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I use Vendio.com or auction-hawk.com to easily *list professional looking eBay auctions. I also have provided many great free eBay resources on the resource page that comes with this book. You need to be using HTML in your listings to get that 'professional look', but you don't have to learn HTML to use it. Many software programs build a nice looking auction description page for you.

Resource page: http://www.silentsalesmachine.com/resourcepg.html

Maybe you've been selling items on eBay that are only generating 20 or 30 hits per auction. Your product may not be ideal for these ideas. This is a numbers game: more hits=more customer=more bids and more profit. You

* List - this is the term that eBay sellers use when referring to putting something up for auction on eBay or any other on-line auction (i.e. I 'list' a few of my comic books on eBay every week also means I put a few of my comic books up for sale on eBay every week.)

don't have to abandon your passion, but find a way to get hits on eBay. Those hits are GOLD. By browsing eBay you will find a multitude of "high attention" items that you can sell. Remember that once you have a system in place you only need to break even on the auction because you are trying to benefit from the visitors to your auction in other ways on the backend.

5.3 Having more than one eBay account

EBay does allow you to have as many separate accounts, as you'd like. The only thing you have to do is use a different email address with each account you set up.

I recommend keeping your scope fairly narrow for each eBay account you have. Consider having a handful of eBay accounts each with a different product and target market focus.

Here's an article I wrote from a recent issue of my newsletter "Creative eBay Selling" about having more than one eBay account:

I get asked the "multiple eBay accounts" question all the time.

Did you know that eBay allows you to have more than one eBay account? For example, many people have an account for buying on eBay and a separate account for selling.

I advocate having multiple eBay accounts. Here are some reasons why:

> You can keep your eBay feedback protected. You protect your feedback by separating buying and selling into at least two different accounts. That way if you buy something from a fraudulent seller you can leave them negative feedback without worrying about them retaliating with negative feedback toward you on your "selling" account. This does happen! Having a little negative feedback as a buyer is no big deal. Having negative feedback as a seller can do some damage to your reputation as a seller and to your bottom line!

> You can have a theme with each account. This concept is discussed at length in the book "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay". To summarize, you can benefit in many ways if you have a general theme going in each of your eBay selling accounts. Your account name, the items you sell, the contents of your about me page, and the 'back-end' offers you provide can all revolve around that same theme. You'll be perceived as an expert. There are ways to make a lot more money if you have a theme.

> Insurance against having to 'start all over'. eBay reserves the right to shut anyone down at any time. You could accidentally or even intentionally violate an eBay policy with your only account and be stuck with the gloomy task of having to establish a brand new account with NO FEEDBACK - it happens all the time to unfortunate sellers! Even if eBay doesn't shut you down, they can impose 'temporary' black outs on accounts that violate certain policies. This can be costly! IMPORTANT NOTE: If eBay decides to 'suspend' you they will attempt to go after all known eBay accounts that you are running. They can track your various accounts via your IP address, your name, your street address etc. Forming partnerships with people who have completely different contact information than you is the only way


to continue to operate if you are suspended. Please don't interpret this information as a license to violate eBay policy. That's not why I'm divulging this information. The eBay policies can be unclear at times, and we all need to be as prepared as possible for whatever might come our way. Partnerships are insurance against losing our entire eBay business in one short moment.

> Sell your spare account! Currently eBay prohibits the resell of accounts from one 'owner' to another 'owner', but who knows what the future holds? As "credibility" becomes more of a required and rare asset on the internet an eBay account with a lot of positive feedback could be worth its weight in gold! I predict that in the future eBay will change their "no transfer" policy and the exchange of accounts will be allowed. They'll change the rules when they realize they are missing out on the revenue they could generate by allowing these regulated sales to occur. To keep the transfer process from being abused they might have rules that only allow transfers of accounts to sellers with similar feedback levels and length of experience.

> Participate in eBay chats anonymously. If you aren't familiar with eBay chat rooms, you should check them out. You can ask just about any question you'd like and get an answer from other eBayers. Unfortunately, you can also attract unwanted attention from eBay "prowlers". Among the millions of eBayers are some who are less than friendly. If you remain anonymous in the chat rooms you can speak freely without worrying about creating an eBay enemy who tries to sabotage your business (i.e. buy from you just to leave you negative feedback). Be warned: eBay does monitor the eBay chat boards and has shut down the accounts of blatant policy abusers. Know the policies and stay nice!

How can you open a new eBay account?

It's quite simple really. Currently, the only information that eBay REQUIRES being different when opening a second or third eBay account is your email address. If you don't want to monitor multiple email addresses (for multiple eBay accounts) simply forward all addresses to your one primary address._

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