Preparing an eBay Listing

Now that you have the powerful Turbo Lister tool at hand, you can prepare hundreds of eBay listings in advance and, with one click of the mouse, launch them on eBay. You can also select a scheduling format that makes your listings upload and start at a particular time and date. (More on that in the section, "Uploading items to eBay," later in this technique).

This example lists an auction using these steps:

1. Click the Create New button (the one with the magic-wand symbol) in the upper-left corner.

The Step One screen appears, as in Figure 11-6. This is where you decide the type of listing you want. You'll notice that most of the information requested is identical to the eBay Sell Your Item form.

' Figure 11-6: Selecting your listing format.

2. Click the Auction radio button, and then click


The Create a New Item page appears, ready for you to enter your title and subtitle if you wish.

You can save bunches of time if you write your titles and descriptions before you go into Turbo Lister. You can type them into Notepad or Word, and then copy and paste them into the listing, adding the HTML tags after the text is inserted.

3. Enter the title in the Item Title Box.

If you want to use a subtitle, type that in as well. Subtitles are handy for adding selling points that accompany your title in search results. (Entering a subtitle for your auction adds an additional $.50 charge.)

4. Select your category by clicking the Find Category button.

You are presented with a screen that lists all eBay categories in a hierarchal format. The main categories are listed with a plus sign next to them. When you find your main category, click on the plus sign, and subcategories are displayed, as shown in Figure 11-7. To drop even lower into the world of nether-categories, keep clicking plus signs next to subcategories. You know you've hit the bottom rung of the category ladder when you see only a minus sign.

Select a Category m

|Books\Education & TentbooksMeaching Guides

EE Antiques

EE Accessories EE Antiquarian & Collectible ¿Audio EE Children

Education St Textbooks 1+] College St Professional 1+1- Foreign Language Study Other

0 Preschool-High School ¿1 Elementary School | High School Middle School Other Preschool

Teaching Guides

Test Prep S. Study Aids EE Fiction & Literature EE Magazines & Catalogs EE Nonaction !■■•• Other

EE Wholesale, Bulk Lots El Business & Industrial zi

1 Figure 11-7: Select your final category and click OK.

5. If you have an eBay Store, select a category for the item in your store from a drop-down menu. Open the drop-down menu (shown in Figure 11-8) by clicking the small arrow on the right. Then click the category you want to use and watch it jump into the selection area.

This area is automatically populated from your eBay Store when eBay updates your Turbo Lister installation.

6. After you make all your selections, click Next to continue.

• Figure 11-8: Select your eBay Store Category from the drop-down list.

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