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You can receive eBay alerts and instant messages (IM) on a wireless device, such as a smartphone, Blackberry device, or on a cell phone with the requisite capabilities. In other words, you never need to wonder what is happening with your eBay sales (or purchases)—perfect for price checks when you are at a distributor, auction, or collectors' show. You can receive the following types of notices, both when you're bidding on eBay to buy merchandise and when you're selling:

• When someone outbids you

• When an auction ends and you learn whether you are the high bidder

• When someone leaves you feedback

• When a buyer pays for an item of yours

• When an item of yours sells or does not sell

• A buyer completes checkout

To receive either IMs or wireless e-mails, start from My eBay:

1. From My eBay, under My Account on the My eBay Views sidebar, click Notification Preferences.

2. Under Notification Preferences, click Show to the right of Notification Delivery Format.

3. In the Delivery Options area, shown in Figure 3-10, click Subscribe next to the type of service you want, IM or SMS (Simple Message System)

text message alerts on your cell phone-capable device. (Unlike IMs, eBay will charge you $ 0.25 per auction item for up to ten alerts per item.)

4. Follow the prompts to subscribe to the service.

Figure 3-10: Select the type of notification service to which you want to subscribe.

• Transition items to the Shipping Center after payment has been received and cleared. PayPal payments seamlessly integrate with My eBay selling views and management software, but you will have to monitor receipt of several other forms of payments.

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