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Purchasing wholesale merchandise may require that you have your state's resale license, which identifies you as being in the business. Be sure that you have one before you try to purchase merchandise direct from another business. Also, when you have a resale number and purchase merchandise from another business — known as a business to business (B2B) transaction — you probably won't be charged tax when you purchase your stock because you'll be paying sales tax when you sell the items. Go to Chapter 15 to find out how to get that magic resale number.

When you have your resale number, you can go anywhere you want to buy merchandise. If you want to buy direct from a manufacturer, you can. Unfortunately, manufacturers often have a monetary minimum for the amount of your order, which may be more than you want to spend (and you'd get more of a particular item than you'd ever want at once). To remedy that, see whether you can find some independent retailers who buy in quantity and who perhaps will let you in on some quantity buys with manufacturers.

To find wholesalers on the Internet, try Refine your search to your favorite categories: golf, jewelry, skateboards — get the idea? Then run the following searches (inserting your choice of merchandise as indicated): Dealer login jewelry; Wholesale login jewelry; Member login jewelry; Distributor login jewelry; Licensed retailers only.

Sometimes the liquidators that I discuss in the preceding section get cases of perfectly salable goods in their loads. Pallets break up into many cases, and liquidators will often sell these cases individually on eBay. What a great way to acquire goods for your eBay business; I know of several eBay sellers who buy their merchandise this way.

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