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Although eBay is based in California and therefore must abide by California law, sellers do business all over the world. Additionally, items sold at must abide by UK laws. As a seller, you're ultimately responsible for the legality of the items you sell and the way that you transact business on eBay. Yes, you're able to sell thousands of different items on eBay. But do you know what you aren't allowed to sell on

The eBay User Agreement outlines all eBay rules and regulations regarding what you can and can't sell as well as all aspects of doing business at eBay. If you haven't read the User Agreement recently, do so; you can find it at the following address:

These policies can change from time to time. As an active seller, make sure that you're notified of any changes. To request that you be notified when eBay makes changes to the User Agreement, as well as to control any correspondence you receive from eBay, follow these steps:

1. In the My eBay Views section of the My eBay page, click the eBay Preferences link under My Account. Click the Edit link, next to Notification Preferences.

Alternatively you can go to the following address:

2. Sign in with your user ID and password.

The Notification Preferences page appears.

3. Scroll down to the Legal and Policy Notifications area (see Figure 4-1), and check or uncheck any option you want to invoke.

To receive important information that may affect how you run your auctions, click the User Agreement Changes option and Privacy Policy Changes option.

If you don't have a firm grasp of the rules and regulations for listing auctions, check out Chapter 2. But in addition to knowing the rules for listing items, you must consider the items themselves. In this section, we detail the three categories of items to be wary of: prohibited, questionable, and infringing. Some items are banned, full stop; others fall in a grey area. You're responsible for what you sell, so you need to know what's legal and what's not.

You may think giving away a regulated or banned item as a bonus item with your auction is okay. Think again. Even giving away such items for free doesn't save you from potential legal responsibility.

Figure 4-1:

The Legal e-mails area of the Notification Preferences form.

O Text-only emails

Newsletters, Promotions, and Event Notifications

Important: We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes, and only use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

W eBay product surveys

Send me occasional surveys about eBay features and proposed changes.

0Newsletters, promotions, and event notifications

Send me email about my favorite categories, coupons, and other special offers such as Free Listing Days. If you are a seller, unchecking this box means you will not receive Seller or PowerSeller newsletters and promotions. (HTML format only.)

Promotional and educational pages display

Allow eBay to occasionally show me pages featuring promotions and educational information after I sign in. F eBay direct mail

Send me mail about my favorite categories, coupons, and other special offers such as Free Listing Days. If you are a seller, unchecking this box means you will not receive information designed to help you expand your business on eBay.

17 eBay Telemarketing

Call me about eBay programs such as Free Listing Days, Penny Gallery Days, Trade Shows, and special events. If you are a seller, unchecking this box means you will not receive information designed to help you expand your business on eBay.

Legal and Policy Notifications

F User Agreement changes

Notify me if the current User Agreement changes.

F Privacy Policy changes

Notify me ifthe current Privacy Policy changes.

| View change history

Prohibited items


A prohibited item is banned from sale at You can't sell a prohibited item under any circumstance. Take a look at the following list. A little common sense tells you there's good reason for not selling these items, including liability issues for the seller (what if you sold alcohol to a minor? -doing so is against the law).

The following is a list of items prohibited at the time of writing, so don't try to sell this stuff at

i Aeroplane tickets i Alcohol i Animals and wildlife products i Catalogue and URL sales i Counterfeit currency and stamps i Counterfeit and trademarked items i Credit cards i Drugs and drug paraphernalia i Embargoed items, and items from prohibited countries i Eurostar tickets i Firearms and ammunition




Franking machines


Football tickets


Government IDs, licences and uniforms


Human parts and remains


Lockpicking devices


Lottery tickets


Mailing lists and personal information


Offensive material


Prescription drugs and materials


Recalled items


Satellite, digital, and cable TV decoders


Shares and securities


Stolen items


Surveillance equipment


Tobacco and tobacco products


Travel vouchers


Unlocking software

Check the following address for updates:

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