If a ball a wheel or competition is involved its for you

Many men like to watch sport, play sport, and look good while they're doing it - opening up venues for a profitable empire on eBay.co.uk. We don't want to leave out all the women out there who excel and participate in many sports. Women may have even more discriminating needs for their sporting endeavours! Your golf game may stink - but you do make a point to at least look good when you go out there, with respectable equipment and a fabulous outfit.

eBay.co.uk has an amazing market for football, rugby and tennis equipment -and that's the tip of the iceberg. The last time we looked, golf items totalled almost 20,000 listings! What a bonanza! New stuff, used stuff - it's all selling on eBay (see Figure 1-4). All this selling is enough to put your local pro shop out of business - or perhaps put you in business.

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