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You've decided to take the plunge and open an eBay store. Do you have an eBay user ID? Have you thought of a good name for your store? Your store name doesn't have to match your eBay user ID, but they're more recognizable if they relate to each other. You can use your company name, your business name, or a name that describes your business. I recommend that you use the same name for your eBay store that you plan to use in all your online businesses. By doing so, you'll begin to create an identity (or as the pros call it, a brand) that customers will come to recognize and trust.

_Chapter 5: Expanding Sales with an eBay Store 113

Mind your underscores and hyphens

If you want to use your eBay user ID for your store name, you can — unless it contains a hyphen (-) or an underscore (_). Remember how eBay recommends that you break up words in your user ID with a dash or an underscore? Uh oh, that's no good for an eBay store name. I'm in that situation. My user ID is marsha_c; without the underscore, it translates into a user ID that someone else has already taken! Even though it hasn't been used since 1999, someone else has it, which means I can't use it. (marsha_c is probably a crummy name for a store anyway!)

A favorite seller of mine — mrswarren — realized that mrswarren isn't a good name for a store either. So she named her store Pretty Girlie Things, which suits her merchandise to a T.

Your online eBay store should not replace your e-commerce-enabled Web site (see Chapter 8); it should be an extension of it. When people shop at your eBay store, you must take the opportunity to make them customers of your Web site through your store's About the Seller page (which is also your About Me page on eBay). Good deal!

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How to Sell Digital Products on eBay

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