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Aside from being pretty, bright, and talented, Marjie Smith is a heck of an eBay seller. She's not only a PowerSeller, she's the founder of the Disabled Online Users Association (DOUA) - her other full-time job.

She discovered eBay when she was running an e-mail discussion group of women who collected Beanies Babies. Many were looking for connections to complete their collections. Being the head 'nut' (nicknamed that by the group after the Ty Beanie 'Nuts' the Squirrel), it was her job to help them accomplish this goal. The rest, they say, is history.

Marjie runs 50 to 100 auctions a week and keeps her eBay store as stocked as she possibly can. She's an authorized Etienne Aigner representative and has exclusive agreements with several unique gift lines. But she's quick to point out that she'll sell anything! She once found a box of old, beat-up books next to a dumpster outside a thrift shop. She waited till no one was looking and snapped them up and sold them on eBay. That box of books netted her a cool $300 profit.

Just like many of the sellers we profile here, Marjie spends as many as 70 hours a week on her eBay enterprises. Her biggest sale came from a woman who used Buy It Now to purchase more than $1000 worth of lovely Etienne Aigner accessories from her eBay store in one day.

eBay has really changed her life. 'Being a successful eBay seller has truly given me my wings. I am independent, self-sufficient, and financially stable. I know I won't get laid off, downsized, or put out to pasture before I'm ready. I'm my own boss, work my own hours, set my own limits, and can readily achieve them thanks to the platform that eBay provides to all sellers. When they say it's a level playing field, believe it.'

Aside from an eBay store, Marjie sells from her Web site www.abovethe (see Figure 18-2) and runs the site for DOUA,

Marjie's words for new sellers on eBay? Remember back to when you were a new buyer. Take all the good from the sellers who've helped you along the way, add your own flavour, and always do right by your customers.

Figure 18-2:

The Abovethemall Web site.


^r Products


yr DOUA /r

^ Privacy

^ Contactas

Uli 11 V Taking Customer Sei ^V to New Heights



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