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So what are you really trying to accomplish by ramping up your current eBay sales or moving your current traditional business to eBay? Three common tools that businesses use to help clarify their raison d'être (reason to be) and where they see themselves in the future can help you focus your ideas for a business plan. In fact, coalescing your ideas into a few categories may be all you need for a business plan that doesn't require external financing. In The One Page Business Plan by Jim Horan, these categories, along with a few others, could comprise your business plan:

• The Vision Statement lets you dream on paper. Place your idealistic thoughts as to what you want your business to be into words, for example, "to create a presence on eBay recognized as the go-to seller for vintage women's clothing."

• The Mission Statement, at its core, describes the purpose of your business, for example, "to provide quality, interesting, and functional articles of vintage clothing."

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