing.

You are taken to a PayPal login page.

2. Sign in to PayPal with your password and click Continue.

3. The PayPal payment details screen appears, giving you all the information on the purchase.

4. When you finish reviewing the payment information, click the Return to Log button at the bottom to go to your Account History page.

From here you can transfer the money to your bank account. (For more information about PayPal banking features, see Technique 28.)

If you don't want to do any other business using your PayPal account, click the Log Out link at the top-right of the page.

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