Building an eBay Back Office

In This Chapter

^ Organizing your stock ^ Keeping inventory ^ Exploring shipping materials ^ Becoming your own post office

7 he more items you sell, the more confusing things can get. As you build your eBay business, the little side table you use for storing eBay merchandise isn't going to work. You must think industrial. Even part-time sellers can benefit by adding a few professional touches to their business areas.

In this chapter, I emphasize the importance of setting up and organizing your back office. Organization will save you huge amounts of time when it comes to fulfilling your orders. I cover everything from stacking your stock to keeping inventory to indispensable packing materials and online postage services. Organization will be your byword. Dive right in. The sooner you read this chapter, the sooner you can build your eBay back office and get down to business.

eBay Cash Insider

eBay Cash Insider

I refined my information, added notes as things came up and took out old or outdated information. Each time I discovered a new little tip or trick as I was making money with EBay, I added that information. Today, I bring home anywhere from 500 to 2000 each week with EBay. Thats not too shabby for someone who was just a year ago afraid to even purchase something from the site.

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