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Be sure the items you send out are in tip-top shape. Here are a few everyday chemicals that can gild the lily:

1 WD-40: This decades-old lubricant works incredibly well at getting price stickers off plastic and glass without damaging the product. The plastic on a toy box may begin to look scratchy and nasty, even when stored in a clean environment. A quick wipe with a paper towel containing a dash of WD-40 will make it shine like new. WD-40 also works well for untangling jewelry chains and shining up metallic objects. (It also removes ink and crayon marks from many items.)

1 Goo Gone: Goo Gone works miracles in cleaning up gooey sticker residue from nonporous items.

1 un-du: This amazing liquid easily removes stickers from cardboard, plastic, fabrics, and more without causing damage. It comes packaged with a patented miniscraper top that you can use in any of your sticker-cleaning projects. You can also use lighter fluid (which is, of course, considerably more dangerous and may damage your item).

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