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^ Getting serious about your business ^ Making decisions about what to sell ^ Having what it takes to make a living online ^ Running your business efficiently

So you've decided to step up to the plate and start that eBay business.

You should first decide how much time you have to devote. I suggest that you don't quit your day job (yet). Instead, start expanding your sales in baby steps. You can sell part time and still be a business and have a nice chunk of extra income. A large portion of sellers, even eBay PowerSellers (those who gross more than $1000 a month in sales), work on eBay only part time.

eBay sellers come from all walks of life. A good number of stay-at-home moms are selling on eBay. And so many retirees are finding eBay a great place to supplement their income, that I wouldn't be surprised if the AARP creates a special eBay arm. If you're pulled out of your normal work routine and faced with a new lifestyle, you can easily make the transition to selling on eBay.

In this chapter, I talk about planning just how much time you'll be able to devote to your eBay business — and how to budget that time. I also talk about figuring out what to sell. Your eBay business won't grow overnight, but with dedication and persistence, you may just form your own online empire.

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Ebay PowerSeller

Ebay PowerSeller

The Definitive Guide to Becoming an eBay Powerseller guides you through the rules, giving lists of prohibited items, behaviors, and other landmines.

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