Pending Listings

The Pending Listings link on the Summary page takes you to any auction, fixed-price, or store listing you've sent to eBay through Turbo Lister (or listed on the Sell Your Item page) and scheduled for a later starting date or time. You can also view these pending listings through links on the Summary page that narrow them down to Listings starting within the next hour and Listings starting within the next day.

When you enter the Pending Listings area by clicking Pending Listings from the Summary page, you can go directly to the listing shown in Figure 13-5. If you want to promote your listing-to-be in a banner ad (or create a link to it from elsewhere on the Internet), you can do so using the URL of the pending listing. See Part IX for more information on promoting your eBay business.

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• Figure 13-5: What an auction looks like before it starts.

From the Pending Listing page, you can confirm all information about the sale, as well as make any changes to the listing or to the scheduling time.

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