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A little known fact about eBay is that when you search the eBay site for an item, your search will not extend to eBay Stores. Many eBay sellers have eBay stores chock-full of merchandise that's often cheaper than the items you'll find on the regular eBay site. (The listing fees are considerably cheaper in the

Saving Time with Favorite Searches stores.) If you want to search eBay Stores only, you can go to eBay's search page and search on the Stores tab, as shown in Figure 1-4.

• Figure 1-4: eBay's main search, showing the tab that searches Stores only.

A quicker way to get to the stores is to use the white-box search method and scroll down the page to those handy links on the left. Near the bottom of the page, you find the More on eBay box, as in Figure 1-5.

More on eBay

Shop eBay Stores

* Marsha Collier's Fabulous Finds (3) Rich Dads Helpful Books and Audio (2)

Rick's Bargain Outlet (2)

See all matching Stores

If you find yourself in an eBay Store you particularly like, look for a Save this Store in Favorites link at the top of the store's home page. Click this link to save the store in your My eBay Favorites area.

Saving Time with Favorite Searches eBay's My eBay page has a tab called Favorite Searches. This button shows up in the sub-navigation bar when you click Search on any eBay page, as shown in Figure 1-6. You can access your favorites directly from your My eBay page or by clicking the pictured Favorite Searches sub-navigation button.

Saving a search as a Favorite is a real timesaver. If you manage to keep your regular eBay searches down to a measly 100, you can store them in one convenient, highly clickable space that's available (through the Favorite Searches tab) from any Search page on eBay. Click the Add to My Favorite Searches link at the top of any Search Results page to turn your regular searches into favorite ones.

Figure 1-6: The eBay navigation bar with the Favorite Searches tab.

Figure 1-6: The eBay navigation bar with the Favorite Searches tab.

Because aluminum Christmas trees are coming into vogue again, I might want to get one for my office for the next holiday season. Unfortunately, all my Internet searches find them at prices over $300, so eBay is the perfect place to look for my tree. I'm hoping to find one (in good condition) that someone would rather sell than store for another year.

1 Figure 1-5: Click a link here to go directly to a store or to find all stores that match your item.

All Categories Aid to My Favorite Searches 111 items found for tree iH'n.iscm sun;isi alum'

Soil by items, ending first | newly listed I jurist priced 1 hmiiest [j11chd sw picture tteroTitte Hi Ice Bids tufa

E - Swirt AjiimmLim Taper Christmas SJ6 OD 4 in v rnins Trie Vint J

26" vintage table fop aluminum £56 00 - in 24 nuns Christmas tree d

Vintage V Aliinuiiuiri Christmas Tie- d 50 31 Ln 3'i rnins

Aluflimurfl Spajidcr 6 Foot Christmas $20.50 3 ¡ft 54 mms Tree MR U

Peto 6 Ft. Aiummum PctiiPoih $48.56 7 Jan-02 16;!5 Christmas Tree U &


• Figure 1-7: A search for the very elusive cheap aluminum Christmas tree.

In Figure 1-7, I've performed a search using some eBay search shortcuts (see Table 1-1): tree alum* helps me accomplish several things:

t tree: Because I'm looking for a tree, not a stand.

t (xmas,Christmas): Searches on alternate spellings so that I find Christmas even if the seller has spelled it Xmas.

it alum*: Correct spelling can be difficult, especially in a word like aluminum, so this shortcut also finds any item listed where aluminum is misspelled (assuming that the beginning alum is correct!).

Note that on the top of the Search Results page, you find a link called Add to My Favorite Searches. Clicking this link takes you to the page shown in Figure 1-8, where you can add the search to your My eBay Favorite Searches area.

• Figure 1-8: Adding a Favorite Search to My eBay.

On this page, you can add a new search or replace an old search. Best of all, notice the option to make use of eBay's e-mail service. Mark this check box if you want eBay to notify you via e-mail daily for up to 30 searches as matching items are listed on the site. You can set the search — and the e-mail notifications — to go on for as long as a year. I've been successful with that option, especially when I'm looking for a rare item that doesn't show up on eBay regularly. Figure 1-9 shows an e-mail message I received, notifying me of new listings that matched a saved favorite search.

• Figure 1-9: An eBay e-mail notifying me of new listings!

Marking Favorite Setters for Speedy Return Visits

Figure 1-10 shows you my personal My eBay Favorites tab. (No laughing when you see the favorite searches — if you ever meet me, just ask me about them.) This tab is where your favorite search shows up after you've recorded one. You can also record a search from this page by clicking the Add New Search link in the top bar.

H id d i nufWaTc^jim Selling Mj 11 j uei havoihes .f.-,..iir Feeftjj] Pieferfenccq ¿if

Gu tu. My FjYgfM Oapiflgdgg I Mv FiivuriLa S.L.jiuhu^ | My F^-juritu S&ll&fc'Slur^ i^liMeed Hein?

My Favorite Searchesr; searches; 2 emails)

a hi

r r r r ketchup chips u-au^nrtfi mur an o lamp (¿ui'^ guiau feie^rg-noe^

J Rib ko IT tprcitrenoeii {cemetery,cemetaryj ¡plot,

Sear*h Criteria kdCltMp Chip« isiüi muidiio lamp tain; gill a II rti|n> J Rjbkoff I^n.t^

FeweMhan ici day? ^fl

{"fur re al" f uire al^ cpmfai« fniacys.aiacy'sl parade

(cemetery, cemetary) (plot, plots)

Sort Ending Sfionpsl Brogiikt«'s tthnt ?Dd Ending Snci^e^l arf. ("fol («il", fuiieal) if-int Sort Sndrng Siiaopel (in(leys, mac/«) fimadc mm-Sod Ending Snnnesl

• Figure 1-10: My eBay Favorite Searches.

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