Getting Free Delivery Confirmations

If you aren't shipping a great many items each week, you can get free Delivery Confirmations by visiting a secure area of the Post Office Web site at https:// Here you can generate a custom bar code mailing label with an e/Delivery Confirmation number for Priority Mail packages (see Figure 36-1). You can print these labels directly from your inkjet or laser printer, and then simply tape the label to your package.

' Figure 36-1: Sample of a free Delivery Confirmation Label generated from the Post Office Web site.

Print Your Own Postage and Get Free Confirmations

If you're in business and need to keep records of your shipping (dates, weights, and confirmation numbers), this method may be the way to go. The Post Office site, although free, prints out a label only once. If you want keep records, you'll have to enter the information separately into a spreadsheet or a text file.

^You can also get a free Delivery Confirmation (one at a time, without any detailed record) at addresses.php.

And you can get free Delivery Confirmation for Priority Mail packages if you subscribe to an online shipping service, as described in the next section.

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