Linking to specific items or categories in your eBay Store

If your eBay Store is chock-full of wonderful stuff, you might want to link to only one specific item or category of items. The more merchandise you have in your store, the more important these directional links are. After all, in the brick-and-mortar world, the larger the department store, the more store directories there are to keep shoppers from feeling overwhelmed and leaving in frustration.

Creating directional links — to either a single item or a category — is easy and works much the same in either case. Just do the following:

1 To link a listing to a single store item, simply view the item in your eBay Store where you can see its unique item number. This number is part of the URL that points to the single item. Copy the URL from the location bar in your Web browser and paste it into the href tag. Your linking command should look something like this one:

<a href="

ViewItem&item=7551201712">eBay For Dummies</a>

URLs can have parameters, and most aren't necessary for linking directly to a single eBay item. Parameters in URLs begin with either a ? (question mark) or & (ampersand) character, and the only parameter required for linking to a single item is &item=9 9 99 9 9 99 9. You can delete anything in the URL that follows this parameter.

1 To link a listing to a specific store category, go to your eBay Store and select the appropriate category. The URL displayed is the one that you use in the anchor command's href attribute, which should look something like this:

<a href="

W0QQdptZ0QQsclZallQQtZkm">Need seller's tools? Find them in my eBay Store.</a>

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