The winners notification letter

Have you ever received a bulk-generated standard winner's confirmation letter? The seller hasn't bothered to fill in half the blanks, and you're verging on insulted by the 'can't be bothered' message? Receiving a note like this after you request that the seller combine purchases (and the letter pays no attention to your request) is especially annoying. A personal approach goes a long way with customers as is shown in the message below, sent by Marsha.

We're not saying you shouldn't automate your eBay business. We're merely suggesting - strongly recommending - that you take the time to personalise even your canned e-mail responses. If you decide to send automated responses, choose a program that allows you to combine multiple wins in one letter and to apply the correct shipping costs the first time.

Here's the tried and true winner's notice that Marsha sends out:


Yours was the winning bid on eBay item #122342911 for the Emilio Pucci book! You got a great deal! I am looking forward to a pleasant transaction and positive feedback for both of us.

Please include a copy of this e-mail with your name and shipping address along with your payment:

Winning Bid Amount $14.95

Shipping and Handling $2.50

TOTAL Amount Due $17.45

You may pay by money order, with a personal check, or with a credit card through PayPal. If you are not set up with them, just e-mail me and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.

A money order or online payment assures immediate shipping upon receipt of payment! If you pay by check, I will ship your item after a 14-day clearing period; be sure to include the item name and your e-mail address with payment. Please send your payment to the address shown below:

Marsha Collier 1234 Anywhere Street Los Angeles, CA 91352

Your payment is expected on or before Saturday, April 2, 2006. I look forward to receiving it. I will ship on receipt of payment in full, via priority mail with delivery confirmation.

Thank you for your Winning Bid! I am delighted to be dealing with you and know you will enjoy your purchase.

Marsha_c Marsha Collier

At the end of a winner's notice letter, offer your winner some special discounts or other offers from your Web site. Include a few items this particular winner may be interested in (based on the current win) and include a link to your site. Also include the reminder that you can combine postage and that you look forward to a response.

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