EBay Selling Managers Reports

I like eBay's Selling Manager because it gives you the opportunity to keep all your selling information in one place. It also gives you downloadable reports that you can archive for your business records.

You must subscribe to the Selling Manager product to get these reports. There is a $4.99 per month fee. The benefits of the product are mentioned throughout this book; it's an excellent choice for the beginning eBay seller.

Your eBay sales reports include important information about your transactions and download in a spreadsheet format. Here is the information you can expect to find in the reports you download:

1 Sales Record Number: This is the number assigned to the transaction by Selling Manager for identification purposes.

I User ID: The eBay User ID of the person who purchased the item from you.

t Buyer Zip: The buyer's ZIP code.

t State: The state the buyer resides in.

t Buyer Country: The country your buyer lives in.

t Item Number: The eBay number assigned to the item when you listed it for sale on the site.

t Item Title: The title of the listing as it appeared on eBay.

t Quantity: The number of items purchased in the transaction.

t Sale Price: The final selling price of the item.

t Shipping Amount: The amount you charged for shipping the item.

t Insurance: If the buyer paid insurance, it will be listed next to the sales record.

t State Sales Tax: If you've set up Selling Manager to calculate sales tax for your in-state sales, and sales tax was applied to the item when it was sold, that amount is listed here.

t Total Price: This is the GSA (Gross Sales Amount) for the transaction.

t Payment Method: The method of payment used by the buyer. This is inserted automatically if the item is paid through PayPal or is manually inserted by you if paid by another method.

t Sale Date: The date the sale transaction occurred on eBay.

t Checkout: The date of checkout. This is usually the same as the transaction date.

t Paid on Date: The date the buyer paid for the item.

t Shipped on Date: The ship date you entered in Selling Manager.

t Feedback Left: Indicate whether you left feedback for the buyer with a Yes or No in this column.

t Feedback Received: The feedback rating (Positive, Negative, or Neutral) left for you by the buyer.

t Notes to Yourself: If you input any personal notes regarding the transaction in the Sales Record, they appear here.

Keep in mind that Selling Manager reports are available on the site for only 3 months. So be sure to download your information regularly.

Notice that there is no column reflecting the eBay fees you paid for listing and selling the item. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can create another column and input the fees from your eBay invoice for each individual item. Save time by bulk posting the monthly total in your bookkeeping program. (See Technique 47 for more information.)

Now, to get the file from eBay to your computer:

1. To get to the download area, go to your My eBay page and enter the Selling Manager. The opening page of Selling Manager is your Summary page shown in Figure 26-1.

fiiü<IÍFici.'Waltltiji<j selling Manager royalties Ae so mils feedback Ptefcre

Home > My o Bay > Stalling Manager > Summary

MjitdHjt Listings


Pending Listings Ac I me L::fl:r.ijT Sold Lisiiqqs Ungele! Livings Archivée Uagtos

Effort vo-j i sai es re cords, tr IndintalO H tm only in!3 months j Its i yooi salts oaa.

' PayPal

Use Turbo Lister _- ftee'


Quick Slats

GM3 # of listings

PEnuliiui I islings

Active Listings

Closing ioday Sold l ivings taitina E^£Tfl£jDl Awaiting Payment, eligible for N on-Pa »zing Buyer Alert ■ Paid and read^ to ship • FaM a&tt yyai^nta for fepribqck Paid and shipped_

1 Figure 26-1: My Selling Manager Summary page.

2. Under Seller Tools, click the Download Sales History link.

You are sent to a Download Sales History page, like the one shown in Figure 26-2.

eBay Selling Manager's Reports

Download Sates History

Yoim soles recoids ¿ire iii.wk.imipu only for 4 months oiler yom ales close. I■ ■ ' forged to downlood ttiem I :;:;Ln ly

Select a date range you wish to download the history for:

C All sales records. C From I Yesterday ff From[0T/(ir/|2OT4 tn fÖT/[sT/[5004~

mm del min iiil yy>y

Only download series tecords tli.i! g re aichived

Ponynliiari I Eiift

Be sure to put the dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Translated, that means: Use a 2-digit number for the month, a 2-digit number for the day, and the full 4-digit year.

1 Figure 26-2: The Download Sales History page.

3. Make settings here depending on the time period you'd like to include in your report.

It's best to generate monthly or quarterly reports, so that your reports coincide with specific tax periods. You can always combine more than one report in your spreadsheet program to show different periods of time.

Be sure to put the dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Translated, that means: Use a 2-digit number for the month, a 2-digit number for the day, and the full 4-digit year.

4. Select the check box marked Only Download Sales Records That Are Archived if you don't want pending transactions included.

If you have some problematic transactions hanging over from another month and you want true figures by month, it's helpful to remove the default checkmark from this box.

5. Click the Download button.

Your file may take a minute or two to prepare and download. During this process, you'll be asked if you want to save, open, or cancel the download. Choose Save to save it to your hard drive. The file is downloaded in a format that can be opened in either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Works spreadsheet programs.

6. If you like, when the Save As dialog box appears, rename the file to reflect the sales month and year, as pictured in Figure 26-3.

It's a good idea to create a directory on your computer with a name such as eBay Sales. In this directory, you can store all the reports you download from eBay, PayPal, or any other online service. Be sure to include this directory when you perform regular data backups.

• Figure 26-3: Downloading the report to my eBay Sales directory.

Once the file is downloaded, you will see a confirmation with your new filename, as in Figure 26-4.

Figure 26-4: Windows confirmation that your file has been successfully downloaded.

Now you can open the new file in your spreadsheet program, and it will look very similar to Figure 26-5.

^ File fdit Via* lnsr.il Fninial Tank Hau WlniloW Uel|i

Bl>v Zip SlTltfiBjyt'i Duiirl;y lltrn hkimber lltn Tillt

?1fl F TO ■ ^»r -.l-Ein :"H 14 * > ►.■..JWIZODlSalesltstory .•■

?1fl F TO ■ ^»r -.l-Ein :"H 14 * > ►.■..JWIZODlSalesltstory .•■

Bl>v Zip SlTltfiBjyt'i Duiirl;y lltrn hkimber lltn Tillt

I hied Sisli-i 357;574627 Authlii SIGNED 31) l-Eo

LI Tied Slates 2975KS±91 E<V VEAD. Kvjcliain A

Lhied Slales 3974745375 Cleui Dene Barken

Ih ied Sales 397E?99i9] FREE £HP t|obd Dent

Lhicd Sales 397^£013S 2 ^holaaiapl™ Fhctfl Lif

IJ.ited Sales 3J31B22191 Ln du Adtiesfce Rsmcwr

Lhicd Sialfls I97E&U13E 2 =hal.3gra|:l Fhotd

U-iind Safes 23us73Efi! oE^j T1FS Tar Diiir-nies 37c&W1:"B J ^hnl-grapl y Fh«0 Lc ci CUD DCME "nn? ^

•i3i3573iB?tl uPiy TIPS far Annies -•ftVXVm Clri 'i nrrift Rir.kgrr nr i.h-nij Tiaiit iPsj TIFT far "HinrYiit!.

U-iTRrt "iiniii f.i,;-:urirjf>vir '"nnini-™

Lh-ftrt Tlafat ^7"rrervw nr^j- Silpr:, Raul fir'lir

.Uitnil r¥i7"iTili17 Raitrg an "hay "liisinn i.! 1 'nrt T-alv, :r,. ■TIN,1 Hpav TIFT InrH»- wtf.

.IhTBrt Tlatsr. X-i-O'iTPi flPv TIFT fnr "'Mr,-, i..i-r>i(iTiii5=, /"-'-".ri'TF^ oiajr-nnvir '<■■ r..-. ---. Urad fRIT :-! I -' i".lfi ••! r.,-1

1..I rtiiTlil =1- '•' W7H spiv TIFT far ~wn> •■•us;. Or Art >.il=-=. W? Of! HPV-. :-= lfr= final fi-rljf Urtd-T.il?-, -ori.-' - illI'm;

'«rtfi :-«ii-tf: ■xjb-niiirn «pay tips n i <1

jr Eïle Price 13

f 995 Î2Q3 Î3693 Î1ES93 flEDttJ 54 95 Î12093 S453 fi;D93 Î73293 ÎZ329J S4 ?îj si t ' «

iiwi I or



15 35





• Figure 26-5: My January 2004 eBay sales report.

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