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So, ecommerce websites are no longer difficult to create or expensive. What does this mean to eBay retailers who run auctions on eBay? It means that auctions on eBay and an ecommerce website can work together to increase business. For instance, Dutch auctions are a good way to sell inventory in quantity on eBay. It's almost like selling inventory out of a catalog. Likewise, the Buy It Now feature of eBay enables you to turn eBay into an online fixed-price catalog, in effect. Turbo Lister enables you to upload auctions in bulk quickly and efficiently. And, of course, eBay Stores are ecommerce websites themselves.

If you do conduct a retail operation on eBay, you might ask yourself, How can I get customers from my auction ads to my ecommerce website without violating eBay rules? As you will recall from Chapters 4 and 20, eBay does permit a link to your About Me webpage from your auction ad and a link from your About Me webpage to your ecommerce website. However, eBay policies state that you cannot sell the same products you are auctioning on eBay at your ecommerce website at a lower price. Otherwise no link is permitted.

It's clear to me that an ecommerce website and eBay are potentially two powerful online retailing tools. Why choose one over the other? Can you use both together to generate the highest possible volume of Web retail sales?

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