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An eBay powerseller is simply someone that sells a lot on eBay. No need to overcomplicate the definition for now.

The right powerseller could make a great business partner for you! The ideal candidate has a large positive feedback rating, sells a lot of one particular

kind of item, and has no HTML in his auction (only ugly text). Look for a lame or non-existent "about me" page. This kind of seller is practically BEGGING for you to jump in and start making money with them!!

When contacting powersellers you need to be cautious though. These are busy people that hate spam more than anyone because it's costing them a lot of money.

I suggest you earn the right to contact them with your proposal BEFORE you just blast an offer over to them. You can be accused of spamming by eBay if you don't handle it correctly - that can cost you your eBay account!

To earn the right I suggest:

-buy an item from them

-send a question about one of their items with the intent to buy it -Find an error or problem in one of their listings and tell them how to correct it

Get the idea? Don't just jump into your business proposal.

Once you've earned the right to contact them without being considered a spammer send them an email that says something like this:


I contacted you a few days aao about your auction # and did ao on to buy the item. Thanks so much - I love it!

The real reason I'm contacting you today though is because based on your multiple sales of I have a business idea that I'd like to run past you.

My idea will not create any extra work for you, but I know it will result in benefits for both of us.

If you aren't interested after reading my idea then I won't bother you again, but I'd really like your permission to send you some details.

Please just say the word and I'll give you the details - I don't want you to think I'm a spammer so I'm waiting on your permission.


Your name"


If they don't contact you then try again with a reminder email and the same content as above.

Once they give you permission to send them more details then you can proceed.

Here is a sample of a letter that I might use when I have the email address of a 'powerseller' that fits the above profile. Keep in mind that I have already gotten them interested in my idea and gotten their permission to send them more information. I send them something like this:

Hi ebay Powerseller User ID here,

Thanks for agreeing to let me send you some information on my idea.

I've implemented an idea on eBay that is making me some pretty nice passive income, and I think you could benefit from this idea as well.I've noticed you are having a lot of success selling (mention their product here) on eBay and I have some ideas for you.

Stated more clearly: I'd like to partner with you in a mutually beneficial NO RISK arrangement.

This letter is not a mass mailed email - I'm only sending this to one candidate at a time so I hope you'll read it -I think you'll be very glad you did. I hope to hear from you before making this offer available to anyone else. MY HOME PHONE NUMBER IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL - this is not a SPAM letter.

The idea I have for you will put money in your pocket, increase the number of bidders you have, improve the perceived level of expertise your eBay customers see in you, and raise the confidence level of your eBay bidders.

You are an ideal candidate for this idea because you have good eBay feedback, a lot of experience, and a fairly consistent product offering (mention their product here). You can capitalize on your 'expertise' in a way you probably have never thought of, or haven't had the time to "pull together"._

That's where I come in:

The idea I have for you will cost you nothing, and will begin making you guaranteed extra money immediately and indefinitely without any risks for you at any point. This technique requires no effort on your part except a little time for initial set up. Once you start, you can 'turn it off' at any point as well (although I'm not sure why you would). You will have no competition ever, nor will your competition have any idea how successful or unsuccessful this "idea" is for you - unlike eBay sales, there is no "public" record of the transactions. Once this is set up you go back to your normal activities- the only difference is you start getting nice checks every month from me.


The idea is based on capturing the hidden revenue that I've found in the "hits" that visit my eBay auctions. There's cash in those hits!! No, this is not a program or link that takes bidders away from your auctions (eBay doesn't allow those anyway...). This idea will actually increase your credibility and increase the number of bidders you get.

Here's my idea in a nutshell. You help with one task, and I'll do the rest. Your one task is this - find, write, or submit an idea to me for a document explaining anything that your eBay 'bidders' and/or 'visitors' might be interested in. This could be a "how to" report, a "tips" guide, or anything else related to (mention their main product here) or things that people who buy (mention their product here) are likely to be interested in. Come up with as many ideas as you can. Answer this question as many times as you can:

***People who visit my eBay auctions are likely to also be interested in reading about__(fill in the blank)***

I have also brainstormed a few ideas: (list your ideas for information products here)

This will also take some brainstorming on your part, but this is your only job in the process - to think (I like getting paid to think - how does that sound to you?) There are at least 20 of these ideas waiting for us to find - think of a few...

My part in the process is this-

Turn your document or idea into an 'eBook' (professional cover, edited, etc.), create a web site specifically designed to sell your eBook (accept credit cards etc.), give you the HTML to set up your eBay "about me" page in a way to drive traffic to our site (Do this in such a way that it is eBay approved), deliver the ordered eBooks (immediate delivery for those wanting your book as a computer file), give you one line of text to add to all of your eBay auctions to direct some of your eBay shoppers and bidders to our website (keep in mind this HELPS your eBay sales - I can show you how), maintain and update our website using the eBook sales knowledge that I have acquired to date, handle all complaints and refunds (we have to offer refunds or we'll lose many sales), notify you automatically via email every time one of your eBooks sells, send you monthly royalty checks.

Again - you do nothing accept cash the checks once this is set up.

Here's another thought that will add to your excitement. If every 100 hits = another sold eBook, then you don't have to make money on an eBay auction to make money on your eBay 'shoppers' that visit your auctions. (No eBay fees on eBooks sold either!) I actually lose cash on my auctions on occasion, but I have a big smile on my face because I got enough hits to sell a few eBooks.

Here are some other facts for you about my idea...

-This system is 'autopilot' cash - If we both go on vacation at the same time for a month the $ keeps rolling in.

-I do ALL the HTML and web site maintenance

-We will get orders from non-eBay Internet browsers as well (I'll get us set up on search engines etc. to drive non-eBay traffic to us.)

-You are automatically paid every time an eBook sale is made (test this at any time by having a friend order one of our eBooks) -You can be as involved or as detached from the process as you'd like

-We will have a simple written 'gentlemen's' contract to protect both of us

-This entire system is within eBay's acceptable use guidelines

-If you get your own web site at some point this "eBook" page will be a nice little link off to the side. There is no reason you can't expand later and have more of a web presence.

-You don't have to reveal any personal information to me (credit card numbers, eBay passwords etc.) I can even deliver your payments via email using PayPal if you'd like.

Thanks for your time - I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Name,

Your Phone number Email address etc...

Picture in your mind an eBay 'powerseller' that works very hard and sells hundreds of items per week, but has a BLANK "about me" page on eBay. There are thousands of these people out there! Many of them don't even use HTML in their auctions. They are begging for us to come along and turn on a 'Silent Sales Machine' for them.

Now picture in your mind a second person (not yourself) that has the coolest web site, newsletter, or "impulse product" that would appeal to the "about me" page visitors of the powerseller we just imagined above. Hook these two people up and get a small piece of the action!

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