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You might want to include a direct link to your eBay Store at several places within your listing. After customers discover an item you have for sale (due to your outstanding marketing techniques, of course), directing them to your eBay Store gives your customers a look at your entire array of merchandise for their shopping pleasure! eBay automatically provides several direct links to your eBay Store, but you should also provide your own; this is one place where more is better!

Savvy sellers offer shipping discounts to customers who purchase more than one item at a time; in these days of rising energy costs, who isn't looking for a way to reduce expenses? Be sure to emphasize multiple-purchase shipping discounts in each of your listing descriptions — and give each one a link to your eBay Store to make it easier for your potential buyer to find more items to purchase; that convenience might clinch the deal! Marsha creates a link to her eBay Store ("Marsha Collier's Fabulous Finds") as shown here:

<a href="'s-Fabulous-Finds">Visit my eBay Store for low prices on handy seller tools and Cloud Dome Products</a>

You can also provide a link to your eBay Store from your own Web site; it's easy, and it might save you money on your eBay fees! As of this writing, if a customer arrives at your eBay Store from an external site by clicking a specially coded link — and then makes a purchase — eBay will reduce the Final Value Fee (commission) that the seller pays for that sale by 75 percent! That should be enough of an incentive to learn the simple HTML command to direct your Web site visitors to your eBay Store.

You can create this money-saving link just like the preceding direct link, but be sure to add the referral code ?refid=store to the URL. That way eBay knows the link that sent the customers to your eBay Store came from you. Here's what that looks like in practice:

<a ref=""> Visit my eBay Store for more fabulous buys</a>

For the latest information about saving money on your fees, search eBay's IrnQu 1 help system for Store Referral Credit.

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