Becoming A Powerseller

So you've been selling a lot of items on eBay and covet that slick PowerSeller icon you see next to some sellers' User IDs. Becoming a big eBay seller is not a trivial matter, however, and eBay only hands out these PowerSeller icons after you've earned your eBay stripes. (You are invited to join when eBay determines you've met their criteria.) To check to see if you qualify to become a PowerSeller: i'sUn"

1. Click Site Map on the eBay header.

2. Under Selling Resources, click PowerSellers. Under Choose A Topic on the sidebar:

• Click Requirements to find out how you will qualify to be a PowerSeller.

• Click Program Benefits to find out why you might want to be one.

Ebay PowerSeller

Ebay PowerSeller

The Definitive Guide to Becoming an eBay Powerseller guides you through the rules, giving lists of prohibited items, behaviors, and other landmines.

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