Deciding on Custom Pages

With each eBay Store, the seller can create a specific number of optional custom pages with additional information about the seller, the store, or the merchandise available for sale. A Basic store can have up to five custom pages. These pages provide a virtual blank slate for the seller to provide more information to their customers about their business and items for sale.

Follow these steps to create custom pages for your eBay Store:

1. Go to your eBay Store.

2. Click the Seller, manage Store link at the bottom-right corner of the page.

3. Click the Custom Pages link on the left side of the page under Store Design.

4. Click the Create new page link to create a new custom page.

For sellers who create an optional custom page, eBay offers a choice of layouts which include promotion boxes, item showcases, text sections, item lists, and picture placements.

How many custom pages you can create depends on the level of your eBay Store; the higher the level, the more custom pages you are allowed. When you've created the maximum number of custom pages, you have to delete an existing page before you can create a new one.

How to Sell Digital Products on eBay

How to Sell Digital Products on eBay

In 2008 eBay changed their policy on digital product sales stating that they no longer permitted digital products being sold on eBay unless it was physically sent in the mail on a CD.

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