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In This Chapter

^ Finding the right category on eBay ^ Figuring out whether fixed-price sales will work for you ^ Selecting the auction type that works for you ^ Pondering auction philosophies

Breaking the rules: What you can't do on eBay

J\ t first glance, eBay is this behemoth Web site with millions of listings that seems way too large for any novice to possibly master. On the surface, that's right. eBay is always growing and changing to meet the demands of its users. Under all the cosmetic changes, however, you always come back to the basics. eBay is still a traditional trading site: a community of buyers and sellers who follow rules and policies, making eBay a safe place to trade.

As anything expands, it must compartmentalize to be manageable. The folks at eBay have done this most handily. The original basic eight categories now number in the thousands. The category breakdown is far clearer and more concise than originally conceived. When a new trend begins, the eBay tech gurus evaluate the sales and, when necessary, add new categories.

All this growth has forced eBay to expand. Aside from the traditional eBay auctions, you'll now find multiple item (Dutch) auctions, private auctions, restricted auctions, and more. Whoa, that's confusing! In this chapter, I explain the eBay features by reviewing how you can transact your business. Armed with this knowledge, you can succeed with your listings — sooner than later.

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How to Sell Digital Products on eBay

How to Sell Digital Products on eBay

In 2008 eBay changed their policy on digital product sales stating that they no longer permitted digital products being sold on eBay unless it was physically sent in the mail on a CD.

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