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^ Adding optional custom pages ^ Branding your store with themes and headers ^ Promoting sales and special items hen eBay Stores were first introduced, they were severely limited in their features. At the time, they provided a simple way for sellers to have all their listings displayed in one place, and that was about it . . .

They've come a long way since then! Features have burgeoned. These days eBay Store owners can choose quite an array of features to make their eBay Stores into online selling environments. Try these on for size:

1 Selling Manager: This program keeps your sales ordered and tracked, adding professionalism even if you've never been to business school.

1 Phone support: If you need help with your eBay Store and want to give eBay a phone call, this feature's got you covered.

1 Traffic reports: Online visitors are the lifeblood of your eBay business; see how many folks have dropped by for a look at your wares, and how they got there.

1 E-mail newsletters: Staying in touch with your customers — new, repeat, or regular — has never been easier.

1 Cross-merchandising: If you have (say) a line of perfectly extreme guitar straps to go with those hot electric guitars you're selling, get those goods to help sell each other!

1 Custom non-inventory pages: Here's where you can expand on your policies or terms and conditions, share your expertise — any non-inventory information you need to share.

1 Custom headers: These give your store's Web pages a look that is consistent — but uniquely yours — that makes customers feel welcome.

1 Promotion boxes: Catch that trend and ride it by calling attention to your latest hot item, or get that special sale up and running in no time.

Should you decide to open an eBay Store, you have three different levels you can choose: Basic, Featured, or Anchor. The Featured and Anchor levels have all of the same features of a Basic store, along with additional merchandising exposure and traffic reporting. To give you the big picture, this chapter covers the features that can help all eBay store owners enhance the look of their stores and their listings.

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Ebay PowerSeller

Ebay PowerSeller

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