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There are so many questions when you're selling on eBay. What is the best time to end my auction? What day should I start my listing? Is it better to run a five-day or a seven-day auction? Now an online service can help you separate the rumors from the facts.

Lots of eBay experts out there will give you hard-and-fast rules to guarantee success with your listings. It's a lot of bunk. Every category and every type of item may draw shoppers at different times of the day and different days of the week. The best experts are those who are selling every day on eBay, day in and day out. They are usually PowerSellers and do their own research for their listings. They don't have the time to spout off and give you secrets. I'm a regular seller on eBay (a PowerSeller too), and I've noticed distinct variations in my sales through a fantastic online service called ViewTracker from Sellathon. It's really one of a kind.

Sellathon tracks your listings using a small piece of code that you insert in your auctions. The site gives you loads of information about your visitors, without violating anyone's privacy. Here are some of the things you can find out:

1 How many times someone has visited your auction

1 The date and time the visitor arrived at your auction, and what city, state, and country your visitor is from

1 Whether the reserve price was met when the visitor arrived

1 When the item received a bid (and how many bids had been placed up to that moment)

1 Whether the visitor had chosen to watch this listing in his or her My eBay page

1 Whether the visitor browsed a category, searched a category, searched all of eBay, used eBay's Product Finder utility, or came from the See Seller's Other Items page or some other page and what category he or she was browsing

1 If the visitor was searching, what search terms he or she used to find your item and whether the search was for Titles Only or Titles and Descriptions

1 Whether the user elected to view Auctions Only, Buy it Now, or both

You get all this information and more. Sellathon offers a thirty-day free trial at After that, the service is $4.95 a month.

To end an old wives' tale about what days and times your listings get the highest hits, Figure 9-1 shows you some charts from my Sellathon account, showing how many visits my listings got each day. Verrry interesting.

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How To Cash in on eBay

How To Cash in on eBay

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