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A group of collectors who saw the need for power tools for PowerSellers developed this highly graphical site ( I think they've succeeded. (They were known in the eBay community as AuctionWorks but changed their name in June 2004.) A high percentage of eBay PowerSellers use the site. They launch approximately six million listings on eBay every month. Marketworks offers help links at every turn, a first-rate online tutorial, free toll-free support (that's a free phone call and free support), and free interactive training classes for registered users. The site integration is broad; here are just a few of their features:

i Item and inventory management: Features the ClickLaunch Single Step Launcher, which launches individual items to auction while adding them to inventory. (The site also has a bulk item-launching capability.) LaunchBots provides automated launching of your listings. With their Bulk Inventory Upload form, you can import existing auctions from eBay into Excel and MS Access.

i Image hosting: Enables you to bulk upload fifteen images at a time to their servers. The basic account allows 100MB of storage. If your images average 30K each, you should be able to upload almost 3500 images into the 100MB image-hosting space.

eBay's Selling Manager eBay replaced the All Selling tab of your My eBay page with Selling Manager, which displays a summary of your current transactions. Many sellers (even some PowerSellers) rely on Selling Manager to handle their eBay management chores.

From Selling Manager, you can i View listing status: You can see which sales activities you've completed and what you still have to do.

i Send custom e-mail and post feedback:

Customize your e-mail templates and set up stored feedback comments to help you run through the post-sales process quickly.

i Relist in bulk: Relist multiple sold and unsold listings at once.

1 Maintain sales records: See individual sales records for every transaction, including a history of the transaction status.

1 Print invoices and shipping labels: Print labels and invoices directly from sales records.

1 Download sales history: Export your sales records to keep files on your computer.

1 Keep track of NPB and FVF: File nonpaying bidder alerts and final value fee requests.

The fee to use Selling Manager is $4.99 a month. (It's free when you have a basic eBay store.) They also offer a Pro version that incorporates inventory management and more for $15.99 a month. Many sellers (myself included) love the Pro version. The figure shows a Pro summary page.

Selling Manager Pro Summary f Print Help Customize Summary

Product Inventory

S2.ÛQQ S1.000





Last 24 hours Last 7 days Last 30 days

Last 24 hours Last 7 days Last 30 days

Active Listings

Ending within the next hour

Ending today

Listings with questions

Listing with bids

Ended Listings (last 60 days)



Eligible for Relist Fee credit

Sales $45.99

Customize SC # of Products

Product Inventory

Customize SC # of Products



Low Stock


Out of Stock


Sold (last 90 days)

Customize X

Sales # of Listings


S5.410.34 92

Awaitina Payment

$9189 2

Buyers eligible for combined purchases


Awaitina Shipment

$38.98 2

Paid and waitino to ciive Feedback


Paid and Shipped

S5.279.47 88

Shipped and waiting to give Feedback

Eligible for Unc-aid Item

Disputes awaiting vour resccnse_

Dispute Console

Eligible for Unc-aid Item

Disputes awaiting vour resccnse_

1 Auction reporting: Generates accounts receivable, item history, and post-sales reports from the Reports area. Marketworks has its own Traction System for sales and item tracking. The reporting feature offers customizable views of your sales data, item and auction data, accounts receivable, and sales tax by state!

i Templates and listing: Marketworks uses their own trademarked

Ballista template listing system. You can use their predefined color templates or use their macros with your own predefined HTML template, substituting the macros for stock areas in your template. By using their custom ad template option and well-thought-out macros, you can take your own HTML and make a Marketworks template.

i Post-auction management: Sends out automated e-mail to your winners, linking them back to your own branded checkout page. If customers want to pay with PayPal or through your own Merchant Account, they have to link from there. Marketworks combines multiple wins for shipping and invoicing. You have the option to set six different feedback comments, which you choose at the time of posting.

Marketworks offers all their users a StoreFront with its own URL at no additional charge. If an item sells from your StoreFront, you pay the usual 2 percent commission. When you load items into inventory, you have the choice of immediately listing them in your StoreFront. All your items are seamlessly integrated. To get current information and sign up for a free trial, go to

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