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One of the more tedious eBay tasks is also one of the most important actions to ensure the overall solvency of eBay as a global marketplace. Feedback is the mechanism that provides a reputation and trust for the millions of buyers who make daily purchases on eBay sites. You need to support the effort by rewarding your buyers with positive feedback (even though you cannot chastise them with negative feedback), but the chore can sometimes stand in the way of completing the action (see the "Reviewing

Ensure you download data from online auction-management programs to your local system for archiving before the information is removed from the service and you can no longer access it. Most programs allow you to download the data in a format that can be read by spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel and Intuit QuickBooks accounting programs.

Previewing your feedback profile

Your eBay Feedback Profile is an important way that potential buyers can get a sense of your honesty, reliability, and overall business worthiness. It records how satisfied a buyer is with the transaction. An example can be seen in Figure 5-17. Every eBay seller knows about the value of positive feedback and the downside of its negative twin, but it's especially important to those of you who plan on using eBay to produce an income or to support a lifestyle that you treat feedback with the respect it's due. A Feedback Profile is made up of two parts: the Feedback Rating and the Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs).

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