What type of products do you shoot outdoors? Big ones. The stuff you can't easily bring indoors to photograph and the stuff that's too big to photograph indoors even though it may be stored indoors. A car makes a good example. It's almost impossible to photograph it in the garage; there's not enough room. You need to move it outside and shoot it in the daylight.

A car is easy to move out of the garage, but what about a canoe? Suppose you have a canoe hung from the ceiling in your garage. It would be impractical to photograph it there to show the details. You need to move it outside first. By moving it outside onto the lawn, you can take useful photographs quickly and efficiently. Getting set up to shoot inside with a neutral background would be much more trouble than shooting it on the lawn (or on two sawhorses above the snow in winter).

You will find most large outdoor products more convenient to shoot outdoors unless you create an indoor studio especially designed to handle large products.

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